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  1. Same here with 1/3 of 120hz giving 38-40 fps; smooth and happy flying for me.
  2. Same here, for VR a .pdf viewer in the tablet really helps. Shame that could not be implemented after quite a long development cycle.
  3. Can you view docs such as .pdf, jpeg etc on it? Ie, put items you want to view on it? Simon
  4. Same here, I use DX12 and have never gone over 12 gigs of VRAM with complex airliners at Gatwick etc. Simon
  5. I have always used flight simulators at half monitor refresh rate with vsync on, so mostly 60= 30 fps, or 33% of refresh rate of 120=38 fps or so. I have changed my cpu and for the first time I used the simulator at 60 fps and it was night and day as V1ROTA7E says. I do a lot of view changes and 60 fps is a different world. I was really surprised, as I thought I would never be able to tell the difference between 30 fps and so on in MSFS, but I can and its night and day. Right now I am getting used to using 38 fps, I will test more with the 60 fps 'mouse ice skating' when able. I do mostly instrument flying airlines, so I can use fps in the 30's and be happy, but I was sure surprised by 60; feels like a different simulator to me. Simon
  6. There is a way and it is easy to do, I will send the link of how to do it over the next day or so. It made my life alot easier. Cheers, Simon
  7. Same here, simbrief plan loads in CRJ format ok and all good, but no destination airport for some reason. Nice plane from a speed perspective allows me to see more scenery than larger jets. Quite happy with it so far.
  8. Thanks for this; so we can create a Flight plan in simbreif and export the flight plan in MSFS crj format and we can use that in the Asobo atr? Is this the way?
  9. I agree; pmdg is the only aircraft I can do this correctly. It is silly why it can't be done at this stage.
  10. I am the world's worst pilot and I did an ILS first flight with no issues! Enjoying the sound set and the cockpit.
  11. I have better things to with my time to bet on if an add on app for flight simulator, which is a game, albeit a home simulator, has a certain kind of navigation autopilot availability in potential updates. Geez.
  12. Same here, I will buy it day one. I am so glad there is life outside of avsim forums; what a misery it is on here; geez! Stop the wining and predicting about the future of the product, there is simply no basis for predicting things you don't know about future system depth updates.
  13. Well that's good, judging by the end of the closing comments in the video, contact with the developer has been made and they have corrected some of those issues discussed in the video already. Looks like it is still a work in progress, but making progress that even RW Embraer pilots appreciate.
  14. There is no point in speculating about how they decide to add system depth in their development cycle. I am sure it will have LNAV and some sort of VNAV in the early adopter release and will be tweaked and other features added, nav databases, in the future possibly. Ppl will get it when it has the features they want, some initially and some later on.
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