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  1. Greetings all... well I have been flying the version 1_1, and besides some minor issues I have no problems with this aircraft. But know as Ive heard about version 1_3 and patch 1_3_1, I tried t install it but only on 70s panel the plane loads. If I try the 90s panel, it gives me FSX crash immediately. Another thing is that all models (since version 1) come with RX GNS file. But on most videos I see people using the KLN90B which I find much better... I try to add it as a new window editing the panel.cfg, but even though it works (allows me to create a FP) it does not work as a navigation source. not even using the small black dot. can anyone help me with this 2 major issues. Thanks in advanced.
  2. thanks anyway, for taking the time. best regards. P.S. I'm navigating, know via KLN90. finaly.
  3. greetings once more... as I said, I've managed to update or reinstall the GNS and it is know showing properly... Also, edited the CFG file and added a KLN 90B, but even clicking on small black dot, to make it primary navigation, the autopilot does not follow it... Most of all, I really like to have only the KLN90 directly on my panel as it shows on some videos. Try the INS, but it seems just a dummy gauge, able to insert the coordinates, but again, no success in making it primary NAV source... if you have any ideas, I'll appreciated. Thanks in advanced
  4. Hi Dutch and thanks for your reply... well I see that is the problem... I have reinstalled the realityXP and the gauge shows now with the correct background... Never the less, I see (on youtube videos) people have a different KLN 90B (I guess the right one) which does not appear on my plane... Could you please advise the most recent version of the PT154? I have 1_1. downloaded a 1_3 version but gives me CTD, so I get back to the 1.1.
  5. Hi all, please some help, as my PT TU-154 has a problem with the GNS (KLN 90B) not working... Using FSX, on VC appears with a screen error and it does not work on the pop up window mode. I have use the update mentioned above, but it will work only with KLN 90B (used by Il-76 and AN-24) The problem is that no matter what, my tu154 wont update, as it is using the (realityXP model) Note: realityXP it is working fine on other aircrafts, such as PMDG JS41 Also, cannot find the PT page. I guess it went offline.. thanks in advanced
  6. druco

    Project Tupolev Website

    hello everyone, please help. want to fly Project Tupolev 154, but GNS (KLN 90B) not working... FSX, on VC appears with a screen error and it does not work on pop up window. any updates??? cannot find the PT page also. thanks in advanced
  7. Hi there, I have also the TU-154, (amazing) and managed to align the giros etc. DO you have a way to it to follow the GPS, nav, like Il-76 does... Thanks.
  8. Greetings everyone. first of all, amazing plane. The VC brings a whole new approach to this product. thanks to all that have worked on it. I've install the plane, no problems, panel and VC working fine. Just 2 questions: Is the INS working as NAV source? (I"ve managed to insert the coordinates, but can't make the AP follow it. Just as GPS mode. Second, I have an error with the lights, Landings and taxi - not showing properly and no 3D wing lights , have a displacement when airborn (I figure this is due to the wingflex) Do we have a way fix this? thanks in advanced.
  9. Greetings to you all. first of all, amazing aircraft, I have been using this addon for a long time and it is know a great surprise to have it with VC. Please help me on two things if possible. First I have some GAU and DLL files (besides those on proper folders) inside the panel folder. Is that supposed to be or must I move them to gauges and module folders? Secondly, is there any english tutorial or panel files, where I (My Russian is very poor almost none) can related too. thanks in advanced Alexandre
  10. Hi, thanks for the reply. Yes, I've managed to open a ticket yesterday, but no reply from PMDG till now... Still wayting. If someone could share that DLL, would be nice. I'm happy to show my regs/key to ensure it is an original product.
  11. it's exactly the same for me!!! was running perfectly for many time. Than, after some time not flying him it started with the fatal error!!!??? I which PMDG adresses this issue once and for all. It is such a great addon. Alexandre Hi there. I'm happy to hear, as I have this addon since 2009. Any chance that you point me to the right place to get those dll.??? PMDG login page appears to be out since yesterday. Already openned a ticket, hope they reply anytime soon.