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Found 24 results

  1. Hello! I have a Problem with my EZdok. When I fly in FSX, it creates Errors in the Windows-Error-History, eg: || Name der fehlerhaften Anwendung: EZCA.exe, Version:, Zeitstempel: 0x2a425e19 Name des fehlerhaften Moduls: unknown, Version:, Zeitstempel: 0x00000000 Ausnahmecode: 0xc0000005 Fehleroffset: 0xf1550000 ID des fehlerhaften Prozesses: 0x3324 Startzeit der fehlerhaften Anwendung: 0x01d17575009d6d87 Pfad der fehlerhaften Anwendung: C:\Program Files (x86)\EZCA\EZCA\EZCA.exe Pfad des fehlerhaften Moduls: unknown Berichtskennung: ceb0d003-1dad-4b2e-94da-a2edd75f3b5e Vollständiger Name des fehlerhaften Pakets: Anwendungs-ID, die relativ zum fehlerhaften Paket ist: ""BLANK IN REPORT"" || About 20 errors after that, my FSX crashed with this Error: || Name der fehlerhaften Anwendung: fsx.exe, Version: 10.0.61637.0, Zeitstempel: 0x46fadb14 Name des fehlerhaften Moduls: FMGS.DLL, Version:, Zeitstempel: 0x552db3f3 Ausnahmecode: 0xc0000005 Fehleroffset: 0x00036b03 ID des fehlerhaften Prozesses: 0x1c34 Startzeit der fehlerhaften Anwendung: 0x01d175689b9979bb Pfad der fehlerhaften Anwendung: E:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\fsx.exe Pfad des fehlerhaften Moduls: E:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft Airbus A318_A319 Base\Panel_Fallback\DLLs\FMGS.DLL Berichtskennung: 4606c439-c0dd-480b-8786-bc9da976922c Vollständiger Name des fehlerhaften Pakets: Anwendungs-ID, die relativ zum fehlerhaften Paket ist: ""BLANK IN REPORT"" || I reinstalled Version 1.18.7 of ezdok and tried it again. Now, my FSX didnt crash but it still creates EZCA.exe Errors in the history! Every time it does that, my FSX freezes for about 0,5 sec. I am using Windows 10 x64, EZDOK, FSX etc. started as administrator. If you need any more information, please ask me because I really want to fix this error! I hope you can help me, RollingMountain.
  2. Hi, Been debugging / testing out EZCA in P3D 2.4. Yes, views work, yes profiles load, and yes most features are solid, however Mouse Look does not seem to function. ML mode does nothing - MMB does nothing (usual pling sound to notify that it has been pressed, moving the mouse simply makes the cursor disappear without changing the view. When editing views, (Numpad 2) ML as always, does not work. Tested: EZCA 1.15 in and outside of Symlink environment. FSX.exe / Prepar3d.exe - fully functioning, however no ML EZCA 1.17 in and outside of Symlink environment. FSX.exe / Prepar3d.exe - fully functioning, however no ML And finally, EZCA 1.17 P3D beta download, same result as above. I'm forced to make the assumption that EZCA is unable to control the view via ML in P3D 2.4. I can only again assume, it needs an updated way to communicate with P3D in that regard. One can dream that such an update will happen, but at this point Marniftarr's disappearance seems to point to that not being a possibility. However, I could be completely wrong - which is why I am here.. does ANYONE have Mouse Look working properly in P3D 2.4 with EZCA? If so, please let me know so I can keep trouble shooting! I am not running Windows 8. I know FSUIPC can be used as a substitute, but I really do enjoy EZDok's way of handling panning, and without it, I'll probably just keep to FSX. :ph34r:
