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  1. Funny, all I am seeing is an A310 update.......
  2. something old too.... 🙂 nice!
  3. I think the problem here is Fenix. I have both PMDG and Fenix and the latter needs an update in memory usage. PMDG performs better at EHAM.
  4. I get it occassionally and always select using the old one and then the start up continues.
  5. A 'new product line'.... that could be anything other than Boeing. Well, Fokker did make well selling aircraft. Why not the Friendship F-27, Fellowship F-28 or their successors, the F-50 and F-100? That would be a 'new product line'..... Great aircraft each with their own usability...
  6. I use their scenery and have no problems with it.
  7. what happened to the skin in your last shot?
  8. I understand your question, same 'problem' here. This is my second X52 and I would like something new and 'modern' this time The other day I learned about Turtle Beach and they could have a nice follow up. At least the price of an X52 but something new and can be used for multiple planes: https://nl.turtlebeach.com/products/velocity-one-flight-deck It is not out yet, so no reviews yet, but I might be tempted by the time it is available. If you calculate the cost against the hours of joy, it is a good price......
  9. Yes, tiles may differ from colour. Just select a different option the next time to see what you like most. I use Google most of the times because I feel the serverspeed is better. Also, if you have DX12 selected, it may lead to some effects sometimes.
  10. When Map Enhancement is running, start MSFS. You won't see anything else happening, it just works in the background. At the end of your flight and you close MSFS you should see the number of images it has downloaded and used during your fight. Then you close the app.
  11. I live 'around the corner'. It is a fantastic rendition with fabulous performance. A must have at that price!
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