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  1. It depends how much you want FSX performance. With those 2 295's you probably easily handle most games (what res?) but they are dual gpu much like the 590, and you have 2 of them in SLI, which in effect is not used within FSX.If I were you, me personally I'd grab a 570 or 580 (depends on your budget) Go with the 580 if you'd like to handle all games with ease, but if it's just for FSX you might as well get the 570, even 560 ti. I would also focus on achieving the highest possible clock speed, on whatever CPU you have because that's what FSX has a focus on.
  2. Well for someone like me, that plays a lot of other games, edits and needs the cuda cores.. i've overclocked the GF110 to at least match the performance of the 580, I'm quite happy with it.. apart from the fact that it isn't running this filtering at all :(
  3. Hi,Great thread... I'm running the GTX 590 on a 24" 1920x1200 monitor, and I've applied all these settings in the inspector even deleted the profile, and re-linked fsx.exe but none of my settings are appearing in FSX itself.. I'm using the latest drivers (267.91).. any ideas?
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