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  1. I installed it while I had my virus scanner disabled because of the initial warning. As soon as I turned it back on it alarmed me again and I followed its directions. Did a complete check today and all seems fine. The reported virus has been removed. Scenery installed ok. Doesn't look like a false positive to me.
  2. phmcr


    Good suggestion. I normally clear the shaders after each driver update but didn't do that this time. Will do that first.
  3. phmcr


    Images speak louder than words.... https://drive.google.com/file/d/196a9MGA2_eVUpkePgXDgeOuxeZKvnIlu/view?usp=sharing Thanks, Menno
  4. phmcr


    As far as i know, I am using the GeP3D global textures in P3D. But suddenly I see 'spring' written all over my textures in fluoriserend green. Does anybody where this comes from? And how to get back to my default GEP3D textures? Thanks!
  5. I used PL but have parked it without regrets.
  6. There are multiple threads here about system cleaning software that remove the link to the registry resulting in the OC menu to be empty. Reinstalling the PMDG aircraft solves that.
  7. Hmm, or the back wheels steering into the wrong direction when making a turn. With backwheelsteering the wheels need to go left if one wants to go to the right. Told Umberto several times in the forum, but alas......
  8. The Samsung update puzzled me since I only have a Samsung phone connected to this pc. But it came with the windows update so I trusted it. However, there was no update for the phone so not sure what it actually did. But not sure either if it has to do with the backgroundtaskhost issue.
  9. Hi, Just had a minor Samsung update via the W10 update channel which I allowed. Not sure if it is related but now when starting P3D it crashes right before showing the scenario screen. Appcrash shows that the Backgroundtaskhost.exe is the culprit. I have had this sometimes before after a days work on the pc. A fresh restart would normally solve it. Now it doesn't. Any suggestions on how to best approach this? Thanks!
  10. I can confirm that. Had the same issue. Prevent these programs to run again and/or just reinstall the PMDG aircraft.
  11. Wouldn't call that a sale. Their so called retailer price is above the FT price level.........
  12. It's more like east of Amsterdam, the bridges to IJburg while flying over the A10.
  13. Thanks guys for your input. I reworked the original AFCAD to support different wind directions and make runway usage more realisitc according to RL. It is not always using the 18/36 water runway if winds are from a different angle of course. Since it can't be deleted/orphaned I don't think it is a cross wind runway. Those can be deleted. Anyway, I have asked FT if they have a solution.
  14. Been searching for that but couldn't find anything that solved it. Trouble is FlyTampa also have a water runway in the EHAM AFCAD which cannot be deleted. And since EHAM is my main hub, I get a little tired of being sent to ditch it...... Thnaks for your help.
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