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Found 26 results

  1. FSX. Hello gents and ladies! How should ORBX products be placed in scenery library with regards to UTX products (in this case FTX Global+ESSA+Freeware and UTX europe). Ty in advance <3 /Drago
  2. Hi all, I have an issue where I have UTX caribbean, the Richer Simulations Antigua, and TropicalSim's TAPA airport all installed. When landing at the airport on Antigua, you go right through the runway to a runway below. See the video. I queried the creator of the island scenery and he said I'd have to disable the addons 1 by 1 and see which one is creating the issue. Well, that much I knew. But the question is, what can I do about it? Is there any way to adjust the height of the terrain for the airport? The point is, I don't want any of the addons disabled, otherwise I wouldn't have them. So what do you do when one addon changes the terrain elevation? Prepar3d - TAPA / Antigua scenery issue
  3. Hey, I have been testing UTX with FTX Global but apparently I ran into some weird issue. This is not FTX Global issue, either its my sim or UTX -- and I can't figure out. My sim crashed on me while I was playing with some traffic settings with the UTX additional traffic option. Now if I turn that feature off, I get zero road ai traffic in the sim - did it mess up some file during the time when FSX crashed or that is how it is done with UTX. Does the additional traffic feature controls all of the road AI, now? Or is some file locked? Thoughts, comments and feedback will be great. I am tired of resinstalling the sim all over again for this weird issue. Thanks, -s
  4. I have seen a few threads on a few other boards about Ultimate Terrain X and MegaSceneryEarth working together. Does anyone have any example photos of what this looks like? The general response is that yes, you can use both at the same time, but you have to order them right and you will lose a lot of features of UTX but get the night lighting system of UTX. Is that the extent of the compatibility? Maybe PC Avivator can shed some final light on this. I really want to be able to enhance night flying with MSE products since they have very limited night light texture support. Anyone have some screen caps to show off these two products working in tandum?
  5. I seem to be having layering issue after installing UTX Europe. I would like to ask if someone could comment on this FSX scenery config order as viewed in scenery.cfg using notebook: FSX default,scenery, terrain, base files..........Lowest priority as Area 1 thru 98 Then continuing with area 99 t0 120 Global, Generic & Vehicle Libraries Prop Objects FSX MyTraffic 2010 Addon Scenery FSX Eastern Europe FSX Western Europe FSX Western North America FSX (note that some default regions are omitted) Then UTX areas 106 to 118 UT Exclusions For Default Scenery UT Europe Lighting UT Landclass - Vegetation UT Landclass - Urban UT Landclass - Custom (Europe only) UT Europe Roads UT Europe Railroads UT Europe Water UT Europe Streams UT Europe Ground Polygons UT FSX Object Repositioning UT FSX Waterclass UT Europe Airports Followed by FS Global Ultimate - Europe and FS Global Ultimate - Local Meshes Area 119 & 120 Finally, all 3rd party payware such as Aerosoft and closing with Aerosoft AFD and AES base pack at the highest priority. I would appreciare any help Thanks Dom
  6. Thought I'd share my latest one here. Cheers!
  7. Here's my problem: I have added airport textures (runways, apron, etc) and grass replacement textures that work fine and display well as can be seen in the first shot. I am also using UTX Europe at highest resolution with no problems. However at some airports, e.g. EDDF the airport area looks really ugly, see 2nd shot. These textures also show in mountainous areas. I have installed summer textures by Aimé Leclercq but that didn't solve the problem. My scenery settings are fairly high and detail textures are activated. Does anybody know how to fix this? My settings:
  8. Just loved the lighting and looking out the window tonight landing the Royal Turbine at John Wayne on PilotEdge tonight.
  9. Folks, Happy holidays! I'm still working out a few minor issues with DX10 (shimmering) and noticed that when flying, the sim seems to render/draw additional autogen as I'm flying. Things like trees especially. There is a decent amount to start, then FSX starts to add more as I fly over. It looks kinda unrealistic when it does this.... Any way to fix this? I went straight to DX10 when I installed FSX, so not sure if this issue is unique to DX10, or is common for the sim. I'm grateful for any advice!
  10. Hey everyone my name is Ian and I am a 21 year old flight sim enthusiast. I played Flight Simulator quite a bit back when I was a teenager but gave it up for school, motocross, and music. I recently got back into it and, despite only having an HP laptop and Logitech joystick to play it with, am having a fantastic time. I plan on building a computer here in the next few months to enhance my FS experience. Anyway, the reason I am posting this is to ask for a little bit of help from you guys. As I mentioned it's been a while since I've played so I'm a little rusty on most of the procedures I need to take for flying. I bought the Aeroworx King Air 200 and have and been flying that pretty much exclusively. It would be great if some of you guys could watch my short flight from KPRC to KFLG and give me a few pointers on what I need to do differently and what I'm screwing up on (besides my horrible landing at Flagstaff that would have killed us all, had it been real.) If this is the wrong place to post this then please inform me and I will delete it. Thanks in advance for your help everyone. (Watch in 1080)
  11. I am starting a complete reinstall of my FSX programming. I have long been a satisfied user of UTX from Flight1 but am also a great fan of things Orbx. I had promised myself that when the day came for a reinstall of FSX that I would move to FTX Global Vector for roads, rivers, coastlines, etc. Can I get a few comments about FTXGV vs UTX? The good, the bad, and the hopefully not so ugly? Do I wait for FTXGV 1.1 to be released?
