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  1. The fix is routed to a major update, like 2.1.0.
  2. Here is a dirty and quick paint kit I've made. Hope it helps. https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/cptz1ejcq2w8m8fbpo7w9/DC3_Paintkit.zip?rlkey=xof406hz2ax2amx066f1h0niz&dl=1
  3. LES DC-3 is here to the rescue! He have included options to help controlling the aircraft on the ground, by enabling either differential throttles, differential brakes, or both, as well as allow to adjust sensitivity of the action.
  4. That's the beauty of X-plane. Continuously evolving. Yes sometimes may require some flight model re-tweaks, but towards the right direction, or some visual improvements (like PBR materials in X-Plane 11), but this is not off from what should be expected from a product. If a developer want a product to be sold, let's say, for 10 years, should sometime around the products mid-life to do a major update. This is logical and must be expected. I don't want to talk about developers, but for us (LES) and the store we are working with exclusively (X-Aviation), it is policy not to charge existing customers for compatibility tweaks, but only for overhauled products (new 3D, new systems, etc), and even then, existing customers have the opportunity to upgrade with a very generous discount.
  5. I don't know where is the source of your assumptions, but they definitely wrong. All 3rd party developers are talking with Laminar every day, all day, and I can tell you that if an aircraft will work on XP11 Vulkan, will work almost unchanged in the new version.
  6. This will be Laminar. I don't know if ever Laminar allow 3rd parties to draw in 3D in Vulkan. It is not trivial.
  7. Now, FS2020 does not seems out of reach, right? With OpenGL is almost impossible to have volumetric clouds with big performance penalties.
  8. Compare XP9 with XP10 and see how big of a leap it was. Now compare XP10 with XP11 and see. again, the big leap here. Now, standing on XP11, envision how big the leap will be, and if will land XP12 into "next gen game" territory. Most do not acknowledge this: Up to X-Plane 11 release (4 years ago), everything has to be written for OpenGL, and fit within 6 DVDs. And still X-Plane 11, in many aspects was a big leap. You also know that you have, within the next years, to re-write the whole graphics engine, and once you start doing so, you can't go back and add stuff to the sim. It is like building the foundations of a new house and someone wants to put in the furnitures! Now that Vulkan/Metal is closer to be "stable", will come the time to move to the next gen stuff. If you give X-Plane, as is now, volumetric clouds and improved atmospheric lighting effects, you are almost there. What we know so far. Ben said that XP11 was the last version that has that type of cloud rendering. We know that a much improved autogen is on the works. 11.50 beta users, might have noticed that there is a small improvement in atmospheric lighting. Not some that blows you away, but a start. Orthophotos... next X-Plane version, probably will be just compatible, so if Laminar provided or not, is almost irrelevant. And there more things that Laminar is already doing, which will be announced when they think is good to do so. So, you don't need faith. Next X-Plane version (probably just X-Plane?) will be there with the next gen games! And I leave you with this. Does MSFS has fantastic clouds? Yes sure. Can anyone else do it? Yes sure, should the norm from now on...
  9. v2.3.0 is here! Experimental flight model compatible. Flight model fixes allow to fly now up to M.68 Added Librain support. Added Terrain Radar support and simulated operation. Added Tablet with load and settings menu, and Avitab support. Various fixes, manipulators and textures improvements. http://forums.x-pilot.com/files/file/1081-p180-avanti-ii/
  10. Just saw this question...here is the night lighting and with new upcoming Garmin G5 integration.
  11. Excellent description @Murmur. I have 1500 hours flying helicopters and I agree with all of your observations.
  12. Hello to all! Version 2.2.0.VR is now available! CHANGE LOG: - VR compatibility in cooperation with SimVRLabs. - New outside mapping. Incuded 1 basic (white) texture and the XB-KSW. - Includes previous fixes. - Initial Avitab implementation on MFD (3rd page). No "touch" controls yet. - New manipulators, due to compatibility with VR. - Manipulators for Flaps, Condition Levers, and Throttles with detends. Get it here: http://forums.x-pilot.com/files/file/1081-p180-avanti-ii/
  13. Hello guys! A short update. Working now with SimVRlabs to adapt Avanti with VR. A few things are remaining to be ironed out, before ready. With that opportunity, all manipulators have been reworked, specially the throttles, condition levers, and flaps. Now they have a "gated" fill, which means that they will "stick" a bit in the various positions. Also I have remapped the whole exterior of the plane to allow for easier painting, which means that the old liveries won't work. I will try to do, except a white basic, another one maybe, and then hopefully the community could jump in to do more. In conclusion, a new version (2.2) is on the horizon.
  14. I have uploaded the latest version of the scripts, fixing issue #5 If you have already have the aircraft, just download the scripts_v2_1_1_rc2.zip file and replace the scripts folder inside Avanti's folder. http://forums.x-pilot.com/files/file/1081-p180-avanti-ii/
  15. If you want to submit bugs, I have open an issue tracker. Please open an issue, and provide as much detail as possible at https://bitbucket.org/iliastselios/p180_avanti/issues?status=new&status=open.
  16. A small update have been uploaded, fixing a bug of getting soft crash if entered flight plan prior to select the departure. Please visit the link above and read the instructions how to update without the need of re-downloading the whole aircraft.
  17. Since today is Black Friday...why dont' get one for free? 😃 v2.1.1 is now available! Get it! http://forums.x-pilot.com/files/file/1081-p180-avanti-ii
  18. Exactly as @Janov said, this is the installer only. You will run the installer and will install both the aircraft and Gizmo64 plugin needed for the aircraft to work. Indeed X-Aviation have provided valuable support for this project.
  19. Since I had a bit more time, I added a couple more features! Avionics start up from cold and dark, and the load manager in action. Enjoy!
  20. Hello there! A new version (2.1.1) will be available soon! Here is an introduction to the new features. Enjoy!
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