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  1. I am not sure how elaborate the DRM on the DVD is, but I would assume that it works.
  2. You can install or copy as many X-Plane installations as you want. So you can install it on your PC, then copy that whole installation onto a different path or drive or even USB stick... You can actually run those installations as well. A lot of people have several installations (one vanilla, one with mods, and so on). To run any X-Plane installation you need to either have the DVD in your drive or have an online key - X-Plane will not check the key everytime you run it, but once in a while. Cheers, Jan
  3. We had to read a lot of nonsense from you in the past - but this one beats everything you wrote so far. 🙄
  4. In addition to what Goran said it is important to mention that the "CAVOK setting" X-Plane visibility defaults to 25 statute miles. This is a typical visibility for most temperate regions on earth. Aviation weather does not even report visibility beyond 10.000 meters (ca. 7 SM), it is simply reported as CAVOK. Note that X-Plane also simulates the difference in visibility due to airmass temperature and condensation core availability. In general the air near the ground is both warmer and holds more pollutants, so often the visibility near the ground is less than up a few thousand feet. If you enter the weather GUI you can boost the visibility in X-Plane up to 100 statute miles. This is a compromise (in reality you can see major terrain feature up to ca. 200SM) to mask some effects where the high-resolution X-Plane terrain tiles give way to the low-resolution "planet" mesh. Some people run scripts to get around this limitation and then promptly complain about "ghost mountains" and other detrimental effects.
  5. When I went to pilot school the 1$ per Whopper campaign took care of that!
  6. I will let them know - they will double their efforts! 😉
  7. And if that is not what you meant - you can reverse the axis direction in the input device setup interface.
  8. No, its the same (and only) thing in which there is a gap - again 🙄. Well, the only thing where MSFS is ahead. Plenty of other things with a big gap in the other direction, of course 😆
  9. Yes, I deal with that, too (flying to Beirut and Cairo, for example). Fortunately I never had a case of that, but we are getting warnings about GPS being unreliable in that region. It is even more hard to be prepared for that and suspicious of your "green line" (I wish it was magenta, still) when normally the world on your ND can be taken as gospel. I flew past Thule on the NORTHERN side of it once - on our way from EDDF to CYVR. Bad winds further south, so they made us go all the way to N80. Thule´s directional info is all in "true", because magnetic field is going mostly "straight down" in that region and mag var changing rapidly. I remember droning back to Europe in the middle of the night, somewhere off the southern tip of Greenland. A guy comes on the interpilot freq and asks is someone can relay a position report to Gander Radio for him. A friendly US pilot obliges, and the position report goes something like this "N34225, 7000 feet, N56W44 at 0143, ..." so we are all: "7000 feet? What is your type of aircraft?" He replies in a calm voice: "Oh, its a PA28". Turns out he is ferrying small aircraft to Europe, has to take off with the last light in Goose Bay or so, just so he can land during the day in Ireland. Silence on the radio for a minute, then that US pilot says: "Well, you gotta have XXX the size of Grapefruit".😅 Cheers, Jan
  10. Incredible! My experience with arctic airports is from about 39.000 feet above them - hoping that I never have to go down there with a fire or something like that. We practiced landing in BGSF in the simulator and Goose Bay or Iqaluit were also fair game, but other airports as BGBW or BGKK were merely "last ditch" diversion fields for our 744s.
  11. I liked reading your account - I started flying airliners (737 Classics) much later in the mid 90s and we didn´t have GPS - but pretty reliable IRS units with DME updating, nav error was usually under 0.1 NM, unless going somewhere east where they didn´t have many DMEs (like Russia). I think doing "old school" navigation (I learned about Loran C and Omega, just never used those) is fun and a challenge, however I can understand the desire to add modern equipment even to vintage aircraft. If you want to fly your aircraft in todays ATS environment you need to be able to take part in 8.33kHz, RVSM, RNP procedures yada yada yada... and folks like to take their shiny new purchase up on VATSIM or some other online network and join in. So kudos for providing that extra piece of equipment - I would consider it a "bonus" though, not something that "must" be included. Cheers, Jan
  12. Ah, now I get what you are talking about. But many franchises also maintain their own forums (Official Flight Simulator forum, just to name one) and would the same not apply there? (I.e. you can´t talk too bad about MSFS in the official MSFS forum?) If you want a community where you can "freely" speak about a product, it needs to be unaffiliated with that product (i.e not sell it), I agree with you about that. There are certain independent communities that cater to the need for independent discussion about X-Plane and associated payware, like reddit, facebook groups, and of course - avsim! I don´t think that the .org is really strict with criticism towards the products they sell, however, as long as it stays reasonable and civilized. Cheers, Jan
  13. Yeah, but those are just as hard to get as the 30s. Remember that a new version of X-Plane is coming and it will likely take advantage of the GPU even more than 11 does with Vulkan. So the old "get a great CPU, the GPU doesn´t matter much" will probably not hold up as much as it used to. Cheers, Jan
  14. You also want to get a graphics card that starts with "30" (i.e. 3070) and I would also strongly advocate 32GB of RAM.
  15. This is obviously (still) a budget PC with mediocre hardware choices .You will be able to run X-Plane "just fine" - but don´t come back here complaining that you can´t pick some of the higher rendering settings and suffer from low framerate 😉
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