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Found 15 results

  1. Nathan Brooks

    CYX4010 CYB-GCM SF4

    Afternoon Peeps,Here are some shots of the Island Hopper other known as Cayman Express Last Flight for the day for the Saab before entering their pajamas.On the Ground.Door Closed, Crosscheck & about to start up engines.No Backtracking photos sorryTurning Right for 268 Heading until VOR has been intercepted.Leaving Brac Behind.Still on the Climb Out.Cruising @ 9K Ft, not a bad view up here!Forgot to take some shots on arrival, had ATC & 2 departures so had to maintain separation. Here's a shot when vacating the runway.Ayyeee he about to do the 'Dab'That's it, aircraft button up and the KX Team will either finish button ups there or relocate the Saab to the hangar to make space for the big airliners.Take Care.
  2. Nathan Brooks

    KX107 in XP11

    Feast your eyes VP-CNG for the night and approaching RWY08R for MNATE2 DepartureWalk around on the ground doing checksBack in the Cabin just having a seat with the Flight Attendants cause of delayed cargo before heading back into the flight deckLook at this beauty (& to think this is a default plane in XP with FMC)I will say, guess a lot of people wasn't out for the daytime hassle so most are on the 800 tonight.Back in the pit, Cargo just arrived and made the call to the boarding counter to announce that passengers may now start to board.Was so busy that i nearly forgot some departures out of good old Miami Vice.On the MNATE2 heading over the CityNo App/Landing shots, lots of crosswind were affecting me and the controls on the aircraft are a bit lose so yeah, a lot of focus coming in but here are 2 shots a Custom Officer who was on the ramp.People I will say this.....I Love this Dynamic Lighting, it makes and takes simming to a whole new level of realism of what I always wanted in a sim, now it's here. I do hope you guys enjoyed the photos and stay tuned for more of my upcoming flights.Take Care & Happy Flying
  3. Hey guys, as you may know, the 767-300ER has gone into retirement but got something to sit in place and take their position which is the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner which AmeriCay have Inquired 2 for the time being, not sure if more will be in but here are my shots on the first Inaugural flight to Paris my favourite route if I do say so myself. On Climb out from Miami Airspace. Some weather below but smooth ride on the climb. Gotta love Active Sky In Bermuda Airspace in the Dusk Setting. Pretty Flight Deck eh? Sky Interior Lights in action Descending into France Airspace at Dawn time. Lots of clouds, had to check in the metar, metat did say it was clear and calm The countryside can be seen below. Speed was a bit high so had to depend on speed brakes to slow me a bit down. On final. No backtracking shots since had traffic on Approach for the same runway and went through the After-Landing Checklist. Here we are at Terminal C (C8) Ground Crew offloading Luggage Containers. Them RR's look really intimidating.
  4. Nathan Brooks

    FlyCay Videos

    Been doing a lot of video making and showing different landing's and stuff, do enjoy and comment This is my very first FSX video
  5. Mr_Schutte

    777 Collection

    Pushing back, CaribCay Airlines B772LR- Service from Amsterdam to Montego Bay. Entering the RWY at Amsterdam. Cruising Turning final into Mo-Bay Final Approach, RWY07 at Montego Bay Taxiing to the gate Deviations over Europe Final approach into Athens Taxi bridge in Athens At the gate in Athens Final approach into Dubai, service from Barbados RWY vacated London, service to Dallas Ft. Worth Descent into Dallas Final Approach into Heathrow Mexico City with company traffic Enjoying the view Descent into Miami, arrival from Santiago, Chile Basking in the morning light Final Approach into Miami Short final RWY 09
  6. Nathan Brooks

    KMIA-SVMI || 757

    Did this flight 4am local time, Here are some shots of the sunrise. http://www.vataware....cfm?id=13078647 Hope you enjoyed the photos, more to soon come, till then Take care.
  7. Nathan Brooks

