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  1. Gordon, I use a Corsair AX1200i and it has worked superbly.
  2. Looks like I have to use the GTX970 block for the EVGA's. I want a whole-card solution and not just a GPU block. Thanks for the link. I'll look into it after the new house is bought and we move in...
  3. Funny. NO. My CPU is water-cooled and OC'd. No issues. I never get above 50-70°C on the GPU's with anything BUT Sniper Elite III. Then my wife will walk by and say something flippant like "Heating the neighborhood again, I see." about 3 minutes after I start Sniper Elite III, my computer sounds like a B737 at just below TOGA power. There's 10 fans in there and the water-cooling system. CPU remains at about 35°C. The method of stacking cards in SLI really kills the airflow and I can't find water blocks for the EVGA GTX760SC cards. They get hot enough that the DVI connectors begin to get loose in their connector insulation.
  4. I've hit as high as 230°C on slot 3. Can't locate waterblocks for the EVGA 760's. They are a non-reference-based board.
  5. When running SLI for Sniper Elite III, you literally cannot touch the back of my computer or the DVI connectors. And I have LOTS of cooling. Let's see how much heat I get with P3D and that will be a quick indication of how much load the cards are handling.
  6. Craig Bennet sez "On the original question; the technology looks good but I have no interest whatsoever in military aircraft, or combat. So therefore no interest in this platform in it's current carnation." Why bother posting that? @ jcomm: Agree, and nothing makes you fly better than a spiralschnausen on the spinner...
  7. Don't get too excited. Quad EVGA GTX760OC's. Not 980's!
  8. Been on the road, but can't wait to try 2.5 with i7-5930X and quad SLI. Thanks, LM team!
  9. Chase, logged out, went to another non-AVSIM page, and used your link provided. Worked great. Thanks for the heads up.
  10. Still have issues going on. When I log in and press the "submit" icon, it does nothing and will eventually time out as "no response from server" or "server too busy. please try again later." However, if I click "submit", wait ten secs or so and then click it again before it times out, then I get an error from AVSIM that "You do not have permission to do that." or "You do not have permission to access that." HOWEVER, I am shown as logged in and the site works normally from there. Neither faster nor slower than usual. This particular problem has been going on all week. My bookmark is http://forum.avsim.net/page/index.html. If I do the same thing by going to Yahoo (I don't use anything from Google, in my business too much!) and looking up AVSIM and I'm not already logged in, it does this for every shortcut but the library.
  11. @ codechris - agree completely. Regarding any sim produced by DTG for flight simulation, I'm adopting a "wait and see the reviews" approach. Won't completely discount it yet.
  12. P3D. I think it's great that a new sim might be developed. However, if it degenerates into a Train Simulator-like product, then good luck with that. Consider this - there are a LOT of MSTS fans who are still running MSTS, bad as it looks, because the functionality and realism of the old sim (ACES Studio, BTW) far outstrips the new TS2015. I moved over to Run8, which is really cool and has great realism and graphics and is controlled by human dispatchers similar to VATSIM. Regarding TS DLC, what do you get for your money? Donner Pass with missing grades and unrealistic physics for 39.99 or Majestic's Q400 for the same price for plain-vanilla FSX? Which DLC gives you more realism? Currently,TS must rely on a small group of independent users who post physics fixes to the motive power so that you actually have to climb Marias Pass with a full consist in notch 8 instead of the default notch 2 or 3. This has been brought to DTG's attention and junk is still getting pumped out in the DLC's. 'Course, FSX and P3D has it's share of devs who pump out poor content here and there; it happens. The only team that fully vets an addon before they will allow it is DCS. However, DCS is a combat sim, which it does beautifully. If I could use my Milviz aircraft or Iris aircraft in DCS and it had a larger world, I'd probably never return to P3D. Kattz out.
  13. AVSIM was unreachable for me most of yesterday and is still going on today. Tried to access from several different servers, no joy. Once logged in, AVSIM running VERY SLOOOOOOOOOOOW...
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