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  1. Great looking aircraft! (And I like the smoothness of the video! 👍😉)
  2. The real aircraft I fly have the exact same problem! I have asked maintenance if they can remove the seats and headrests, but they said no 😞 Does your viewpoint clip THROUGH the seats and headrests or does it get stopped by them?
  3. Happy to move on - and I think this was completely blown out of proportion. Sean and I actually agree that it was a crappy video capture. And I really didn´t say anything else in my first post at all. I have not formed or offered an opinion about the aircraft or his craftsmanship at making it. I love X-Plane and I think it is a disservice to X-Plane to publish videos that make it look like Aces over Europe - an uninformed viewer of that video will draw the conclusion that X-Plane is blurry and the framerate is horrible. I believe that Sean is using Ortho4XP ground textures or other orthophotos at a low zoom level, the default airport terrain (while not being very pretty) is certainly of MUCH higher resolution. And even a mediocre PC should be able to render the scene shown at upwards of 60 frames per second...so that huge stutter as the camera pans is not representative of X-Plane´s performance, either.
  4. Ok, sorry, I was wrong. But here, I am working on a new airport for this awesome flightsimulator - I have a preview shot for you guys! What do you think? Seriously - I don´t mean to discourage people from making content for X-Plane - but why not present it in a matter that makes people WANT to use that content? If you make a video, try to make it visually appealing, make it so people can actually see the aircraft you are making?
  5. The OP has taken the time and effort to make a video...that makes X-Plane appear in a really bad light. And puts it out on youtube for everyone to see. And I have to applaud this...why? Genuinely curious!
  6. If you want to make a video that showcases how bad X-Plane can look...this is certainly the way to do it.🤣 Its not only super blurry, it is also choppy on top! Did you shoot it on a ZX81?
  7. All good points, Murmur. I think a large part of the problems with steering goes to the lack of sensory feedback - it is vey easy to apply too much pedal input. Laminar took some steps in recent years and versions to help improve wheel physics and also removed the old obnoxious squealing sound (for FMOD aircraft). However - there needs to be some feedback for the user that he is applying "too much" steering angle, and in lieu of the "tire skipping" sensation, we need some sound feedback (= squeal). I have adjusted my response curve to give me a bit more gradual effect for the lower range of deflection and I must say that I don´t suffer from "screeching" wheels during normal operation in X-Plane. Cheers, Jan
  8. Keep in mind that decreasing the angle will also decrease the maximum force available for directionkeeping. I think the maximum slip angle for a regular wheel is about 7 degrees or so for a dry runway - so If you arbitrarily cut that number to avoid "screeching" - you may set yourself up for reduced crosswind capability. Try to reduce the number to 3 and then put in a good crosswind and you will see what I am talking about 😉 Cheers, Jan
  9. Hi roadrabbit, the easiest way for the user to affect this is to go into the joystick setup and customize your control response curve. You can make it "fully linear" (so that 30% pedal deflection will also deflect the rudder and nosewheel 30%) - or you can shape it into whatever curve you fancy, making it "less sensitive" near the lower deflection range, yet still retain 100% authority when pushing the pedal down all the way. Also make sure you go into the DATA OUT menu and tick the leftmost box (on-screen display) for the parameter you are watching, like joystick deflection, nose gear steering and rudder deflection - that way you will be able to tell easily what kind of effect your input has. The next step - if the above doesn´t yield the desired results - is to enter planemaker and alter things like maximum rudder and nosegear deflection angles, surface of flight controls, etc. You can easily tune pretty much every parameter of the aerodynamic response that way. Cheers, Jan
  10. Do you know mSparks? 🤣 This will not end in a satisfactory way for you 🙂
  11. Lol, you guys are too young to remember, it seems! 😅 The picture I posted was an artist´s concept image for FlightSimulator X (FSX) and the DirectX10 upgrade. It created a bit of disappointment - because as anyone that played FSX in DirectX10 knows - it looked nothing like that image at all 😉 https://www.gamespot.com/articles/flight-simulator-x-hands-on-impressions-new-features-new-audio-experience-and-a-hint-at-directx-10-graphics/1100-6155710/
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