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  1. When I first got my Streamdeck, I programmed keys to fire off start commands to simple Python programs on the PC which modified parameters in the XP-Engine. For instance from clear to bad visibility or wind sundenly, basically to throw situations at myself on approachor turn on/off switches I cannot find the code for the Python progs any more but I think I used an API (getDREF/sendDREF) from Nasa to talk to the XP engine with Python. All the Streamdeck butto did was to trigger the Python program. Also the concept works nice on Arduino and Raspberry https://github.com/nasa/XPlaneConnect/wiki/XPC-Client-Reference
  2. Because I bought Spad.Next and it has more programability which xsaitek does not
  3. I reinstalled the Plugin using the wizard and the .SDM file was set to - I thought same-machine installs used the or localhost as loopback address, not What is this address?
  4. Are you sure about that? I can configure OK with the Spad.Next Utility which talks tothe devices but X-Plane will not talk to the Saitek units. I have tried the true/false trick with loopback address and also tried to talk to localhost as a remote via the ip address of X-Plane (loopback by other means) Nothing works, log.txt shows "not listening". I have USB Power Management disabled. One thing: going back into Spad.Next, I have seen several times that thesetting in the .SDM file had been changed to Remote although i KNOW 100% that I set it to Local. Can anyone who has a successfule system please share their .SDM file in Output/preferences with me?
  5. I am running a AMD FX-4300/4-core with 16GB/DDR3 and GTX-1070/8GB. I converted to Vulkan recently but now see that the CPU is always running at 70-75% standing on the runway (example C172) . I am driving 3 (1920x1080) HDMI or DP screens (Main and 2 popouts for GNS430+530) Should it be this high? 2. Is a CPU upgrade (30% possible with a FX6350/6 core) worth it? This is the max that the AM3+ socket supports 3. Or is is time for an update to AM4 (say Ryzen7/8-core?) What do the Nerds have to say / recommend? Particularly in respect of the work-in-progress at Laminar to make more use of multicores after the change from OpenGL to Vulcan
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