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  1. Well - I have to admit I was skeptical about this, as I have had unending trouble with FSNav database updates, but I tried this fix, and the database was created without any errors! Hooray - and thanks! Graeme
  2. Wasie, I have sent you PM. Graeme
  3. I have all Reality XP gauges working fine with FS9 on windows 7 platform. You must install using the Flight1 installer - so re-download these from the RXP web store.
  4. Stunning scenery - thank you Greg!
  5. Well I just checked FSNordic and the file is there: https://files.fsnordic.net/tampere-city-photoscenery It states it is for FS2004, FSX, etc. Have you tried this one?
  6. A_A Phuket VTSP 2020 is now available at Simmarket. Excellent scenery!
  7. Err - those posts were from 2007, so I'm not surprised...
  8. I have had the Skysim DC-9 on my system for many years, but have never heard of SP1.5. SP1 was released in 2010, and there was another service pack released in 2017, but that was merely a change to the installer to remove the need for an internet connection - there were no changes to the actual airplane.
  9. No I do not have that one. I have the freeware model from Veneaviones Simulation Group. Cheers,
  10. Not sure why you would want that one. It had some poor reviews There are better freeware alternatives.
  11. It occurred to me that it might also be caused by some changes to Windows 7 caused by a Microsoft update, but I do not know how you could troubleshoot that to confirm the issue. Graeme
  12. I am jumping in to confirm what Greg is saying. I successfully re-installed all my Reality XP gauges on my Win7 machine, back in 2016 using the F1 wrappers. Today I tried (as a test) the SN3308 installer, freshly downloaded from Reality XP [EDIT: F1 is just our e-commerce procurement partner but you download Reality XP products from Reality XP], and it failed with the two messages described above. The installer file appears to be identical to my original (same size 6,212,043 bytes), so my conclusion must be that F1 has changed the authentication process so that these old products are not able to be installed. I think that is very unethical, since we have paid for the product, we should be entitled to use it. I am lucky that at least I have them already installed and working - otherwise I would be furious. Graeme
  13. Thanks for the heads-up Greg. I enjoy all of the MFSG sceneries. All the best for 2020! (Hoping CYWG is coming along...) 🙂
  14. You may be disappointed regarding AES, as there have been no updates for a couple of years now (since Jan 2017). I think it is pretty much dead.
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