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  1. I was being just a little facetious...
  2. So... Here is what we actually know - MH370 departed the airfield - we are sure of that, right? :ph34r: The aircraft is somewhere, one can assume... It didn't land at the intended destination - we think... This is really all we know - maybe.
  3. Not at all. First, my 70+ hr/ wk job allows for very little of that. Second, I think this is a case of " When you least expect it, expect it. " As far as buying an old DC-10 wreck, as you say, this doesn't have the same "Hey! Look at what WE can do!!!" Impact as taking a 777 full of pax offline, doing only God and the NSA knows what, and then doing something downstream with it. What an easy way to fly a nuke into any area you want and get away with it. And I mean ANYWHERE.
  4. I STILL think it's in a hangar somewhere or in the air under a new full repaint and falsified comms...
  5. Hey, let's not get the thread closed... It's been good so far.
  6. Tom, I must say that I find the information you've contributed to this thread to be amazing to say the least. Fascinating. Thanks! :good:
  7. I disagree - if the aircraft AP was running VNAV or in ALT HOLD, it would have tried to maintain altitude as long as possible. IF that altitude was low, and it's unlikely the aircraft engines would've have flamed out simultaneously, the aircraft would've lost power and possibly gradually descended until the other engine flamed out or until impact. In this scenario, the aircraft angle of attack would've been higher than level flight IMO.
  8. Well... I wondered how long it would take for a TV program to air about the alleged mishap as though it's all over and the mystery is solved. Saw it today on the Smithsonian Channel... They left it slightly open-ended. I still think it is elsewhere, and NOT in the ocean. But I'm strange like that.
  9. I don't disagree with your thought process except that the attack would have been done already. New paint as, for example, FedEx, or another global "everywhere is our backyard" carrier, and there's little risk.
  10. We've heard about every theory. Heck, I even brought one up. Let's think outside the box for just a moment. No disrespect meant to friends and families of the crew or pax in this. A different application of Occam's Razor, if you will. I was just looking at the wide range of airports in the range of the aircraft that could have accepted the aircraft based on size, weight, etc. Assuming that the original crew and pax are deceased at this time. There's a lot of radical ideologies in some of those surrounding nations, and I don't just mean anti-US or Islamic fundamentalists. Assuming after the last turn, the aircraft is on the deck and heads to one of the many airports in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, or takes a turn southwest to Indonesia. Get it on the ground and under cover quick. Assuming the engine pings are wrong or that they are really somewhere else, possibly without their aircraft. Land, hangar or tarp the aircraft, rip and strip the comms, pingers, etc, refuel, and roll on some paint. Any paint. Flat white would do. Put the aircraft back in the air as a different ident and flight plan. Move to a different destination. Bear with me. The initial manifests that were reported on included a MA flight engineer. There's been nothing but silence regarding this chap, and we here know the T7 has no flight engineer, so chances are good this person was a ferry, probably hitching a ride in the jumpseat out of courtesy to a fellow crew member. See it all the time on flights in the US and overseas, various carriers. A person on board with knowledge and access to the cockpit that is not the pilot or FO. I admit that I don't know a lot about commercial aircraft. But wouldn't it be fairly easy to "hot wire" the comms so that this bird squawks as, say, an old 727 air cargo bird? Without a set of eyes on her and comparing notes with flight plans, who's the wiser? Seems far-fetched, but who would've considered 9/11 was possible before 9/11? If you put ten people in a room with time, money, and determination, this scenario is very possible in my opinion. Personally, I hope I'm wrong, it was over very quick, and the bird's at the bottom of the IO for some unexplained reason. I for one am nervous not knowing where that aircraft is. And I'll bet dollars to donuts that there's a lot of people much higher up the food chain thinking the same thing in many various countries. And now, alien abductions...
  11. All I can say is "PUNKED!" If he really hid his cell phone where he claims, he'd have bled out by now from the sharp edges. Maybe that's why the screen was black...?!
