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  1. Release announcement

    Just released! Grab your copy!
  2. Just released!
  3. In the next few hours, the product of our (Icarus Simulations) collaboration with LatinWings will be available from X-Aviation. LEVC Valencia airport. More info at the post:
  4. Dear pilots, he are happy to announce the release of... LEVC Valencia Airport for X-Plane! With the collaboration with LatinWings, we bring into X-Plane one of the most iconic holiday destinations! Valencia Airport! The product is adaptation of LatinWings Valencia X for FSX/P3D. The latest and greatest X-Plane 11 features are implemented, as well custom animated jetways and marshals ! With stunning visuals, is one of the finest airport to depart from, or approach to! Try runway 30 approach and admire the Valencia port, the city of Valencia, as well the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía and other distinct buildings! Available at Requirements: X-Plane 11 Marginal's Autogate plugin 1.72 to have animated jetways) Gredits: Original producer: LatinWings X-Plane adaptation: Icarus Simulations Publisher: X-Aviation Autogate plugin: Marginal ( Many Thanks to Laminar for the incredible X-Plane! The airport will be available within the next hours!
  5. You tried 2d or 3d panel...Anyway instruments are fully 3D, there no much you can do to edit the plane.
  6. Late evening departure from Vancouver. Icarus P180 Avanti II (available soon as freeware) SkyMaxx Pro 4.5
  7. A few more previews... Enjoy!
  8. As long as the custom airport is higher than the Ortho4XP pack in the scenery_packs.ini file, should be visible. Have been tested with the zonephoto pack, which is the same thing, and works fine.
  9. In WED go to View and you will find the selection feet or meters.
  10. MSL stands for Mean Sea Level, the altitude that the sea is, aka 0. When you are using it, X-Plane will put an object in that height you set, computed from sea level (0 ft), So if the airport is at 2,000 ft, and you want the object to be 10 ft above the ground, you must set 2,010 ft. Exact placement/height requires a lot of "trial and error".
  11. I am trying to restrain myself for commenting on that subject. But it is not always possible. We are working hard not only to deliver the best to our possibilities addons for X-Plane, but also bring a few good FSX developers into a X-Plane, but in a way that the final product will not be a cheap FSX copy, but improved and have incorporated the latest that X-Plane offers. I do believe that we are releasing some very good products, at very honest prices. I also acknowledge, that in the past, the way that X-Aviation store, download and activation system was not the best. The best part is that X-Aviation has acknowledged that, and as @Longranger said, have put in place on of the most modern and easy to use activation procedures, and unlimited downloads. Actually almost there is no need to contact ever X-Aviation anymore.
  12. Key West

  13. Just...landed!
  14. It is clear by the title that is Key West Airport (KEYW), including Key West Island. Does not include the Florida Keys.
  15. Key West

    Are you ready?