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  1. graemeb

    More FS9 support by Uk2000

    Neato mosquito! Thanks for the heads up. Something to look forward too again. 🙂
  2. graemeb

    New FS9 Scenery

    SoarFly Concepts have release their new scenery for Southampton EGHI - a very nice rendition:
  3. graemeb

    G600 for X-Plane & FSX/P3D

    Okay - thanks for the reply.
  4. graemeb

    G600 for X-Plane & FSX/P3D

    Will the new G600/500 be compatible with FS2004? Yes - I am a dinosaur - but enjoy all RXP gauges on my FS9 setup!
  5. graemeb

    I need help

    Check your AI settings in FS2004 - it has probably been set to zero.. If I remember correctly there is a setting in FSGRW to re-set AI (presumably to make it suit weather conditions), but I found it simply turned AI off altogether - so un-check that option in FSGRW.
  6. graemeb

    New FS9 Scenery

    Good to see that Albysim is still alive - the website has been down for ages so I assumed you had closed down! Look forward to the new scenery offering. Graeme
  7. I have the Glasair III installed (FS9 + Windows 7 64bit) and have no problems with it. VC view is fine.
  8. graemeb


    I was recently in contact with the developer, and the product was listed as "out of stock" because the installer needed to be fixed to include the FS2004 files. Hopefully that is now rectified.
  9. graemeb

    New FS9 Scenery

    Nice find Greg. I was wondering what BDOaviation was up to - it has been a long time since their last release.
  10. graemeb

    GNS430/530 startup map options

    David, Thanks for the tip. That was the solution, so obvious I did not think of it! I did not realise that this setting was saved between sessions. I must have changed it several weeks ago and then forgotten about it. Graeme
  11. I am using the latest version of the GNS2 units in FS9 (v2.4). I am not sure if this is a bug or operator error, but what is the default information displayed when the unit first starts up? I seem to recollect that it included airports, roads, etc, but for the the last few months the screen always starts with just a bare map (ie; black land and blue water displayed). The only time that any information appears is after I enter a flight plan. Is this correct? I have tried using the 'Map Setup' menus, but it tells me that all the elements (land data, aviation data, etc) are ON. But when I exit the menu back to the main screen, the map is still empty. I do not know how to add image attachments (used to be easy years ago), which might make it easier to see what I am trying to describe. Thanks for any suggestions, Graeme
  12. graemeb

    New FS9 Scenery

    Thanks Greg, the problem was with my AI traffic, so I reinstalled a bunch of WOAI packages, and the Dash8's are back! No idea how that happened..(aren't computers wonderful?) Graeme
  13. graemeb

    New FS9 Scenery

    Thanks for the heads up Greg. I have purchased and installed the scenery. It looks very good, but I have no airline AI traffic at the terminal gates (only a couple of Cesnna 185s!). I thought it would be packed with Dash-8s? Can you confirm this, or is my system to blame?
  14. graemeb

    SANTA meets RXP

    Also wanted to add my thanks - I purchased all your Flight Sim gauges as a Christmas present to myself!! Great stuff. All the best for 2018. Graeme
  15. graemeb

    Default gauge dimensions

    Thank you very much!