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  1. Janov

    New guy, please help

    Hi Bernd, I can´t compare to P3D, but of course things will look different. I don´t know which city you are talking about in SoCal, but my cities in XP look pretty much what they looked like the last time I flew into KLAX in real life. The haze is also something that many convertees complain about, but it is mostly a thing to get used to - I (as a real-world pilot of 27 years experience) regard the visibility and colours in X-Plane as very close to what I experience in most everday flying. My flight-training in the Arizona desert was different, but I think those visibility conditions are fairly unique to the very dry regions of the world. Cheers, Jan
  2. That is a great move!
  3. Usually an uneven seam in the terrain tile - running along a degree of latitude or longitude. It´s a known problem that pops up in some parts of the world - nothing can be done about it, except for trying some other scenery mesh (like the HD mesh). Cheers, Jan
  4. I like to think that X-Plane users are just busy flying the virtual skies - instead of seeking help on how to get their software to run acceptably 🤣. Just kidding, of course! We also see the "busy nightclub" phenomenon. There is the "other" forum which is simply more frequented. And after the initial "conversion" from P3D to X-Plane, users get more forum-savvy and will move to where the action is. I enjoy the avsim forum for the civilized and mature discussions. The steam-kids seem to not have found this place yet (WHY IS MY PLANE NOT HAVE BOMBS???) 😁 We see a lot of posts asking some very specific questions lately, which I feel I can´t participate in. Jan
  5. Janov

    Reflection lag

    I don´t think you can - I feel the same way, so I set the reflections to "minimum". It still looks ok, but since they are not updated, it doesn´t look so stupid and choppy. I think having a higher framerate for the reflections would kill the framerate, thats why LR didn´t implement that. It will have to wait for faster computers. Cheers, Jan
  6. Ah, ok - didn´t know they had that up so quick...and I can imagine that Steam MAY get faster or more willing to put up interim betas, especially that a bigger share of the userbase is now on Steam. I am also a Steam customer and pretty satisfied with how the games work and the ease of installing or re-installing. But I got burned with DCS A-10 several years ago as well (no updates on Steam). With X-Plane 11 also being a digital download from Laminar and the way their installer works (you can add/remove scenery incrementally, fix your installation, etc) I really see no advantage to using Steam. Jan
  7. This is a total no-brainer. Go with the stand-alone version for two reasons: 1.) Beta access. While Steam may allow "opt in public beta" they usually don´t publish many betas, only very few select ones. Right now we are at 11.25b1 with lots of new goodies, but the steam guys can´t get it! You may think that you don´t care for betas, but the forums are full of Steamers crying about not getting the betas, and if they had only known, and so on...😝 2.) Support the devs. If you buy off of Steam, a big percentage of your money goes to steam, not to the hard-working devs. Jan
  8. Andras, a big "Vielen Dank!" for all those countless hours spent on improving our beloved simulator. I enjoyed every new iteration of your mesh and it also helped my efforts of scenery development tremendously, as usually those meshes showed streets at a much higher fidelity and accuracy than the default global scenery. I can understand your step - I have taken similiar ones in my past, I still remember me going "cold turkey" on EVE online when my first child was born... Anyway, good luck for the future and stick around! Cheers, Jan
  9. First thing that comes to mind is if you (or some plugin) messed with your rendering settings - you need them up to a fairly high level to get HDR which is a prerequisite to dynamic lights. Cheers, Jan
  10. Hi, if you only need to trim every 2 or 3 minutes you are one lucky guy in a very stable aircraft 😉 A real aircraft can´t really be trimmed for extended hands-off flight. You don´t necessarily have to trim all the time, but you can´t let go of the controls and expect the aircraft to go straight. If that were possible, people wouldn´t put expensive wing-levelers or autopilots into their aircraft. It´s almost like a car - take it onto a really straight road and see how long you can let go of the wheel at 50mph... Slower aircraft don´t have as much trimming requirements as faster aircraft (less speed range), so usually the trim wheel is manual in those. Faster aircraft almost always have trim buttons on the yoke or stick, as trimming is a constant necessity. Depending on the way an airplane is set up to work in X-Plane, you may find the trimming too "coarse" - i.e. one click of trim is too much effect - this can be adjusted in planemaker (adjust the trim-travel-time, the shorter the time, the faster it moves). Cheers, Jan
  11. Janov

    Switching to xplane?

    While being one of the most die-hard X-Plane fans, the quoted section above makes me say: "no, X-Plane is currently not for you" 😉. Cheers, Jan
  12. Janov

    missing nav data

    No, getting navigraph data will not help. X-Plane will likely fix the problem at a later point when they run an automated batch-update of runway names. Jan
  13. Janov

    missing nav data

    Hi anitelite, this is the problem: For reasons still not quite understood by some (including me), Laminar Research decided that for an RNAV procedure to work, the NAME of the runway (i.e. 12R) has to match the name of the coded procedure (i.e. RNAV 12R). As you may know, almost all airports in X-Plane are made by the community, voluntary "scenery artists", so to say. When they make an airport, they look at the contemporary runway name, and name the runways aptly. For KSAT this may have been 11R at the time. Now the magnetic variation changes - and the magnetic "direction" of a runway determines its name, usually. So runway 11R was renamed 12R by the FAA. Unfortunately this renaming does not happen at the same time in X-Plane. There is an automated process that will attempt to do this "every once in a while" - so you may get unlucky in getting caught in the in-between period. Here is the solution(s): 1.) Fly another approach (i.e. ILS, visual, etc.) that is not an RNAV approach 2.) Fire up WED, download the airport in question, rename the runway(s) and hit "export scenery". This should fix the problem for you. Cheers, Jan
  14. Thats good to hear! Now I won´t have to worry about you getting lost and running out of fuel... 😅 Happy landings, Jan
  15. Hi, here is the relevant thread at the .org: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/148002-how-to-get-conventional-dmebrg-indication-in-the-cirrus-jet/ Hope this helps! This is not trying to divert traffic from avsim - I will continue to post and stay active here, I am just taking this route for once because of the cumbersome picture posting policy here at avsim. Cheers, Jan