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  1. Yes - I have FSUIPC and that setting has always been on.
  2. I know this is a very old topic, but I have this exact problem with the 757 and the mouse using the MCP IAS/Mach speed control. If using a single mouse click, the numbers jump about 5-7 digits. If I use the mouse wheel, they go into a kind of free-fall continuous scrolling. The other controls (Altitude, heading, etc) seem to work as they should. I see on the old captain sim forums that this issue was mentioned, but there was no answer. Obviously CS no longer support this old sim. Is there anyone out there who knows how to address this issue?
  3. I think I have been pretty patient, but I logged my issue back in July, and have had no resolution of the problem. I simply cannot understand why it takes so long to even send an email to explain what is happening. Extremely disappointing. Graeme
  4. Thank you very much for looking after us old FS9'ers!
  5. You should have a look at the FS2004 Team website. You might need Google Translate to understand it, but if you sign up you can access some nice scenery conversions. https://fs2004.team/forum/
  6. No worries - it is not urgent - just wanted to make sure the issue was still being investigated.
  7. Hi Ed, Yes - as far as I can tell, all my other Mindstar gauges are working (G1000, GNS430, Avidyne Entegra, KAP140). It is only the STEC-55X that has an error message.
  8. I lodged a support request via your website on 1 July 2023 regarding the Stec-55X gauge showing a "Gauge is not registered" message. I had a reply from Billy Winburn on 4th July that "we''ll look into this". The request was numbered 7228. Since then - no further messages. If I try to reply to his email, I get an error message "Mail Delivery System: The following message to <support@mindstaraviation.com> was undeliverable. The reason for the problem: 5.1.0 - Unknown address error 550-'5.4.1 Recipient address rejected: Access denied. AS(201806281) [DM6NAM10FT019.eop-nam10.prod.protection.outlook.com 2023-07-18T22:54:56.670Z 08DB87B0FC290228]' " Can you please let me know if there is a problem with your email address, and why my request for assistance it is taking so long? Thanks, Graeme
  9. He is using Airsimmer A320 - payware, no longer available as far as I know.
  10. I have been using the RXP GNS2 units for many years on FS2004 (Windows 7) without a problem. This week, on two separate occasions, I have been flying along with the GPS_400_1 unit working fine, when the GPS screen suddenly displays "GPS is not responding. Check GPS antenna". What!? I have never seen this one before. Has something gone wrong with the Garmin trainer software? The map seems to stop working, and I have to disconnect autopilot and fly manually - but then the radios seem to be stuck (cannot change frequencies). Very bizarre, and would welcome any insights from anyone who has come across this error message. Thanks, Graeme
  11. I have some old notes about the Wilco airbus CTD: If you experience strange behavior or CTD (crash to desktop): Delete the "fmgc.cfg" file located in the \FeelThere\Airbus\Fmgc\A320 directory. Another one will be created automatically at your next flight. Removing this file is especially important if you have updated the navigation database with a different AIRAC cycle.
  12. I think the nearest you will get is FSWidgets: http://fswidgets.com/shop/index.php
  13. On page 90 of the manual there is an explanation how to do this. Basically, you need to export from your third party planner into a PLN format file that the FMC can read. Good luck.
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