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  1. Well, all joking aside - you can probably get XP10 dirt cheap on ebay or so. It wasn´t a bad sim at all, but I couldn´t see myself going back. You know that you can "set" everything you were able to set for XP10 also in XP11 by tweaking the preference file, right? You can even disable cloud shadows so they won´t flicker anymore. I actually believe that XP10 does not run any faster than XP11 if you dial down the rendering settings in XP11 to match the look of XP10. The rendering engine - if anything - has gotten BETTER and FASTER with XP11, its just that XP11 has more stuff to render! Cheers, Jan
  2. I would even suggest looking into XP7! The framerates are even better! And I guarantee that it is totally PBR and cloud-shadow free! 😂
  3. Janov

    Scenery.ini again.

    Windows can be sneaky like that. Your file could really be "Scenery_packs.ini.txt" And if you have the option (like its default) on to "hide known file extensions" you will only see "Scenery_Packs.ini" - because Windows is hiding the .txt Cheers, Jan
  4. Janov

    Scenery.ini again.

    Without going through the rules of scenery_packs.ini organization again - I think you have understood the basics of those - I can say that the only time the scenery_packs.ini is changed by X-Plane is if a new package is placed into the Custom Scenery folder (in that case that new package will simply go to the top of your .ini) OR if the simulator is started without a scenery_packs.ini file being present (because it was moved, deleted, or renamed wrong). In that case you will see a simple alphabetical rearrangement. Cheers, Jan
  5. To sum it up: Loading times can benefit from removing or disabling scenerys (just lightly, though), framerate won´t, for most practical purposes. You could construct some borderline situation, where a big big airport on an adjacent tile of scenery is loaded (while flying towards it) that is then ultimately never shown on screen (because you do a 180 and turn away from it again). This could cause a framerate reduction (stutter) during the loading process, depending on your system (multicore etc.). You can certainly fool yourself and disable a bunch of scenery - load up the sim and compare framerates and then gloat that you are seeing an improvement. Well, most likely you have nuked something that isn´t showing anymore. In the end the hunt for framerate is diminishing returns. You can only optimize so far. If you really want to do something for your framerate, look at something like this: Intel-Core-i9-9900K 🤑😂 Cheers, Jan
  6. Hi Jim, it´s there - just doesn´t show on the map anymore. Not sure when they changed that - but it will be back. Possibly even in 11.30. Cheers, Jan
  7. Janov

    XPlane11 Rookie Mistakes

    Hi LionBrother, I am very sorry to hear about your medical history and disability it brings with it. On the other hand I congratulate you for not giving up and persisting to pursue the things that bring you happiness and enjoyment. With my reply I have hit a little closer to home than I intended, obviously - but the gist of my comment stands, maybe more so than ever. If something continues to be a source of frustration after you have put in due effort to overcome the obstacles - then it is probably not wise to pursue it further. I can imagine that especially with a stroke it is even harder to "unlearn" things that are deeply ingrained in the muscle-memory... I knew it even took me (back then young and spriteful) a while to NOT hit the "S" key when I wanted to jump to an outside view 😉. Yes, I fly for a living, currently on the A320 family. Yet despite getting enough "real" air time in my job, the hobby of flight-simulation has stayed a passion of mine and will probably continue to do so long after I have to hand in my class 1 medical. It is astonishing how close PC simulation these days can get - and I expect that to only get even better with the broad advent of VR and its proper interfacing (data gloves, better resolution, etc). I beg to differ about EDDF being a "lovely airport", though 😂 - it is a monster that somehow grew to one of the biggest airports in Europe, shoehorned in between powerful communities that impart ridiculous noise abatement laws and procedures on it. If you ever have to taxi back to the gate at 23:01 local time with a plane full of tired passengers that just want to go home - because you have crashed into the night curfew - you will know what I mean 😡. All the best for you, Jan
  8. Janov

    XPlane11 Rookie Mistakes

    Well, LionBrother... I don´t want to sound harsh, but if you can´t even figure out how to use the view system or set up your controllers, then X-Plane is probably not the right program for you. It requires a certain level of technological affinity, ability and general computer skills. My son (without me coaching him) has been able to use and manipulate X-Plane views since he was 6 years old. It really is THAT simple. FS9 is an awesome program and I am sure you will continue to have many happy hours with it. I remember it fondly (like anything from the time when I was still a young man). Sorry for your Rand´s spent, but if you buy a vacuum cleaner at the store and can´t figure out how to plug it into the wall, don´t expect a refund. Except maybe in the US 😂. Happy flying, Jan
  9. No problem here, either. Using 4k monitor... Jan
  10. Janov