  12. I read that today the US Navy has placed two P-8 sub-hunter aircraft into the search. Some of the most advanced optical detection equipment on Earth. Nothing yet.
  13. Respectfully, I disagree. Bin Laden stashed himself away like a hermit and did some rather good counter-intel to make himself harder to find. Nowhere near the careless jihadi he was prortrayed to be, but a jihadi nonetheless. I bet you a round of drinks at the club that we know more about this than is public.
  14. What I found extremely interesting about the two Iranians travelling on allegedly stolen passports was that our government came out relatively quickly and stated that "We've ruled out these two individuals as suspicious" (I'm paraphrasing) less than 12 hours after the news regarding those two gentlemen was made public... That caused a few eyebrows to lift here... Spot on. And quite frankly, we probably have the assets to know more than what Joe Public thinks we do. One reason we couldn't find Bin Laden, actually several - He was compartmentalized within a very thin organization - his closest followers were basically communicated with through third, fourth, and perhaps fifth parties He and people very close to him had very little "signature" - as in they were basically in a self-imposed comms blackout He was hiding in plain sight in a friendly nation - not in a hole in Tora Bora. I think that was a bolder step than the intel community ever considered him doing
  15. I keep seeing references to Diego Garcia... What??? WHY? Diego Garcia and Area 51 in the same sentence... What on earth? That's even worse... DG is Nowheresville. They used to have B-52's there - a very limited few, and the US Ready Reserve was there resting at anchor. Supplies for war, all preserved and ready to go. Lots of conventional weapons, no special weapons are stored there. There is no way DG and Area 51 have anything in common. It's not a classified installation. It does belong to the US Department of Defense, but for the reasons stated above. So where is the logic regarding Diego Garcia and remotely anything having to do with Flight 370? Somebody want to enlighten me? I've been to Diego Garcia - once. It was for 2 days on my way to somewhere else. It's the proverbial likeness to being in BFE (bumf--k, Egypt, which is a non-existent place used in slang to mean "in the middle of nowhere"). Why on earth would you want to take an airliner there? Lemme guess - it was on the pilot's FSX route or plan files. Guess what - I just flew my NGX from VIDP to VNKT. Doesn't mean I'm going to Nepal or India. That's about as illogical as some of CNN's experts explaining the FMC. The US Navy gave up a week plus ago. They didn't expend the max budget, they just left. No explanation. My bet, a national intelligence asset (Keyhole or newer) has evidence that the aircraft was on the Northern route. Over land, not over saltwater. And if the US knows where it is, and it's intact, we will never know until the op is over. Everything else could just be gross disinformation.
  16. Here's a thought - This thread is slowing down, just like the search for the aircraft. I still think North, not South.
  17. I agree, Jim, and I think there's some truth to this, as the US Navy left the search in the Indian Ocean several days ago; perhaps more than a week ago. We usually don't stop in SAR or crash searches unless we have a good reason...
  18. <Insert long-suffering sigh...> No, this was TV lunacy quoting some Asian source regarding an alleged "cover up by Boeing"... I'm not quite sure how to take that comment regarding this site. Part of me wants to fight and part of me says "Naah, let it go..." I mean, I'm an expert... in F-16's, some aircraft engines, USAF practices, etc. I'm a USAF master technician, and a civilian mechanical engineer who heads a department that spans 4 countries and does many high-tech things. However: I'm not an expert in SAR, the Boeing products outside of FSX and what I know by talking to the mechs at Delta and the aircrews at many airlines. There's actually many experts here... This has been a great thread and a great discussion so far. If nothing else, it shows that we have creative and analytical thinkers among us, and illustrates the diversity of our hobby. I for one give it a huge thumbs-up. Would you not agree, ANZ121? I mean, we might have our differences at times among us, but overall, together we are a fairly formidable group when it comes to thinking outside the box, so to speak. This thread has illustrated that vividly. So, if i might offer some small bit of insight, let's not dismiss our forums or our abilities out of hand. Apologies if i misunderstood your line of commentary.