  12. Hello, As part of my bi-annual format and reinstall i like to upgrade my FSX installation with the latest and greatest, so i am seeking advice on if people here would replace/upgrade any of the below: FSGlobal 2010 R2 UTX GEX Europe Thank you for your advice
  13. Hello All, I have been indecisive on purchasing FTX Global since it's release and have a few questions that maybe some of you can answer that would probably help my decision (and others) on going forward with purchasing FTX global or leaving it alone. First before I start with the questions I would like to note that from what I have read about FTX Global in forums a vast majority of simmers claim its outstanding and others say it has many issues. Like other addons, issues will be expected for a brand new product especially one that covers the whole world...That is simple. In addition to FTX Global, Like most users if you plan on purchasing this you are more than likely looking into purchasing Global Vector or at least considering it so there will be some questions regarding that as well. I myself currently own a couple of orbx regions and I must say that I am very impressed with the level of quality that orbx has put into these regions and the airports I have purchased. I will also add that I am even more impressed with the performance you get when using orbx products. They are very good on frames(at least the ones I have), but every PC is different! One would also expect such orbx products to mesh seamlessly with FTX Global. I understand that there are a lot of loyal orbx customers out there that are not going to give an honest opinion of an orbx product simply because of their loyalty. I am asking not for biased opinions but simply YOUR honest 2 cents from your personal experience. Everyone has a different idea of how their simulator should look and that's why some products are not for certain simmers. Let the questions begin... 1. How friendly is FTX Global with other addon airports? 2. Is FTX Global "Fully" compatible with UTX? 3. Is the quality of FTX Global similar or better than an orbx FTX region? 4. Do any users have issues with Hybrid mode? 5. Is there a way to disable FTX global for certain parts of the world if you wish to use other scenery? 6. Do users prefer Global Vector versus other terrain such as Ultimate Terrain X? 7. Are a good percentage of users experiencing a significant performance hit with FTX Global? 8. Are a good percentage of users experiencing a significant performance hit with Global Vector? 9. How friendly is FTX Global with other addons in general? 10. Is orbx addressing the problems users are experiencing in their patches or do the issues remain? 11. Has Orbx created an uninstaller for FTX Global and does it successfully wipe the program from FSX without having to reinstall the sim? 12. In your opinion, is the value of FTX Global "good enough" or do users need to spend more of their money on openLC packs and other DLC from orbx to have better quality?
  14. Hello, So I am pretty new to the sim world. I am running FSX Gold along with a bunch of scenery add-ons and don't feel I am getting the best quality for what I have invested in. Could someone please help me with the scenery order in FSX? Below is a list of what I have. Thank you in advance! -FSX Gold -Rex Essential Plus Overdrive -Orbx FTX World -Orbx Ftx North America -Orbx Ftx Vector -UTX USA I also have the following which I am not running since I read they clash with some of the other add-ons I have. -GEX -Mega scenery Earth MN My system is as follows; -Intel Quad core i7-4820K@3.70GHz -16GB ddr3 Memory -Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ben
  15. Enjoy! Thanks for watching!
  16. Tonight's PilotEdge pairing of Santa Rosa and Chico made for a nice and not too long flight. Capped off my day or real flying with some fun simming. PilotEdge log
  17. Greetings, I spent the last week rebuilding my FSX rig. <RANT> Man that simconnect is silly </RANT> I have the ORBX PNW/Northern Rockies/CRM installed. I also have UTX USA installed. How do I know which is active when I'm flying around the ORBX areas? Is there a way to tell FSX that ORBX should take priority? When I did the install I did ORBX first then UTX. Thanks for any input, -Matt
  18. In the beginning days testing my computer with FSX, I got so bad performance that I decided to spend some money into the new hardwares (new CPU and VGA). However with the help from a friend I got to know about tweaking the fsx.cfg and wow, it DOES boost the performance that I managed to run quite smooth PMDG 777/Aerosoft Airbus with some detailed airports. Of course settings only at dense and normal. Now I'm thinking about not buying new computer parts and use those money into some scenery addons. After days of reading topics and googling, I'm going for Fsglobal Ultimate and FTX Global. From what I've read these 2 shouldn't impact my fps much? So I'm done for mesh and ground texture. How about FTX Vector vs UTX? Topics dicussion between these 2 mainly from last 1 or 2 years in the early stage of Vector so there are many bugs, don't know about how is it now. Just thinking that because I use FTXglobal, using Vector should work better? No price talking here of course Vector is much cheaper comparing to all UTX packages. Last thing I want to ask is the X series of cities from Aerosoft, Aerosoft Manhatan X. What are the differences between these and the FTX Vector/UTX? Do all of them work well together and harm significantly the performance? I'm the kind of person that despite flying 99% IFR high altitude, I can sit for hours on the computer looking at the ground when crusing, let autoland do its job and panning around in spot view looking at the city below... Thanks for helping me and sorry for my bad English BTW, my specs i5 3570k@4Ghz, 8GB ram, Nvidia GTS450 (yeah, I know, horrible). With those new addons I think I should get 750Ti or 660Ti, should help me load the texture better. Buy 2nd also save some more money into the addons.