  3. I've been using EZdok for a few days now, have read through the manual, have figuring out how to set it up, and I think I have the basics down. Almost everything runs very well except for two things that have been driving me crazy! Certain settings don't save after I shut down & restart FSX. Specifically, it's not saving the DHM settings in any of the cameras (the button remains selected/highlighted for a specific view, but the dials all revert to zero). And the cockpit walls are not saving either; the little "L" icon becomes deselected and all of the previously saved parameters are gone, so after a restart, my head wanders outside of the plane when I look around. What is going on? :( Couple of things to keep in mind: I'm using version 1.16 of EZdok, the one offered on their download page, but not 1.17 which seems like it never left the beta stage and which I've read has caused a lot of problems for some users. But perhaps the fix I'm looking for is in the newer version? I'm running Windows 8.1 / 64-bit. And as per the suggestions of a few other folks in the forums, I'm running the EZCA.exe and the config.exe as an Administrator and also in Windows 7 compatibility mode (both via the files' Properties > Compatibility tab). That didn't seem to help though. I have a registered version of FSUIPC; no buttons are conflicting with that nor with the default FS controls, including the joystick's hat switch which only EZdoc handles. (Not really sure if that matters though.) I've added all executable FSX and EZCA files to the exceptions list in my Norton antivirus. The DHM camera & cockpit walls only not saving for the few Carenado GA I use, but they are working in all the default FSX planes. The settings I'm using are basically the exact ones I imported from similar default planes that EZdok already had cameras for; again, they do work when I initially import & tweak them, but not after I exit. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello, I have a need to run FSX with EZCA & FSUIPC in a new admin user account. On launching FSX, EZCA will also attempt to launch with an error. This works fine in the other user account. In short, the problem is add ons for FSUIPC and EZCA either do not launch or an Add-On menu is not available. SO TWO ISSUES: 1) When launching FSX, EZCA attempts to launch but fails with the error: Ezdok camera addon Unable to write to C:\Users\sim\AppData\Roaming\EZCA\db\general.INI. 2) The Add-On menu doesn’t appear in this new user account. (So, I cannot access FSUIPC) QUESTIONS THAT MAY BE ASKED: Are both users administrative users? Yes Have you tried right clicking and running as administrator? Yes (in both users) Is the folder, “EZCA” located at, “C:\Users\sim\AppData\Roaming\”? No Version numbers: FSUIPC 4.929 and EZCA 1.16 Microsoft Flight Simulator X Deluxe 10.0.61472.0 (fsx-sp2.20071210-2023) MY CONFIGURATION: iMac (27-inch, Late 2012), Intel i7 3.40 GHz, 32 GB, GeForce GTX 680MX 2GB VRAM, 3TB HDD Fusion OPERATING SYSTEM: (running via Boot Camp) Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit) SP1 Any assistance would be appreciated! - Shaun
  5. I have been trying to set up the Milviz Baron for the past few days. I found it to be very over sensitive to rudder and brake inputs using Saitek Rudder unit. No matter what I did, the thing was all over the place during taxi. Note that I have been using the EZCA profile that was prepared by Milviz. After purchasing The Opus weather program, I decided to Turn off the EZCA setup and try out the opus camera effects. After setting up a Camera, I started a test flight to check things out. I use FSUIPC for setting up all control inputs and had the rudder and brake controls dialed all the way back trying to control this beast on the ground. To my surprise I noticed it took much more input (almost full deflection) to get the brakes or rudder to take effect. Also note that in testing I had set the realism setting in FSX to Easy. I returned all the Slope settings in FSUIPC back to 0 and changed the realism settings to realistic and sure enough, the control problems were a thing of the past. The other thing that I noticed was that the nose drop experienced during braking was much more realistic. I have not tried this on any other aircraft at this point. I just thought it was worth letting the community know. I quite often see threads with similar control problems. It seems like at least in this case EZCA was doing to much!!
