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  1. phmcr

    Flytampa CTP sale incl. EHAM

    Wouldn't call that a sale. Their so called retailer price is above the FT price level.........
  2. It's more like east of Amsterdam, the bridges to IJburg while flying over the A10.
  3. phmcr

    NGX directed to water runway

    Thanks guys for your input. I reworked the original AFCAD to support different wind directions and make runway usage more realisitc according to RL. It is not always using the 18/36 water runway if winds are from a different angle of course. Since it can't be deleted/orphaned I don't think it is a cross wind runway. Those can be deleted. Anyway, I have asked FT if they have a solution.
  4. phmcr

    NGX directed to water runway

    Been searching for that but couldn't find anything that solved it. Trouble is FlyTampa also have a water runway in the EHAM AFCAD which cannot be deleted. And since EHAM is my main hub, I get a little tired of being sent to ditch it...... Thnaks for your help.
  5. phmcr

    NGX directed to water runway

    Chris, thanks for your reply. I am not saying PMDG should change anything, but still none of the AI go there. So something must be causing this or at least not causing this for the AI...... Thanks!
  6. Hi, On several occassions my NGX was directed to use the water runway rather than the land runway by default P3D ATC. On these airports none of the AI is directed there. Can anybody explain why this happens and what needs to be adjusted in the aircraft.cfg to correct this?
  7. phmcr

    New SODE update 1.6.2 (eliminating stutter)

    Thanks for the head's up!
  8. phmcr

    GSX and Q400

    Hi Jeroen, that can be solved by changing the AFCAd or by adjusting it in GSX. Only thing I do not like about GSX is that some vehicles still turn their wheels the wrong way. Umberto still has a problem understanding how wheels move to steer, especially when going backwards or when the steering comes from the back axel.
  9. phmcr

    GEX for P3Dv4

    Thanks for your input!
  10. phmcr

    GEX for P3Dv4

    Hi, just noticed Flight1 has a textureset offering for P3D, GEX P3DV4. Has anybody bought it and tried it? I had all the GEX packages for FSX. Is it just a new labelling for P3D or does it have additional features? It is quite a steep price so any input would help. Thanks!
  11. phmcr

    Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and CTD

    Just finished a 3 hr flight after the upgrade with the PMDG 777. No problems, only had to adjust my sound settings.
  12. Never did that but I am certainly going to give that a go!
  13. phmcr

    I thought this wasn't an issue in P3D?

    In ASP4 under 'Cloud options' you will find a 'low cloud offset'. This helps reducing that effect.
  14. I must disagree with Anders. I have shockwave lights in FSX and now have P3Dv4 but the lights, strobes etc reallu are back to basics in my opinion. Especially once you got to like shockwave. Lighting in P3DV4 is awesome but aircraft lights still need shockwave.
  15. phmcr

    FSX and In Preparing for P3d V4

    Follow the link Peter sent. I did just that and it works. Ofcourse some additional programs you use may need to be pointed again but FSX as a whole works.