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  1. Thank you all and mostly RxP for the help and quick support, enjoy the end of this year 🙂
  2. Is @Jean-Luc from RxP ? I'll drop him a message then 🙂 Just for a user experience : it is bloody hard to know who/ where/ how to contact them : the F1 support page is absolutely useless to point you to the right direction... I think a kind of from would be simplier, where F1 system could send that to the right customer support... They are the shop after all. And about the "bloody wrapper", would be nice that there is an XPlane section well separated from the FS section, AND some CLEAR NAMES ON THE APPS (and not just nice FS / XP images in the wrapper). EDIT : reading my post I can see it could be taken as a "word not allowed off customer" one that is NOT THE CASE, I would just suggest some ergonomics 😉
  3. Ok, I just recently (2 days ago) made a purchase of (presumed) RxP GTN 750 for XP11 BUT ended with the wrong bloody e-shop wrapper, and WITH THE WRONG PRODUCT : what I bought is the one for FSX/ P3D... So question : I can of course cancel my order from my bank, but it would be a lot easier for me just to get the GTN 750 for XP11 instead of the one for FS... What should I do, who should I contact, please ?? Best regards
  4. The Curtiss P40 Warhawk will certainly be a nice addition to the GA-only hangar we already have, and it will be interresting to see how the flight model can cope with high speed props ! BlueskyFS is a new name for me, so first I think it's nice to welcome a new studio in the community. I will reserve any judgement till there is anything to test, but the small teaser above seems nice for what we can tell. I wish them the best ! I'm not particularly into warbirds (nor am I in modern jetliners btw), but any new features that are added to FSW seems good to me. Interrested to know if there will be any "tak-pak" of some sort for FSW in the future, when there is enought addons for that...
  5. Thank you for sharing, I will try if it works for me right away :)
  6. Funny thing, the guy complaining to Cryss was me :p There were then more people in the chat mentionning that the problem was not corrected. As I do not recall having seen that in the patch notes, I was thinking it was just postponed as a minor bug. The fact is : if I run FSW multiples times in the same windows / Steam session (I will have to check if it is Steam-only session or windows session -related), I don't have to retype my login/ pw. But if I start a fresh session, I will have to type my login/ pw again...
  7. I was the one who said that FSW use both wings separately for the sim, having heard Stephen Hood saying this I think in FlightSimCon, just haven't searched the source again to be honest. Lazy an all.. I think to remember that it may be in one of Steve Hood"s interviews from a flightsimmer/ youtuber (Helisim ? Novawing24 ?). About spins in FSW, I tested some stunts with the Cub recently in multi with a pilot friend, and I was able to do spins t the right conditions, like a flat stall spin, a max AoA spin... I have been a passenger in a cub used for towing in a glider club where I used to fly sometimes (in France, where I'm from), and the pilot was fun enought to pull some stunts on me, and just to say I have had a flashback of those moments while having fun with the Super Cub from FSW, TrackIR on ! I am thinking on buying me one of those "pressure seats" that inflate to simulate the Gs movements, I really hope DTG will support it :)
  8. A small correction, but quite important : P3D still calculates the flight model exactly as did FSX : ONE flight box is going through one or more tables that have been filled with datas from real planes (normally). FSW does the same :reading tables, still no prediction like Laminar Research. BUT if the legacy ESPs (FSX, FSX-SE, P3D all versions) use only one wing to make the output from the table, FSW is using TWO WINGS ; the flight model in FSW is twice more precise for default plane (if tables are right of course) than the same plane would be in P3D. You may get back to browling :p
  9. About the opening post : 1st add FreemeshX or any mesh in FSW, you'll get a better "default" scenery https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/780659091823095969/78F8679AF6684758D6F71C28638AE6A1F4A3C52B/ Then you can find some photoreal textures, even old ones like I used https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/780659091823477518/150591F5C9B25447F0241BD236FACB451F65FCE5/
  10. More cockpits, more gameplay !

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