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  1. Was wondering, if it's possible to save a flight with a route in the FMC etc without issue, or is this still not 100% possible yet? i.e. pre-decent midair to practice phases of flight and save time if need be etc. Do various buttons config's get saved correctly? Thanks for any help, Simon
  2. Exactly, as long as people enjoy what they are doing in the simulator (s) that is all the matters, as in the end it is all a simulation! Some appreciate ground scenery, some appreciate traffic, some appreciate IFR route planning, some what to do a flight and get one with other aspects of life. I appreciate sounds, VC's, and wing textures and love aircraft.😑
  3. Features such as not being able to save a flight without complications is a problem in FS2020 for me and makes flying flights over an hour a problem. I am surprised a feature such as that does not work right. In P3D I appreciate setting things up in FMC etc and then reverting back when need be. For instrument stuff P3D just works. The default flight planner in FS2020 is actually nice and intuitive to use however.
  4. I believe in the UI, when you select EA, HDR is not able to be turned off, so you have to do it via the .cfg in order for it to work; that may have changed though. Simon
  5. Agree with the original poster and others. I find traffic for airliners using AIG really a game changer; really helps with PBR etc as they taxi and move. What a great program. I have been using the 717 and Maddog and really, really enjoying P3D v5. I like it with HDR off via the .cfg and EA on. Fsdreamteam DFW and IAH work well for me in v5. I hope the 3rd party development continues in this platform. Orbx works well for airliner ops and helps the sim a great deall compensate for the changes in EA. Have seen some really great looking stuff if you set it up right.
  6. I have much the same experience as you. In my case, when I simulate airliners, the v5 version is rock solid and adaptable to my needs. Whether it be editing airports gate assignments, editing sounds, adding good PBR traffic; it all just works really well know that I am used to how the v5 looks. I find having EA on and HDR off in the config file to give good visual results along with orbx and my library of scenery over the years. Performance is reliable and good. For what I am simming now it works really well.
  7. Agreed EA can look good can give a good representation of the atmosphere and clouds.
  8. Have not seen any. I prefer looking at them off at this stage. Think I am due to get an update via the PMDG centre.
  9. The sounds overhaul in this updated version has been fantastic. It Has been the most immersive experience in a Fight Simulator for me yet. Feels like you are in the cockpit. Ground handling is really unique now; feels like a true heavy. Well done to all. What a machine! HDR off and it looks great with EA mode on.
  10. Your statement above is 100% my issue. FPS drops and since UK update, Vsync locked at 30 in NCP helps, but it can still happen. The drops seem to be less in length since the latest sim update. I hope they don't happen on landing!
  11. Wish I could justify the expense, I am going to persevere with my old-timmer 9700k for some more time as can't really afford it right now 😬
  12. I have been ok on this update, prior one (UK update) I had the long FPS into the teens for a minute problem, this one seems to be ok with that and pretty consistent so far. I will need to do more flying, but so far ok-ish.
  13. Its not false, each system is different I suppose. I am GPU bound at 4k on a 3090 about 95% of the time. My CPU usage is usually 40%-50% across all cores. Main thread limitations are few and far between on my system, unless Microsoft are doing weird things. AVG Fps with no VSYNC are 40-60 and with vsync on via NVCP are 30 fps where the simulator seems to be best. Flying in heavy PG areas, from what I understand, are the heaviest on the CPU usage. I still seem to be able to fly over PG Vancouver, for example, with LOD at 185 or so with the recent MS update while still being GPU bound on most bits including at an add-on CYVR. You have to really work your settings to get things flowing ok; and flowing ok, means just ok!
  14. Thats awesome 👍 Good to see some HT off info, If you are running HT off, do you think you can have an all core oc of 5.3-5.4 as 24/7 oc with good air cooling?
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