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  1. DC-9

    Icarus DC-9 project has been restarted! Here you can find the announcement:
  2. Dear pilots, We are very happy to announce that our DC-9 project, after a lot of hiccups and delays, is finally back on track, and we are working at full speed! The members of our team have experience in real aviation and engineering world, like Aerospace Engineering and flight dynamics testing, pilots, and software programmers. Also we are happy to inform you that part of our team, is a very experienced ex-Swissair DC-9 pilot to ensure the accuracy of the aircraft! Major features: 1. The model will based on DC-9-32, in Swissair’s configuration. This will be the base configuration during development. 2. Accurate flight dynamics, using NASA's simulation tools! 3. System’s simulation to the level that you can/need to operate the aircraft with use of the real aircraft’s manuals. 4. Highly detailed and accurate 3D model. 5. FullHD realistic textures with advanced PBR materials. 5. Fully custom dynamic lighting. 6. Many liveries. To our best, we will match cockpit colors with the liveries. 7. High fidelity sounds, implemented with X-Plane’s new future, "FMOD". 8. VR support from v1.0.0. with full operational manipulators We have opened a dedicated Facebook group, where we will post updates regularly. and discuss with you the development of this project. Feel free to join in! Enjoy
  3. As it looks at this point, just before KORD.
  4. Keep in mind this: Since you are new in X-Plane 11, and probably in X-Plane in general, better hold off going to 11.10 beta, at least for a few weeks, until things get general stable. It is a major update and things won't be smooth at the start.
  5. What's your VRAM size? 2GB? I am using i54440/GTX760 with 4GB and I have no problem running on 1080p at descent fps with descent graphics. There are a few things that you reduce in your settings that give big gains in performance. Post your settings.
  6. Yes, the default XP11 FMC is installed and the 3D controls works as should. And of course you can click on screen for the 2D popup FMC. You are welcomed!
  7. You don't need any password. Just close this popup.
  8. Hm...I missed that. Will be fixed in the next update. Thanks. VNAV is not working correctly. This is something that will be address after Laminar release the new SDK, so we can use custom logic for this function. In the actual plane, there is no autothrottle. This come here as side effect of how things are hooked in X-Plane. Most common practice though is to use FLC, at least most of the times.
  9. Oh...the actual operation by using the button in the AP panel works, but the annunciation is always ON. This needs fixing. Thanks!
  10. @JYW thank you very much!
  11. P.180 Avanti II has been released! Get your copy in the link below!
  12. P.180 Avanti II has been released! Get your copy in the link below!
  13. We are getting ready to release it! Read more below!
  14. At last, Avanti's first beta version is about to be released! We are currently setting up the download stuff. Release day will be Monday, October 2, 2017. And of course will be FREE! For now some teasers! Enjoy!