  19. How do I get rid of the encasements? This is UTX 2 on top of FTX PNW Hybrid with Vector disabled. Also, how do I get rid of the desert patches? I just re-installed UTX and don't remember ever having this problem
  20. I have a perplexing problem and I am wondering if anyone has every had this issue and knows how to resolve it. I have autogen objects (trees and buildings) in all of my water. I have several ORBX regions and UTX which I have uninstalled and reinstalled and the problem still persists. I don't know if I have corrupted my scenery library somehow. I have tried lowering the priority as well and it has not work nothing short of turning autogen off helps. I use AES which needs autogen set to sparse to display properly. If anyone can help that would be appreciated.
  21. Hey, I recently bought UTX US 2.1 and I am very fascinated by this product. I am even planning to purchase GEX P3D. The issue remains is that those products for the time being have UTX Europe and Canada is in works. What about rest of the world? Default LC is boring and have repetitive textures in P3D. I looked into SceneryTech LC - their website hasn't been updated in years, is that product even supported or updated? Heck last news is from 2009 on their site. What is up with that? I don't think they have P3Dv2 installers Orbx Vector wins for having world wide Vector but it is damn VAS hog for the time being. Thanks
  22. First off, this is my first post and I'm a total newbie to simming, so apologizes in advance. Just bought FSX a couple of weeks ago and barely know how to fly -- but that's improving. There are many scenery options, but it seems like there's a consensus and it basically comes down to two formats/systems: Ultimate Terrain X + Ground Environment X vs. FTX Global + FTX Vector + a landclass layer. Ok, so maybe there are other viable options out there, but these are the two I've narrowed it down to. And I know you can mix & match to some extent, but it seems like it makes more sense to stick with one since there will be fewer possible incompatibilities. Anyway, here are my questions: 1) Lots of people say that the Orbx FTX combo looks the best, especially if you add a landclass layer (which they currently are working on apparently). Will this supposedly better looking suite of programs be harder to run on my machine? Basically does it come at a cost of FPM? 2) If I do go the FTX route, will what landclass layer should I buy? Until they put out their openLC, it looks like basically my options areSceneryTech and Cloud9 XClass. 3) Either way how much of an impact will getting terrain mesh (probably FS Global 2010) impact the visual experience. There's only so much I can afford right now and I'm not sure if this is something that should just wait. Fyi, couple of things to consider your advice: I fly mostly in North America, but I think that will change once I start to get more into it; I'm a bit more inclined to prop planes at lower altitudes, but again that might change as well; my computer isn't quite a potato, but it's not a marvel of technology at all (AMD A10-5700 @ 3.5 GHz, 8 GB / Radeon R7-260x, 2 GB, DDR5 / Win 8, x64bit). Thanks so much for whatever input you can offer. Like I said, I'm a newbie and am completely overwhelmed by all the many options -- and all the money that I could easily spend.
  23. Hi, Following the threads regarding the release of FTXG, I am actually hoping my GEX, and to a lesser extent UTX, will soon be updated to the FTXG level. Or at least see some improvement. I have already invested so prefer to stay loyal. I am checking for updates but none so far. The GEX forum is not showing any activity either. Can anybody shed some light on this? Should I wait for Flight1 (the Publisher) to come up with updates or shouldn't I even expect that and go for FTXG? Menno
  24. Hello everybody! My system specs: intel core i7 2600K @3.40GHZ Radeon HD 6870 4GB ram I have also tweaked my fsx file using vevetubos tweaking tool. I use PMDG 737 with REX weather addon and this is important: Im using the highest resolution for the game along with frametates set to unlimited. I use addon airports by aerosoft. I tried UTX and GEX but if I have them enabled with my graphics and highest resolution...i will lag :(. Anybody have this problem? because if i set my resolution to lowest i dont lag but then the aircraft looks like S***. Can I have the aircraft interieur look good while the resolution is on the lowest? please answer!!
  25. Dear guys and girls,I have a issue with FSX that for the life of me, I cannot find any replication online via google. My problem is pretty simple, I installed Ultimate Terrain X Europe and Ground Environment X Europe together, I then decided to install the first volume of the Horizon Simulation (VFR GenX). My scenery library has the VFR GenX at the top and beneath it is UTX. When I fly around in my VFR photo area, the textures for UTX display all around me, but just underneath me the textures load from the VFR GenX package.. I have looked in my scenery.cfg file to see if there is any problems with the ordering of areas, VFR GenX is right at the bottom and above it is the UTX textures. I used a utility built for FS2002/2004 for re ordering and fixing scenery entry problems (FSTscenery from Avsim). I hope the attached pictures says a thousands words as I may have not explained it very well. In a nutshell, how do I stop UTX's textures loading on top of VFR GenX's? Any help would be very much appreciated!! Thanks in advance//
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