    Some Shots Around Grand Cayman

    This is an old photo I took in October 21st, 2012 coming back home on Cayman Airways MNATE1 Departure gotta love it On a Quiet Sunday Evening KX105 about to Land From Miami, FL. KX106 (VP-CKY) is Holding short about to Head to Miami while KX105 just arrived from Miami, yep non-stop Daily Flights to & from Miami That is all folks. do stay tune for more over the summer with my fellow flycay colleagues. Camera is a Canon 7d armed with a 28-135mm lens, aiming to purchase back my old 70-200mm To see more of my photos you may got to, my website is still under work
  8. The same week after world cup was finish, Friday Night I departed out of Brazil for good, it was the final and last flight our of Brazil and also the last flight for EuroCay MD-11's Just 2 people Controlling EDDM, must be really slow for only 2 controllers The Big Boy Off Back to the Main EuroCay hub to finish her final flight Deboarding was complete and EuroCay decided to have the 3 Brothers sleep by each other before they Leave on Monday Evening to the desert for Retirement, was kind of late that I start to fly the MD-11 and felt accomplish knowing how to fly this big bird Thanks to my Pal CAY1268- Z.Powery on teaching me from cold and dark to Engine start up, but all great things must come to an end since the MD-11 has been in service with FlyCay from 2011. It had a great run but time to rest and make way for more advanced aircraft to come through, So Long to the MD-11's.
  9. Nathan Brooks

    A Cloudy Flight

    Flight was from Montego Bay to the busy streets of Miami, Florida And home time after clearing Immigration & Customs with Patties and Tru-juice I brought from Jamaica.
  10. Nathan Brooks

    AmeriCay CYVR-KDFW

    Morning Departure out of Vancouver To Dallas Fort-Worth. On the Glideslope/Localizer for rwy18R.
  11. Nathan Brooks

    A Quiet Day at the Hub

    Just Arrive back into the hub with a lot of PAX so decided to go out on the ramp to take a look to see how the aircraft is doing and sneak a photo. Btw this is my AmeriCay Paint, hand painted and here are the other photos. This N215AC "Miami Vice" for our Miami Hub. N350AC "Hotlanta" for Our Atlanta Hub. Quote MultiQuote
  12. Nathan Brooks

    FlyCay World Cup Event

    Hey guys, just some Shots of my MD-11 flights To and From Brazil, pretty great flights and routes with this magnificent Aircraft, here you are Gents, enjoy. LSGG-EDDM-SBGL I caught the return flight back on CAY792- William Flight to Zurich and I then did LSZH-SBGL then to EDDM and back to Brazil and then to Spain and Back to Brazil again.
  13. Good day Fellow Air Ladies and Men, Here are my shots I did Wednesday morning (20-Aug-14) Shots of a new route we have open up and I am Proud to say it is Cancun International Airport Here are my shots from the Morning Return to Miami International So Me and the copilot start up our little bird from her long nap in Cancun Last Night till now and have the information onboard, unfortunately our tablets weren't working so we had to request for paper work of the METAR and Charts for Origin & Arrival Airport. First Load of Luggage being load up Well you looky here folks, Mr Bean is on the flight going to Miami before heading back up to England, what a surprise and we let him board and take which ever seat he want Marshaller sneak this photo while I was at the FMC and the copilot talking to Bean man. 2nd Load of Luggage arriving "Do you even lift bro?" Push back from the gate and if you look closely you'll see the Co-Pilot turning on the Packs. Was Giving rwy12L for Departure for the CUPT1B. woohoo get to go on the bridge Got to Back track on rwy12L since the taxiway is still under development. Got to love AMS Cancun Scenery, it's truly the best. Beauty eh? Coo-Coo kacoo, back to the big ole blue. On the Descend on the DVALL1 STAR over marsh lands I Do Apologies for no Arrival shots due to Camera giving Problems but next time I shall and hope you enjoy the Photos, you may view my flight on Vataware and FlyCay VAFS. BTW This is the Route I use: CUPT1B.URKOS MISIS UG765 MAXIM G765 FIS B646 MTH DVALL1 Take Care.
  14. Nathan Brooks

    Cayman Express 4722

    A few shots today on a little trip to the Sister Islands with a fellow Colleague, here are the shots. Take Care Aviators.
  15. So I did a flight to Orlando from Kingston so here are the photos, grab a drink and Feast your eye's on theses magnificent tink-a-tink. Look at thoses Clouds A view from the jumpseat F/O took a photo of his view while we taxi to the Active. Slats and Flaps alright and F/O and I went through the checklist like water flow so everything is cool. AND We're Off. Right Turn to head over MLY VOR and then out on our other waypoint. Engines so powerful I didn't engage VNAV. MKJK_CTR, MUFH_CTR, KZMA_CTR, KZJA_CTR on the flight so alot of ATC Coverage on the flight. Jacksonville cleared me for the I.L.S. Approach for rwy17R. I Just Love TAXI2Gate Orlando Scenery. View from the Departure Lounge. Hope you guys enjoyed the Photos, take care.