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  1. NoahBryant - See, I didnt even know you could load user-defined missions. Which is pretty cool. I hear you though on the missions that come with the game, that sucks that they are so short. I think I will be in the A10 all weekend and may give Blackshark a try as well. I have a Saitek Throttle and Yoke, but I think i am going to upgade to a Joystick. I already have one in mind and excited to order it and play this game. PLus DCS WORLD looks like it has mucho potential!
  2. Just browsing the rest of AVSIM since MSFLIGHT is going down under and was really hoping for more participation in DCS. I know that you guys play it(well some) but there is absolutely no content here or articles, videos and try this/try that posts. I just bought this from STEAM SUMMER Sale and imma fire it up this weekend. It looks very tough(as I am not a pilot and consider myself a n00b when it comes to flight simming) Anyways, I am excited to give it a shot and hoping multiplayer is active **Edit: Okay, I did find some of you guys here http://forum.avsim.n.../529-dcs-world/
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