  6. Okay guys, I thought I will make an official thread for those of us who are confused about the view system in FSX. I know it can get very confusing, especially for someone new to FSX. It certainly did for me. I'm just now getting the hang of it and would like to share some helpful tips or useful information for others on here. Please forgive me if this information is already on here, but I thought it'd be nice to have 1 thread that covers everything. Ok, let's start. First off, many of you who play FSX are most likely not using the built-in view system and are using a 3rd party addon called EZCA better know as EZDok Camera Addon. You're going to be likely using one or the other and not both simultaneously as this will cause a lot of strange behaviour and conflicts. If you have this addon install, notice that when you start up, that *MOST* of your planes will have a default zoom of 0.40. This can be changed for each aircraft. The files are all located in: C:\Users\{your_username}\AppData\Roaming\EZCA\db\ (you will have to configure your settings to allow you to see hidden files and folders. Each aircraft has its own configuration file and it is stored here. There are 3 folders in here for the 3 distinctive views: aircraft, virtual cockpit, and world. To edit your default view for a particular aircraft, go to that folder. If you want to edit the default virtual cockpit view, then go there and look for your plane's name and load the file up with a text editor. Notepad will do. To change the default zoom level, look for an entry called Zoom=xx, it should be right under [CAMERA]. I believe the a Zoom=26 will get you a 0.30 zoom level when playing. That is the lowest you can go. Once you made your changes, just save the file, and it will pretty much be instantly refreshed when you switch to another view and switch back, you will see your new zoom level! Another thing to look out for is, have you ever encountered a problem with non-clickable buttons when under cockpit view for a certain aircraft? Well the problem with that is, your zoom level is too far back. To fix this, just enter 'EDIT' mode in EZCA and move that view forward until you can click the buttons. I had to find this out the hard way. For those of you who are using an xbox 360 controller with the wireless receiver. Make sure you have the controller turned on before starting FSX. I notice that if you turn it on afterwards, EZCA won't recognize the controller. I was struggling a lot in the beginning with all these views and zoom levels, and now I have a better understanding. Hopefully this information will help others out there. Feel free to contribute to this thread. I will post more helpful stuff as soon as I learn more.
  7. Hello captains, After I installed SP1c, I ran the EZCA configurator, and flew (or at least tried to) the bird. The VC operator just as usual, but when I moved to the exterior, I was somewhat surprised to see the following: Note that it looked completely normal in the "normal" locked-spot view. I am not having this problem with any other planes. I did note however, that it said "Cockpit view" in the upper-right corner of the screen, where it would normally say "EzDok dynamic" something rather. Am I missing something obvious here?
  8. I just EXCA all set up and I like the effects but I have one big problem. Before I started using EZCA, to pan around from any view I would hold the space down and move my mouse to look. Then letting go of the space bar the view would stay locked wherever I was looking. Now with EZCA installed, whenever I use the space bar and mouse to look around, the view snaps back after I release the space bar. In other words, the view wont stay locked on whatever it is I want to look it. Please help!!!
  9. Hello All, I have used the splendid EZCA a.k.a. EZdok (v. for a long time now, and cannot imagine flying in FSX without it. Unfortunately, precisely that seems now to be the prospect. :unsure: So far, never a problem, and EZCA has worked just fine for all aircraft and with all setups I created. Yesterday, I installed a new add-on plane (the Aerosoft DA20 Katana). I then conducted a first short test flight, using EZCA (and even creating a new EZCA profile for this plane), and all still was perfectly OK. Later I discovered various issues with the DA20 (it turned out that the installer did not do its job properly). These are now more or less fixed, but at some point I discovered that EZCA was actually no longer loading when FSX started. This makes FSX in effect unusable for me, as no plane can be controlled any more unless I re-assign all joystick input etc. directly in FSX again -- which I don't want to do, I'd prefer to stick with EZCA. Some details: exe.xml checked; the EZCA entry there is still OK (compared with known good backup copies); file validated as well-formed XML. dll.xml also checked and found OK (just in case; I don't think it is really relevant here) fsx.cfg entry for EZCA in the [Trusted] section was the same as before, when everything was still OK: Now I changed it minimally, so that I am currently prompted each time on FSX start if it is OK to run EZCA (to make sure that FSX at least tries). I then give permission, but refuse permanent Trusted status (so that I am prompted again next time.) It seems clear that EZCA really does not load at all: Not only is the FSX Add-ons Menu entry missing, but there is also no EZCA icon in the taskbar (Windows 7), nor can ezca.exe (which has admin privileges) be found anywhere in Process Explorer. I have of course searched this forum (and others) for info, and have seen references to SimConnect issues. However, that is something I really don't want to touch: -- Firstly, I really don't think it is the issue here (it would perhaps be if EZCA were loaded and then didn't work, but apparently it does not even start.) -- Secondly, messing with SimConnect seems quite dangerous, so I would first have to see a different proof that it really doesn't work before I even consider fiddling with it... For similar reasons, I would not consider re-installation of FSX, SP1, SP2, or indeed Windows 7... :o Re-installing EZCA might be an option, but can it be done without running into "activation counter" issues and such? (I do have a backup of the F1 Installer as downloaded, not just the unpacked installer; and I haven't installed it more than once so far. But still...) As said, without EZCA, FSX is practically dead for me, so all ideas and tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! Cheers, Martin
  10. Hi guys, I have a strange problem in saving keyboard/button control in FSX setting menu. Using EZCA I want to delete all default assigned keys/button in FSX, so I enter in settings, controls and erase manually, one by one, all assigned keystrokes. Then click ok and all seems to works fine. When I restar fsx all keystrokes are already there, seems FSX doens't save anything. Any ideas? i am administrator of my system and have full control on files, and my FSX is installed on a separte ssd. By the way....is the a way to delete all assigned keystrokes editing a file? i don't know which is this file that contain keystrokes. Many thanks for your help.
