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  1. Yep, thats what I had in mind. I agree - the pace (and quality) of submissions is rising very nicely - if things keep going this way, we will have most airports fleshed out in the near future! Cheers, Jan
  2. 11.20b1 is out

    Yes, they are. Petr is the genius who brought us the terminal kit and he said that it was his fault and he will fix it for the next beta. In the meantime you can add the line he mentioned to the file he mentioned, if you want to. If not, you will have terminals without the columns...certainly something one can live with for now . Cheers, Jan
  3. 11.20b1 is out

    It depends on wether you fly in an area where the global airport tries to utilize the column resource, I think. Cheers, Jan
  4. This is a preview for the upcoming X-Plane version 11.20beta (one step up from 11.20vr6 preview that we are on now). That beta will include new art assets (new variations of the terminal kit and a few more VERY NICE surprises), new Gateway airports and much more... Cheers, Jan
  5. 11.20 coming to final

    There is really no excuse (except for the time required) to not try the free demo. Note that you can even try all the add-on aircraft with it! http://www.x-plane.com/desktop/try-it/ The thing I like most about X-Plane is the way you can get involved, like the crowdsourcing of airports, for example. Another thing is the open way the devs communicate, it feels like an open project, with everyone adding input and ideas...just recently the devs put out the request to the community to voice off on what they think needs to be done to improve the ATC (yes, any change would be an improvement!). https://developer.x-plane.com/2018/01/what-would-make-the-atc-system-better/ Cheers, Jan
  6. I heard that BetterPushback is really awesome. Just for the sake of completeness - there is a built-in pushback feature in X-Plane. You can request pushback through the "Flight/Show ground handling window" menu (default shift-g). Once requested, they will send a push-back truck - note that you need to have a pushback truck available at that airport. Scenery designers can either place them, or if you have a ramp start type "gate", X-Plane will place them automatically. Cheers, Jan
  7. I jumped in on the discussion in this thread (and even made the video) because I don´t like hyperbole claims to emphasize a point. If someone writes "The ground handling in X-Plane is not fully realistic and should be improved" then I think that is a valid remark. The extent of the defficiency can be discussed. If someone writes "The ground handling in X-Plane is totally broken and has nothing to do with reality" then I think that person uses exaggeration to either express his disappointment or to spur someone to do something about it. The statement is false, however (and the latter won´t work with Austin ;-)) We all have our favourite simulators and I (as a third-party developer for X-Plane) will naturally jump to defend my platform. I am ready to admit that there are lots of areas where it can be improved, but if someone starts to make statements about it that I think are just plain wrong, I will speak up to defend it. We kept hearing claims of "aircraft in X-Plane can´t even be handled in the lightest crosswinds!". I made a video of how the C-172 can be handled at its max demonstrated crosswind component and people took a step back. Now we are discussing "if the aircraft in X-Plane handle correctly in crosswind" and THAT is a valid discussion. Austin has continually worked to improve the flight model. Sometimes its a two step forward, one step back process. He gets BOMBARDED by input, often contradictory, with people making up all sorts of stuff ("I have 5000 hours in the Space Shuttle, and I tell you its not working right!"). He needs to have some sort of protocol to stay the course, and even though it may be frustrating for some (me included) its the "you prove its wrong and then I will fix it" stance. Jan
  8. I stand by my point, the underlying forces calculated are present in real life as well - even if the actual force calculated may not be correct in its magnitude for a particular airplane portrayed. This may be partly due to erroneous assumptions or generalizations in Austin´s code, or to failure of an airplane designer when making the .acf file with planemaker - or both. I can understand your frustration because your model in X-Plane does not behave like your model in the real world. You may be expecting a bit too much from a general flight simulator if you expect to train your muscle-memory with X-Plane. As a matter of fact it is dangerous to try and hone your skills with an unapproved training device like X-Plane, but that goes without saying, I think. X-Plane is approximating reality and out of the box it is just entertainment software. You can´t expect to be able to practice flying your plane with it. Yes, the wheels in X-Plane slip too much and screech too early, but this is not something that real tires don´t do. They may do it not as readily, but they do. Taildraggers ground loop too readily in X-Plane, but they do ground loop in real life, too. The rudder isn´t as effective as I would expect it to be in X-Plane, but real rudders run out of authority, too. I have never flown any plane in any flightsimulator (including the big level-D sims they stick me in every 3 months) that feels EXACTLY like the real plane, especially when it comes to take-off and landing. You can keep posting how "Its all wrong, I tell you, and its all Austin´s fault, and the whole thing is a buggy mess and they really don´t know what the crap they are doing!" - it´s the internet, after all. I think it is not going to help your cause of improving X-Plane´s portrayal of taildraggers much, though. Jan
  9. Well, I haven´t flown taildraggers in real life - but if you really want something to change in the way they are portrayed in X-Plane, you need to be more precise than "the behaviour is wrong". I have read up on taildraggers behaviour, and I can´t see anything "wrong" in a qualitative way with the way X-Plane portrays them. Sure, the quantitative side of the mentioned effects is probably off, but neither ground handling nor taildragger handling is fundamentally flawed (in the sense of the word). Are there any laws of physics getting violated? Are there any forces applied in the wrong direction? These are the kind of questions that will sway minds at Laminar, not some anecdotal evidence beefed up with an "its all wrong, I tell you!!". I have checked the bug database at Laminars and the last complaint about taildraggers being not right was from late 2016. So either its not as bad as you lead us to believe, or people aren´t reporting it. The wheel screeching is a different matter, quite a few reports about that. Again, nothing fundamentally wrong with that - just quantatively. Jan
  10. 11.20 coming to final

    Ah, the excitement and apprehension of patch day...
  11. Hi Stuart, unfortunately the ILS information in X-Plane will not update when you install Navigraph or Aerosoft current navdatabase. This is a design decision by Laminar Research. To update the ILS frequency you must report this as a bug on Laminars "Scenery Gateway" web page, they will then change the frequency in a future update to X-Plane. Cheers, Jan
  12. Neon Controls in VR

    The control you are "grabbing" with a 3D controller will be highlit in green, so you can see that you are "grabbing" it. There is currently no way to turn that off - it is a problem for the yoke, I think, which you will be holding for a long time, breaks the immersion a bit, I think. Jan
  13. VR3 released

    its on an extra tab, now (dont remember the name, all the way to the right) Jan
  14. Definitely a memory problem. Reduce your load by lowering texture setting, avoiding HD-Mesh and/or Orthophoto Scenery - also add-ons with a large texture bill (aircraft or custom airports) can push you over the edge. I had the same setup you do (i5 2500k with 8GB, Geforce 970) and I had to be careful to not exceed memory (both VRAM and RAM). There is a short lag spike when loading a large texture the FIRST time - that is unavoidable. So you want to pan around your cockpit once while on the ground so that the texture gets loaded - to avoid the lag later during flight. This only works when your TOTAL memory usage is below your limit, though. Otherwise the rear wall texture and the instrument panel texture will get swapped (with a little lag) everytime you look forward and backwards. Cheers, Jan