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  1. I sometimes am under the impression that MSFS weather updates lead to stutters. Are others seeing this too?
  2. Am I right understanding the wheels turn (rotate) but the aircraft is motionless? As if it is frozen?
  3. Great shots! Some passengers still do not understand there is a maximum size to handluggage,,,, 🙂
  4. Quite a flight! The world keeps getting smaller everyday!
  5. Nice shots, but I am afraid you blinded the tow truck driver with your taxi lights on.....
  6. I can only hope this is the beginning of a new server era with better live weather etc.....
  7. As per their helpforum at https://mkstudios.pl/faq/ If you miss lua5.1.dll library that won’t let you uninstall your scenery please download it here and place in your main P3D folder.
  8. A RL 737 pilot said that the best way to deal with that is to make a steeper descend than required as to level off in time to loose that speed again. But, as mentioned, prepare the descent and manage your speed prior to the descend.
  9. I have an RTX3070 and was surprised to see that when in dev mode in MSFS and checking my frames, I had more FPS in GPU rendering then when set to CPU rendering.
  10. the buildings look too clean.....
  11. Although the market must have increased, it seems that there are many developers thinking they can ask any price. FlyTampa pricing is my standard.....
  12. In my case it seems to connect and then disconnects. Even with brakes off and chocks removed. I use reverse in that case.
  13. I have always believed it to be a clever substitute for our beloved game 'F-SIM'. But since that was not a unique name, I assumed Tom spelled it like AVSIM.
  14. Thanks, I had just noticed it..... off to an initial flight....
  15. Got stuck after entering the authentication code....
  16. Was suffering the same and couldn't solve it. Until today I hope. I take it you use FSUIPC? I uninstalled it together with the combined icon to start MSFS. FInally I had a smooth flight with live weather all the way. Not sure if it is just FSUIPC in the community folder or the combined icon. I need to make more flights to see what happens and reinstall some of the components, but at least this is a start solving it. Hope it works for you too!
  17. Thanks! There must be something random in the MSFS weather system. In SU9 it worked once (until 300nm out of the airport of origin as per first post in this thread). But now, each time I fire up MSFS, no matter where in the world, I get clear skies. Weather injection in my case seems to be a random thing. But what causes that? Well, anyway, as soon as ORBX has updated the WF version, I am off again!
  18. It is not like AS, but it is rather smooth. And if you use a small time interval the changes are not too abrupt. A new feature helps smoothing things out. Only during descent when the pressure changes between 2 areas, you might have some altitude alerts (in the FBW320). I get over that by adjusting the pressure at the top of descent from standard to local.
  19. Simple answer; it does! Fire up MSFS with live weather, then change that to preset 'clear skies' once settled on your starting airport which results in the winds being correct and AI acting as such. Then fire up WF. My observation is that the MSFS winds generally nowadays are quite realistic but AI is not effected by WF as that runs outside MSFS. So in order to have AI take off from the correct runway and have ATC use that, I set it up this way. WF then manages the correct weather during the flight.
  20. The obivous issue here is the 300nm weather range.....
  21. Sir, there have been several threads here on Avsim about this subject. Your helpful contribution in each thread has always been that it did not effect you. Great for you, some of us have this issue. What's the point of repeating the same comment every time? A solution or hint would be more welcome!
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