  19. What's really sad regarding the media coverage is just how WRONG most of it has been. How many people here have heard something re this subject on public media or read something other than AVSIM that has made you stop and say "Wow. I'm not even a pilot and I know better than that..."? Some of the CNN coverage was just so cereberally-challenged that someone shoulda been fired. Sorry, rant mode off. Just rolled my eyes over something on the TV just now.
  20. Agree strongly. Personal opinion is it's not in the water until the debris or the airframe is located and is in someone's hands. Otherwise, look elsewhere...
  21. There's probably a few things going on - things that give the appearance of being sinister on their face but probably are not - I don't think there's a cover-up so much as the actors (airline, country, authorities) probably are not communicating well. Or, there's no cover up, maybe things are on a "need to know" basis until some leads are tracked down. I assume it's a lot like a criminal investigation - the parties are not at liberty to speak freely until the facts are in or the investigation is at least semi-concluded. I still think the announcement today was to allow the families to have some closure. Might have been the most humane choice. Until that announcement today, insurance policies could not be paid, bills could not be paid, it's hard on the families in more than just the loss of life...
  22. I watched that report this morning. Quite frankly, I'll believe that the crash debris is found when someone actually puts their hands on it. I am of the opinion that there is nothing new and that this was a step to bring closure to the families.
  23. While this is true, due to the lack of information, nothing can be ruled out with any definitive probability. The way things are looking at this point, I'll agree with just about any scenario except "abducted by aliens".. :blink:
  24. On talk radio yesterday, a T7 captain with over 4K hours in the left seat called in (his claim, not presented here as verified) and brought up what he thinks happened - It's credible. I'll summarize - sorry, haven't seen it posted here yet, so apologies if I'm repeating another post. Here is a paraphrase of his conversation - Member of the flight crew (captain or first officer) attempts something - change of course, hijacking, suicide, something that at this point is pure conjecture The other crew member objects or struggles, or maybe there's a preemptive strike on the unsuspecting member The preemptive strike or the struggle ensues with the "very sharp fire axe" in the cockpit - the injured member gets another weapon or takes the fire axe in defense and strikes back During the struggle, one of the yokes is pushed forward past the AP disconnect point - two in the cockpit are unaware due to struggle AP disconnects, and the plane begins it's uncontrolled ascent At a point after this, one is either dead or both are mortally injured. One loses conciousness or dies and the other one changes the flight path again and places the aircraft into ALT HOLD at the lower altitude At this point the remaining survivor loses conciousness or bleeds out and the aircraft continues it's flight path at the alt hold altitude over the ocean - no further commands to alter course again Either the cabin crew is unaware or unable to breach the cockpit door during all of this - probably unaware until so far away from land that cell phones would have no signal Once the engines begin to flame out, the AP is still going to try to maintain altitude until stall, after which a flat spin into the water would ensue. In this method of impact with the water, the aircraft would be going relatively slow and the impact may have been a "pancake" versus "augering in", leaving the fuselage intact and possibly the wings attached as well - nacelles and parts of the empennage may have broken free, but there's not enough air in these areas for them to float. If an empty wing would have broken off, it would have had air in parts of the fuel tanks and may have floated for a while With no fuel, no oil slick If the fuse is intact, no debris to float My opinion - If anyone survived the impact, the seas may have been too intimidating to open a door until it was too late - hence, if the fuse was intact and no opened doors, no bodies, no seat cushions, etc (sorry, not trying to be a cold, heartless bas+ard...) My second opinion - If any of this happened, it's possible that the aircraft might not even be in the ocean. Parts of the world that aircraft could have flown over if there was another waypoint put in could have altered its course over remote areas that there are few people living in. In the crash, the flight data recorders could have been damaged or destroyed beyond communications ability. And there's another theory now to ponder here... However, I <think> this caller said he'd been talking to our NTSB about this theory. Getting older, memory fading...
  25. Agreed. "Flight simulators don't kill people, people kill people!" Our response to those with weak minds... :blink:
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