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  1. Carenado is probably among the best of the best in terms of aircraft appearance. But I have noticed that many Carenado aircraft have no rain effects at all!? I think such effects contribute significantly to immersion. Pity or did I miss something?
  2. yanbam

    C441/MU-2B-60 Cabin/Cockpit Lighting

    I found a solution to my problem. The cabin lights are stored in the aircraft.cfg with the effect fx_vclight_White_lamp_BIG. For unknown reasons, this effect does not work for me. I adjusted the corresponding lines and replaced the effect with fx_vclighth.
  3. Hello, I have a problem with the internal lighting of the cabin and cockpit at night on both aircraft (C441 and MU-2B-60) under P3D V4.3. The instruments are illuminated but the rest of the cockpit and cabin are as dark as the night. I have activated the dynamic lights in the options menue and played around with other settings but without any luck.. Do you have similar experiences or a workaround? Thank you very much.
  4. yanbam

    Eaglesoft Citation X 2.0

    Same problem here. I installed fsuipc but got the same result. Maybe the problem isnt p3d yet Windows 8 or 8.1. I also got a lot of problems with the citation x in FSX. But thats no suprise, Eaglesoft writes on their page that they do not support win 8. Very sad for such a pearl as the Citation X.
  5. Hey there I read a lot of different opinions. Some say it works, some say it won't, and never will work in p3d. I'm running Win 8.1, p3d 2.4 and installed the Citation X via EMT. Unfortunately i get a black screen after I select the aircraft. Has anybody a suggestion, or can confirm it works in 2.4? And yes, I know its not developed to work in p3d. Im not asking for support, just for clarification if it's hopeless to try or not. Best regards Yannick