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  1. What a great plane! Defects If I use the cold and dark option from the tablet, i cant start the engines The fuel computers digits are off (visual bug) Unsure if bug or false operation The reamining fuel in the fuel computer didnt change The prop anti ice has only two positions but the it seems there should be low off and high (couldnt find it in the POH) Requests Cowl Flaps can have any position not just open or closed The wind noises are too loud in cruise Fuel pump noises are too loud The mirror in the back of the cabin look unrealistic. I would switch it for a normal backwall. More interactive cabin like closing the curtains to the cockpit and windows Also would love to see a version with a full garmin glass cockpit in the future
  2. Awesome work Alfredo! When I try to use the new release i get the following error: This goes on forever. However I can build the tile +50-004. Is this an OSM server related error or has something to do with the vector data processing? Best regards Yan
  3. Carenado is probably among the best of the best in terms of aircraft appearance. But I have noticed that many Carenado aircraft have no rain effects at all!? I think such effects contribute significantly to immersion. Pity or did I miss something?
  4. I found a solution to my problem. The cabin lights are stored in the aircraft.cfg with the effect fx_vclight_White_lamp_BIG. For unknown reasons, this effect does not work for me. I adjusted the corresponding lines and replaced the effect with fx_vclighth.
  5. Hello, I have a problem with the internal lighting of the cabin and cockpit at night on both aircraft (C441 and MU-2B-60) under P3D V4.3. The instruments are illuminated but the rest of the cockpit and cabin are as dark as the night. I have activated the dynamic lights in the options menue and played around with other settings but without any luck.. Do you have similar experiences or a workaround? Thank you very much.
  6. Same problem here. I installed fsuipc but got the same result. Maybe the problem isnt p3d yet Windows 8 or 8.1. I also got a lot of problems with the citation x in FSX. But thats no suprise, Eaglesoft writes on their page that they do not support win 8. Very sad for such a pearl as the Citation X.
  7. Hey there I read a lot of different opinions. Some say it works, some say it won't, and never will work in p3d. I'm running Win 8.1, p3d 2.4 and installed the Citation X via EMT. Unfortunately i get a black screen after I select the aircraft. Has anybody a suggestion, or can confirm it works in 2.4? And yes, I know its not developed to work in p3d. Im not asking for support, just for clarification if it's hopeless to try or not. Best regards Yannick
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