    Xplane11 question

    In addition - make sure that you "save" a good seat/eye position on the NumPad. I use CTRL-0 (on the Numpad) for that. Now you can always "jump back" to that position by just hitting 0 (on Numpad). This works with all keys of the numpad, so you can set up quite a few "quickview" eye positions. The default view (W) will usually not be perfect to see what you need during landing, so I like to move back and up, then tilt the view down a bit so you can see the runway and the relevant part of the instruments during final approach and flare. As for that little "red" mark that we had in Microsoft´s flight simulator - if all else fails, put a tiny bit of clear tape on your monitor and put a little red dot on it with a marker... Cheers, Jan
  11. No, that is just the installer. When it runs, it will download the aircraft from the X-Aviation store (which is friendly enough to host this for free. Its also good advertising, I think 😉). Cheers, Jan
  12. So happy that you got it to work - and way to stick with it and persist! With your troubleshooting abilities you certainly surpass 95% of all computer users out there! Enjoy your flights (and take a look at XP11, you won´t regret it!) Cheers, Jan
  13. Janov

    XPlane11 Rookie Mistakes

    Hi Lion, yes, there is a certain learning curve, ESPECIALLY if you are used to other software through many years of conditioning. 1.) Brakes are default "V" (full effort, toggle, emulates parking brake) or "B" (half effort, only effective while keyed). There is no big red flashing "parking brake set" like in more gamey (snidey remark) flight-simulators. 😄 You can "output on screen" many of X-Plane´s inner workings, go to the DATA tab and enable the stuff you want to see (framerate, flight controls, aerodynamic forces, brakes, etc...) 2.) Use SHIFT - 1,2,3,4,5,... for the different views. Or use the "view" menu (it also shows the key combos). You can modify and adjust all these settings in the corresponding menus. Don´t just sit on the runway and go nowhere, investigate the menus, you will find a lot of answers there. Then come back here for more! 😉 Welcome to X-Plane, Jan
  14. Ok, just flew over your initial post - and I don´t have the DH-2 myself, but here is what I would do: 1.) Make sure you are on the latest "stable release" of X-Plane (not a beta). I think that is 11.26 right now. Edit: Just realized that you are still on XP10! Disregard this one, then. 2.) Verify that your controls are working ok for a default aircraft (like the C-172). 3.) Put out the DATA for joystick deflection and flight control deflection to your screen. You can pick those in the DATA DISPLAY (or whatever its called) tab in the settings menu. 4.) Make sure you have the right "control profile" selected. You can make many different profiles now for different aircraft - so you could possibly setup the "generic" profile just fine, but then load (automatically) a special profile for the DH-2...which may not have the joystick axis set up at all. Verify that in the control setup screen. Edit: Just realized that you are still on XP10! Disregard this one, then. IF your joystick works for some aircraft then it has absolutely nothing to do with your new hardware, and re-installing anything (X-Plane, the DH-2,...) will most likely not help at all. Good luck, Jan
  15. Here is my 2 cts regarding the beta: New particle effects can be tuned as desired by airplane authors, i.e. WHEN they show, how strong they are, etc. This will be further tuned for default aircraft (removing excess condensation effects for pulling AOA) Better ground effect - most aircraft need less "pull back" during the flare, depending on aircraft geometry (how much stabilizer is affected by downwash). This is INDEPENDENT of the "new experimental flight model" checkbox Clouds block lights at night - this wasn´t even mentionend in the release notes (I think), but is HUGE for realistic flying Framerate gain/loss seems to vary from system to system. There is only so much "optimizing" that can be done - in the end your computer has to expend computing power to render a picture. As visual fidelity goes up (particles effect), rendering load goes up with it. Cause and effect, no way around that (no, not even bitching about how everything was better "way back then" 😂). To everyone waiting for the "Vulcan magic bullet" to somehow transform your old, struggling, marginal hardware into a "90fps all sliders to max wow that looks awesome" machine: You are in for a big disappointment, I think. Cheers, Jan