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  1. Caro Luís, cumprimentos.

    gostaria de saber se me pode ajudar com a questão do autogen no annotator?
    Uso o Sbuilder para o fotorreal e o annotator para a vegetação e autogen (buildings). A questão é que a vegetação aparece correctamente, mas tudo que é edifícios (criados com linhas ou polígonos), não aparecem.

    ponho sempre os ficheiros criados na pasta texture.

    Grato desde já por qualquer ajuda que me possa dar.

    PS. Já agora e se for entendido também, podía-me dizer se há um LOD mínimo para o fotorreal… acontece que quando baixo para 15, alguns dos polígonos de fotorreal tendem a desaparecer conforme se vai aproximando da área.

    1. druco


      Boas Luís…  bem parece que após umas quantas marradas, consegui pôr os edifícios… tenho é que explorar melhor a questão dos tipos, para poder ajustar…


  2. I believe that navaids for the entire world were included in the base Flight installation. Just no airports or landforms! Thankfully, Steve fixed that. Best regards. Luis
  3. But, not a good enough reason for me, Tom! Best regards. Luis
  4. Guys, scenery developers absolutely need to slew. There is no discussion possible. The process of accurately recreating parts of the world requires continuous checking of in-game display. We make scenery, launch the game, slew around to find faults, make modifications, and iterate endless number of times. Without slew, checking for errors or flaws becomes very difficult, mostly impossible. Since most scenery designers rarely if ever fly (except for me! I am the only exception. ), they don't care about their Profile (or the Logbook in past versions.) As for the rest of you, what does it really matter if some were to use slew in order to falsify their Profile? Many already did that with the Earth's Curvature Aerocache, and the world did not stop turning because of that. By the way, if recent problems have wiped out your Profile, you can easily recover. Windows keeps umpteen hundred previous versions available just in case, so simply find the directory with those files, right-click on each one, and choose to Restore Previous Version, or whatever it's called. Best regards. Luis "Bring back Slew!"
  5. Oh yes, please, slew, my slew, I miss you so much. At least we can get out and walk around. But, slew would be so much better. Best regards. Luis
  6. Just admit it - you too fly with the mouse. Best regards. Luis
  7. That is so cool! I love his wings - like the pioneers of aviation. Another flying mouse Seem to be a lot of them associated with flight. Best regards. Luis
  8. The Grand Case runway in St. Martin is short and challenging, Dick, but that is ridiculous. Looks like a great project, though. As soon as I put my computer back together, I'll see about comparing the lclookup for Flight and FS, and resolving the differences. Best regards. Luis (loves flying with a mouse!)
  9. It's only an arcade game if you can shoot things, for example, birds! Best regards. Luis
  10. My first task, Devon, once I get obligations to Steve and Dick out of the way, is to start converting my Caribbean projects, i.e. Virgins, Leeward, Windward, Cayman Islands, then move on from there. Flying in Hawai'i and Alaska has been very enjoyable, but they are not my part of the world. Best regards. Luis
  11. Thanks to all, I am glad to be back with you guys. And thanks for the info on changes - I got Steve's latest toolkit installed yesterday and hope that Dick will show me how to do the whole world, like in his great screenshots! I really love that DJI Phanton Vision 2 Plus, Tom (whew! What a name.) And the GPS problem seems easy to fix with some kitchen foil. That gimbal does seem a little too easy to damage, worrisome. Not to mention that I would probably break it on the first flight - ouch! There goes a thousand bucks! By, the way, have you ever broken yours? Still, I really want it, maybe for my 50th birthday. No, wait, that was some years ago. So it is way overdue. Best to all. Luis
  12. Almost 2 months out! No computer! (Well, maybe not a bad thing.) But, finally back and a need to celebrate. What would you do? A brewskie and sit back and watch the game? Not me! I went flying. Took the Mustang out for a spin, inverted of course, for the joy of it. I love this airplane! Finally, headed back for a landing. Gear down and locked, flaps extended, right on the glide slope, looking good. Parked on the apron right where she belongs. I have surely missed a lot, and need to catch up. I did connect to a Live server, but obviously no Aerocache, so I shall never get the 350. Also, have to see how Steve is doing with scenery conversion, that is very important. But, first some more flying. I was so desperate that I planned to buy one of those palm-sized quadcopters so that I could get my flying fix - probably still will get it because it looks like fun. But I am really happy to be back, hello to all, and thanks to Tom. Best regards. Luis
  13. Thanks for the images, Steve. I have been busy and unable to fly for some time now. Not happy at all, but things should get better, for all of us!, soon. Best regards. Luis
  14. Very strange! We need more tailwinds like that one! Best regards. Luis
  15. I hope that the support guys make all 350 Aerocaches into permanent ones before they shut down. A big list, but a great legacy and an opportunity for all fans to get the totality. Best regards. Luis
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