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  1. You tell us. Did you buy it, download it (from the .org, for example) or did you not do any of the above and just use default X-Plane?
  2. I think I have also seen the "popping" of roads - it is more noticeable during the night where they stand out more. Laminar needs to be somewhat frugal with the road draw distance, all those dynamic lighting sources are probably adding up for rendering load pretty bad... Cheers, Jan
  3. I am not familiar with it - in fact my computer knowledge is probably subpar for really troubleshooting this - just repeating what I picked up somewhere sometime 😉 But yeah - if something doesn´t load while you fly - but loads if you intially load into that situation...chances are that something is screwing with your "scenery loading while you fly" - wich is normally done on a second core... Cheers, Jan
  4. Hi Jaime, there have been some reports like this over the last years - according to Ben Supnik from Laminar this MAY be due to the sceney loading process getting backlogged due to system task (processor) saturation. Try to fly (as a test) without heavy add-on load (especially scenery) and see if that helps. Afaik they are working on improving the load scheduling as part of their Vulkan update. Cheers, Jan
  5. There are always two sides to a story. I don´t have the AW 139, so I can not attest to it´s status, but looking at their website and their changelog https://www.x-rotors.com/changelog/aw139/ it looks like the helicopter is working in X-Plane 11 and the last update was in mid- 2019. You purchased end of 2019 so should have that version, the next pending update is looking to be just small improvements. There is always debate on what a "finished" product is. Some people expect a flawless, fully featured product without bugs or shortcoming. I would argue that in software this is rather the lucky exception. I have not had a single piece of software in my posession since I bought my Commodore 64 in 1984 that was without flaw. The customer is not always right - there is a certain line that a vendor has to draw. No shirt, no shoes, no service. 😆 Before buying any product these days I would always research some info on it first. The internet is full of reviews, opinions and youtube streams and it is more easy than ever to form an opinion. There have been very mixed reviews of this helicopter in the beginning, things may have improved since the early days. Not sure why you would even buy the helicopter two times, that part of your story doesn´t add up. Jan
  6. I was making a tongue-in-cheek comment to DJJose´s request to "increase" load times - he actually ment to DECREASE load times, of course 😉Thats why I mentioned the USB 1.0 connection. I haven´t tried or done the math, it is quite possible that USB 3.1 is pretty fast. Cheers, Jan
  7. I heard that if you get an error message in the LOG.TXT relating to a third-party code, plugin or sceney go ahead and take it up with the developer of the add-on. He will be able to determine if it is their fault or a genuine X-Plane bug. If it is the latter, they will contact Laminar directly (and most likely with a better analysis of the situation than we users can provide). Jan
  8. I love your mood swings between "wow, this is incredible!" and "Laminar needs to be put on the chair, all of them!" 🤣 Going along on a beta run is not for the faint of heart or easily upset. It is perfectly acceptable to stay on 11.41 until the experts have shaken 11.50 down enough for the general public to use it. The reason why you see more errors now is that X-Plane 11.50b9+ is more verbose about those - while before it was simply crashing and you would be blissfully unaware of why that is. If you want to really increase loading times, just put X-Plane on an external USB drive (USB 1.0 would be the best) - that way your loading times could get into the hours! If you want to make things faster (as most of us do), invest in decent hardware. Like a very fast CPU and a M2 SSD. If things just take long the first time you load, then this is normal behaviour as the shaders need to be compiled once.
  9. Hi ILSFREAK, there are quite a few scripts out there that work with "fly with lua" - just google "light enhancement X-Plane" or something like that. You would have to install fly with lua (a plugin) and then you can run those scripts. I have no idea how to acess and modify the necessary paramters myself - but looking at those lua scripts you can probably learn what they did easily! Cheers, Jan
  10. The answer is in your reply! 😆
  11. Those hidden features in X-Plane are only accessible to those with a pure heart. 🤍 If you have looked at screenshots of MSFS2020 and even briefly toyed with the idea of acquiring it when it becomes available - then those options will forever be removed from your grasp.
  12. Nah, he posted footage of my XP11 installation with a simple text editor edit done. Find the line in the config file that says: Next generation gfx effects OFF and change it to ON. Thats all there is to it. Laminar has kept it secret, it was slated to become public on mothers day!
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