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  1. Pmdg Ng3 and or the New Feelthere/Aeroplane Heaven Embraer E-jets🍺
  2. I don't use cloud shadows, and have had no drop in fps in 4.5, so perhaps they maybe getting close to finding out what the problem is...
  3. Same here no fps drop in 4.5 from 4.4, but only use orbx global, default weather, pmdg, quailywings, carendo etc, ultimate traffic live, pta, ezdock on medium settings with only autogen trees at dense, most other sliders at 50%. UK 2000 airports.
  4. Thanks for the tip, I am on a single monitor, so will give this a go. I do find a smoother experience when switching views as well in 4.5.
  5. I updated the client and the content yesterday. My fps are the same as 4.4. I only use orbx global and uk2000 scenery at the moment. It is fluid and loads faster. I have a 8600K at 4.9 ghz and a 1080 standard unit, but fly in 4k. I don't max my autogen, but do keep autogen speedtrees at dense. All sliders are medium for the most part, keep traffic via ut live at 60% and am getting consistent high fps in the 787 and the 737, so not sure if you keep your sliders including LOD down, you may not have a performance drop in 4.5 as Rob mentions here.... EDIT: for those (like myself) who lock to 30Hz Vsync (and don't max all graphics settings) then you might not notice any issue Rob Ainscough http://www.p3dWiki.com Prepar3D Forum Global Moderator
  6. I have both and also recommend the Aerosoft Airbus. The Aerosoft one has decent to very good vc textures and that helps with the immersion from the VC. Never had any issues with stability and it works well giving good overall fps in p3d 4.4.
  7. Agreed...no brainer to purchase; all they needed were new textures as original vc textures are quite dated. Orig model and systems ok. Awesome news!!!!
  8. No issues with stutters since the update, don't use active sky though, so can't comment on that.
  9. I did a little flight and video of v3, by accident on Saturday as my antivirus quarantined my older ecza file and went to download and install v 2 again and this, v3, was available so I tried it on my flight. It was set up as default out of the box in 5 mins and shows what it is like in an airliner showing some of the effects with minimal forces applied; all near the lowest as it seemed to be that way out of the box. It does have more shakes and moves that reflect an airliner well and slightly quicker overall and kinda wants me to dig further in it especially in bad weather. Excuse the poor flying ability, I don't have a yoke or rudder pedals, just a computer with a joystick on the dinning table. I am into lighting and sounds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuLYaGclqHM
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