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    Been into aviation since the first time i ever saw a plane, recently pick up photography and learning more and more on photography and still have a strong passion for aviation.
    Recently graduated High School and will be starting College on January 2013 to pursue my dreams for flying on my national Flag Carrier Cayman Airways and currently a member in as CAY1010 and have actually flown a piper warrior and a cessna 172 2x, currently have 2 flight logs watiting to be use when i go off to flight school.

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  1. Nathan Brooks

    KX107 in XP11

    Thanks man and actually that was the actual default, I only discovered zibo like week after I did that flight since i was still new with Xplane😅
  2. Nathan Brooks

    CYX4010 CYB-GCM SF4

    Thanks bro, I did flew on a saab coming from CYB (real life) & was quite nice, it was a bit loud that I had to pull out my noise cancelling headphones but it flies nice and look forward to flying on it more. I actually use the Saab in xp11 now, the realism is sooooo much better, I was however disappointed when I purchased Carenado's since I wanted to try it out in P3DV4, the xplane version is perfect study level, Carenado is not bad but it's too simplified in my opinion
  3. Nathan Brooks

    Kx105 - kx406 Service to Cayman Brac (CYB) & Back

    Oh nice man, you should visit when you can, alot of airlines are flying in from different areas now
  4. Nathan Brooks

    CYX4010 CYB-GCM SF4

    Afternoon Peeps,Here are some shots of the Island Hopper other known as Cayman Express Last Flight for the day for the Saab before entering their pajamas.On the Ground.Door Closed, Crosscheck & about to start up engines.No Backtracking photos sorryTurning Right for 268 Heading until VOR has been intercepted.Leaving Brac Behind.Still on the Climb Out.Cruising @ 9K Ft, not a bad view up here!Forgot to take some shots on arrival, had ATC & 2 departures so had to maintain separation. Here's a shot when vacating the runway.Ayyeee he about to do the 'Dab'That's it, aircraft button up and the KX Team will either finish button ups there or relocate the Saab to the hangar to make space for the big airliners.Take Care.
  5. Nathan Brooks

    AmeriCay First Flight with the QW Dreamliner

    awesome possum (sorry, been watching too much Rick & Morty LOL) Here you are
  6. Nathan Brooks

    AmeriCay First Flight with the QW Dreamliner

    Appreciate the love gents, Aircraft is nice and what really shock me that it has all charts of airports you can think of. QW outdid themselves here. Do however wish they had continue the 737 Classic Project. 😢
  7. Nathan Brooks

    KX107 in XP11

    Bro the first time I saw XP11 and flew on it, i was completely astonished. I use P3D only for the twin otter hops and now the 787 lol
  8. Nathan Brooks

    KX107 in XP11

    Feast your eyes VP-CNG for the night and approaching RWY08R for MNATE2 DepartureWalk around on the ground doing checksBack in the Cabin just having a seat with the Flight Attendants cause of delayed cargo before heading back into the flight deckLook at this beauty (& to think this is a default plane in XP with FMC)I will say, guess a lot of people wasn't out for the daytime hassle so most are on the 800 tonight.Back in the pit, Cargo just arrived and made the call to the boarding counter to announce that passengers may now start to board.Was so busy that i nearly forgot some departures out of good old Miami Vice.On the MNATE2 heading over the CityNo App/Landing shots, lots of crosswind were affecting me and the controls on the aircraft are a bit lose so yeah, a lot of focus coming in but here are 2 shots a Custom Officer who was on the ramp.People I will say this.....I Love this Dynamic Lighting, it makes and takes simming to a whole new level of realism of what I always wanted in a sim, now it's here. I do hope you guys enjoyed the photos and stay tuned for more of my upcoming flights.Take Care & Happy Flying
  9. Good Afternoonlet's get straight to itPreparing for Approach for CYB@ Gate 2 for a quick turn around.No departure shots out of CYB but here are some on the approach back into GCMShort FinalBacktracking to stand 4 VIA TWY DBack Safely and quietly just performing the shut down checklist.That's all Blokes.
  10. Hello again folksBack at it with good ole Xplane and today is the flight out from MHLC destined to Grand Cayman so please sit back, have a drink and enjoy the photosLove this shotNice weather and view and stale coffeeDescending into GCM AirspaceShort FinalSigh* Ground Crew was advised we were 10 mins out and they never setup nor told us which stand we would be taking todayHad to wait 7 mins for the setupWe're finally on Stand 4 Deboarding and doing some paperwork for the aircraft to go to the maintenance hangar cause some Engine Issue we had on final.Thanks again and take careHappy Flying
  11. Hey guys, as you may know, the 767-300ER has gone into retirement but got something to sit in place and take their position which is the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner which AmeriCay have Inquired 2 for the time being, not sure if more will be in but here are my shots on the first Inaugural flight to Paris my favourite route if I do say so myself. On Climb out from Miami Airspace. Some weather below but smooth ride on the climb. Gotta love Active Sky In Bermuda Airspace in the Dusk Setting. Pretty Flight Deck eh? Sky Interior Lights in action Descending into France Airspace at Dawn time. Lots of clouds, had to check in the metar, metat did say it was clear and calm The countryside can be seen below. Speed was a bit high so had to depend on speed brakes to slow me a bit down. On final. No backtracking shots since had traffic on Approach for the same runway and went through the After-Landing Checklist. Here we are at Terminal C (C8) Ground Crew offloading Luggage Containers. Them RR's look really intimidating.
  12. Nathan Brooks

    AmeriCay MMUN-KMIA FLT#1097

    Thanks bro
  13. Nathan Brooks

    wing view of lancaster over KIAH

    Nice shots man, i got the scenery but I haven't even got the time to fly to it
  14. Nathan Brooks

    Where Is Your 737 Now?

    (FS9) (FSX)
  15. Nathan Brooks

    Where Is Your 737 Now?

    Paint was created by me for our American division in Can be downloaded here if interested