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  1. Same here; just loaded the latest version of the FBW and look forward to flying that for the near future as a break from the 737. Amazing aircraft for sure from a group of dedicated developers. Simon
  2. I am in the same boat as you as not a had chance to use it when it was released. Kinda blown away as Airbus' seem less sterile in the VC now and quite a lot buzzing and action in the VC with metal switch movements, shades, tables etc etc etc. Very immersive. What a great aircraft in the simulator and in the real world! The dirt, grime, oil etc etc looks great on the engines and wings. Would be nice to be able to save panel states and routes in the FMC eventually.
  3. Thanks; that worked and helped me!
  4. Hi, great AC btw, I have figured out how to import a simbrief flight plan into the FMC via the EFB. However, it always loads the most recent flight plan in my simbrief account; how can I select an alternate flight plan as I have others saved? Also, can you save a flight plan in the FMC and re-use it; like a co route scenario? Thanks, Simon
  5. 13:00 gets nice light reflection on window frames and off panel the panel; can be bright though!
  6. All the perf tweaks on their website I have done already, but if VR is not really enjoyable due to perf issues, I may hold off. I read through 1,000 postings on their discord and perf issues are there, but esp in VR it seems. Will hold off. I am really happy with the 737 and the FBW.
  7. I have been using VR for a year for flight sim only and have reasonable perf with the PMDG 737 and FBW; need to optimise things, but can use the 737 at KLAX without issue for example. If the Fenix is awkward in VR; I may hold off for a bit then. Thanks for posting.
  8. Does anyone know if you can save panel states on this correctly? I saw some chat about it and cannot find it anymore on here?
  9. Good way of putting it for sure! All my flights in the Pmdg 737 MSFS have been truly awesome! What a difference in how the simulator works for me now.
  10. Appreciation....100% here! My only gripe is in VR the leading edge part of the wing (slats) metallic elements are so scratched and dulled they negatively reflect the light; are there any painters or anyone know of any wing textures that have less weathered slats out there? These are some weathered leading edge slats; perhaps some of the heaviest I have seen in the sim or real life.
  11. Agree with all the comments here, what a maturation from the NGx, to the NGXu and now the MSFS one. The sounds blow me away each flight. VC textures are great and it actually works and flies correctly! I like being able to save panel states again and have a steering tiller.
  12. Awesome finally a better platform sound system to work with! The wingviews sound great along with the VC sounds! Cheers, Simon
  13. Ok. Wingviews are a plus with inside sounds (they sound good btw with the MSFS 73W)....what a battle that has been over the years from FSX and P3D. The virtual cabin will have inside sounds when it gets updated, but has external sounds currently. That answers all my questions. Thanks, Simon
  14. Does anyone know if the virtual cabin with the release version has seats in? Online footage when switching views etc has the virtual cabin, but sometimes no seats are present; does the passenger cabin have seats? I know they will be improved upon in future updates, but seem ok for me to start with, just wondering? Cheers, Simon
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