  11. Hello all, Ever since I've used EZdok with the NGX (which is awesome) the camera view for the PIC is not in the correct position and makes the HUD display itself get cut off when in certain modes. I've tried editing the camera within FSX but when I do it only jumps around, not moves smoothly, and doesn't help the problem. This is especially frustrating, especially when using AIII mode, that I cannot see the HGS and the information it provides. Currently my options are too much to the left, or too much to the right. I was also wondering if I could just edit the POV config file to move it without jumping 10 coordinates instead of 1. Any chance I could do that?
  12. Since trying and ultimately failing to run side-by-side installs of MS FSX and FSX-SE, I have tried to uninstall both as completely as I know how. After doing so, I downloaded FSX-SE, installed it, and attempted to install the add-ons I had previously installed. The first I tried was EZdok camera addon. The first time I attempted this, I was able to install it, update it, and run the configure tool with no issues, and it would start alongside fsx, but it would not appear in the add-ons menu, making it impossible to set up cameras. I tried several tips on the forums, and failing in this uninstalled the addon and tried again. The second time, I got as far as the configure tool. When I pressed the configure button, a window popped up saying: "So far as your version of Flight simulator X is other tha English + Acceleration Pack. We recommend to go through the simple procedure of searching for address of the world camera coordinates in the RAM of your PC. This task will be performed automatically and will not need any special skills from you. If you skip this procedure the functionality of world cameras will be very limited. Do you wish to start the wizard?" If I say No, nothing happens and I am back where I started, and if I say Yes, it tells me to close flight simulator if it's running, so that it can delete the world cameras. I click delete and I get an error saying: "Unable to write to C:\Users\Tristan\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\cameras.cfg." But upon investigating, I can find no FSX folder in C:\Users\Tristan\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\. Does this mean that my computer thinks that MS FSX is still installed? If so, how do I correct that? Sorry for the long-windedness, but I figured it's best to make these things detailed. Thank you very much in advance. ~Tristan
  13. Hello, I recently bought EzDok and had a few issues with it to start with however I did a re-install and everything was ok. Today on a flight from EGSS to EDDW my Ezdok keys stopped working but i could still move my mouse. The keys worked when I opened the ezdok window though but i couldnt move in the sim. I reinstalled and everything seemed to be ok. But just now it has happened again! I am on FSX (boxed) and i'm using EzDok version 1.18.7
  14. Hello, I have always wondered how you guys get around in the cockpit. Do you use any add-ons or do you still use the standard FSX controls. If you something other please wright it as a comment. Regards Manfred
  15. Hi there, ezdock version 1.18 is very choppy and not smooth in p3d 3.4. Choppy meaning it is lagging behind while the game itself is moving at 50 fps. ASN has no affect with it sand I've tried anti virus off. It only gets smooth at 60 fps and above, anything under it chops and lags. Should I upgrade to V2? Anybody know how to fix? Dillon L
  16. Hi there, ezdock version 1.18 is very choppy and not smooth in p3d 3.4. Choppy meaning it is lagging behind while the game itself is moving at 50 fps. ASN has no affect with it sand I've tried anti virus off. It only gets smooth at 60 fps and above, anything under it chops and lags. Should I upgrade to V2? Anybody know how to fix? Dillon L
  17. Fellow Captains, I created a package with EZDOK profiles for the passenger versions of the following PMDG aircraft: * MD-11 * 737 NGX * 747-400X * 777-200LR * 777-300ER - They all include walkaround , cabin and cockpit jumpseat views. - The 747-400X profile may be practical as a starting point for an EZDOK profile for the new PMDG 747 v3. I intentionally didn't create in-your-face superzoomed views, but kept the viewing angles as natural as possible, as seen from the pilot's viewpoint. So these views are not 2d panel replacements. However, you can make these yourself of course by simply adjusting the views I created, or create new ones. The big advantage of my views - as opposed to the default PMDG views - is that I zoomed in to 90% while still maintaining usable views. With this 90% zoom the runways look a little bit wider and the buildings appear closer to your aircraft and less distorted. Also the round parts of the cockpit look a bit less oval. Good to know: These profiles are made at EHAM (Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, The Netherlands) so at EHAM you'll sit in the middle of your chair with the yoke centered. However, when you load the aircraft at another airport the views may shift slightly due to the way FSX handles views. One disadvantage of this is that sometimes the knobs may become unusable because your mouse won't change into a hand anymore. I did some testing at various airports to make sure that you haven't got this problem in most parts of the world: FACT (South Africa) PANC (Alaska) SECA (Quito, on the equator) WSSS (Singapore, on the other side on the equator) If the mouse still becomes unusable, you have to shift the views a bit yourself to make the mouse cursor change into a hand again. One positive side of this: you can finally use the [ Seat.......................Adjust ] checklist item and make small adjustments to center your forward views when you doing your preflight! Install: Just load the camera set of the corresponding aircraft version. This option is available from EZDOK EZCA 1.16 and higher (currently 1.18.7) TIP: In order to free up some available keys and prevent unwanted actions it is a VERY good idea to delete ALL key commands you actually don't use, both FSX, PMDG and other key commands. Otherwise you could end up adjusting the aileron trim while switching views for example (I speak out of experience...) To download the package: search for "PMDG made EZ" in the AVSIM library. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PS: Please don't ask me to explain how EZDOK works and how to create or adjust views. Just read the manual, so did I ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  18. now i have had problems (with every singel aircraft in the game Default, payware, freeware) is the aircraft view not working it says in the corner that i am still in the virtual cockpit even though i aint i press on the "aircraft" catorgory in EZCA it hops outside but say i am still in the VC and missing textures. but everthing else is working. and yes i have Version 1,18 ps took a picture but cant figure out how to put it in best regards Oscar
  19. Ezdok have worked for months, but now it does not show up in addon menu. But if i wait a good 15 minutes it works. Please help me. Regards Oscar
  20. Hello, I'm needing a little help........... :angry: :angry: I'm tired of looking for the effect of co pilot when you land, the camera vibrates as real as for video, as shown in this link, Someone will have settings? :unsure: :unsure:
  21. After I reinstalled the PMDG 737NGX to fix a problem, I noticed that, while the interior views were all fine, the exterior views in the EZDok camera were not displaying correctly. When I switch to those views, the camera is positioned in the correct location, but the interior model of the aircraft is display instead of the exterior. If I switch to the view from say, spot view, it displays the exterior model, but the camera isn't positioned properly and can't scroll (so basically, it doesn't work). I've tried running the config program, but that did nothing. Any suggestions?Thanks,boeing247
  22. Ok so just reccently for whatever reason my EzDok messed up. It is not displaying EZCA in the Addons menu fsx It starts the Ezca software but doesnt load anything it just shows everything blank I assure you the exe.xml file is configured correctly because ezca starts on fsx startup ( It just doesnt load a plane its all blank) I reinstalled it like 5 times no luck same problem Also ran the configurator that it comes with like 50 times Still it just doesnt seem to find fsx to connect too even though the program starts with FSX Also I reinstalled FSUIPC No luck
  23. Ever since I loaded EZCA last week I have gotten tons of these errors showing up in the WER logs. The program never quits, just records the errors. I might get 20 in a single 5 minute flight. I wouldn't have even known it except I checked the logs to see if I could find out why my Saitek quad, the one that comes with the yoke, sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. Driving me nuts! I had reinstalled EZCA a few times during the span because I was stupid an didn't realize the difference between the wrapper and the exe file. Any ideas on the stackhash errors? Thanks Rick S.
  24. Already a big thank you for the quality of your addons, chaseplane and the series immertion, easy to install and used, I love this new generation of devlopeur, which have a very atractive design, in my tutorial Chaseplane for the French I say , That they will forget EZCA after the test of Chaseplane ... Now I have an idea for you ... Will you give us a FSRecorder version FSFXPACKAGE ??? :wub: It would be great thx FSFXPACKAGE french tuto
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