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  1. zfehr

    Scenery FlightZone 02 Portland, Wow!

  2. Everywhere PilotEdge is operating and Orbx NW scenery.
  3. I'm loving it. Thanks for the hard work. I used to do repaints when I had time and I know the work you've got to put into them. It is interesting to note that while N90GT gets used in Beechcraft/Hawker promotional material the N number actually belongs to a Merlin!
  4. zfehr

    To Realair Simulations

    The 700 ITT max is from PT6A-21 operations. I believe but cannot confirm on the net tonight the -35 is limited to 800 ITT max. I'd suggest a 760-780 setting for normal use. My panel shot of 157JT shows what appears to be a green arc up to 780 ITT and a yellow arc from 780 to 800 ITT and redline at 800 degrees. The ASI also shows the VNE and end of green arc at 198 KIAS.
  5. zfehr

    To Realair Simulations

    Show me which post. I thought I had already addressed it. A look at The two Royal Turbines on Controller will show the red mark on the ASI.Edit: I think you were referring to the one regarding the green arc. I just responded indicating that yes the green arc needs to end at 198 kts.
  6. zfehr

    To Realair Simulations

    I can confirm the heat vent effect. Somehow this is tripping the FS variable for the ice vanes, not sure of the variable naming but I know you will find it. This torque increase is there but subtle. In a normal climb in a King Air C90 (similar engines) you should take off and climb out at 1,200 ft lbs/700 ITT max. When you reduce prop rpm you should lower torque to 1,100 ft lbs, bring the props back from 2,200 to 2,000 rpm and the torque will rise about 70-90 ft lbs, you then re adjust to 1,200 ft lbs or 700 ITT max.
  7. zfehr

    To Realair Simulations

    When I flew 157JT during the climbout I took off my headsets and talked to my father sitting in the back seat using a normal talking voice... it is really that quiet. The giant Lycomings on the piston Duke are loud enough you couldn't do that without yelling and you wouldn't want to leave the headsets off!
  8. zfehr

    To Realair Simulations

    Love the present liveries, just want to make a few of them into US registration numbers although from the cockpit it doesn't make any difference what you set FSX to think the reg number is.Had a wonderful flight last night from Roseburg (KRBG) to Hillsboro (KHIO). Climbed to 26,000 feet in less than 10 minutes, had to adjust the pressurization rate control for a 1,200 fpm climb rate to keep up with our actual climb rate. Was seeing 297 knots groundspeed on 45 gph! Had to make a pretty steep descent to be at the proper place to intercept the LPV approach in to runway 30. What a great way to spend a little less than an hour in a fun plane on a fun flight.
  9. zfehr

    To Realair Simulations

    Yeah... I'd like to see a Jag version, and your just the guy to do it Bill!
  10. zfehr

    To Realair Simulations

    I have been in touch with the team that builds the real Royal Turbine in Spokane and they were very impressed with what they saw in the sim. Nice job RealAir. I know I'm having a blast with it.
  11. You can the buy the throttle quadrant itself, I believe they run $595 but may have changed.It can be configured in many different lever combinations, you just would have to purchase additional lever sets which thumbscrew onto the front. I have the three lever, six lever piston and the six lever turboprop sets for the Cirrus II hardware.
  12. PFC Flight Sim Combo is on special $1,395, you get yoke, throttle quadrant with choice of three or six levers (get the six), and pedalsCH Combo runs $359.85 for yoke, throttle quadrant and pedalsSaitek combo runs 329.85 for yoke, additional quadrant (so all compared have six levers), and pedalsThat is 3.89 to 4.24 times the price!All would be plus shipping since and YMMV. Given price shopping Saitek is the least expensive, deleting the throttle quadrant will lower overall price but also limits what you can properly simulate. I do like the feel of the Saitek better than the CH product but neither compare to PFC nor is that a realistic expectation. Saitek also has several additional units that can be mixed and matched for simulation of specific functions which I think is interesting.
  13. Agreed, their Flight Sim Combo is a little more money but you get Professional Flight School quality hardware that will last so much longer and feels right instead of like a joystick for a video game.
  14. zfehr

    Carenado aircraft wish list

    From Carenado's past releases I would suggest that their forte is 4-6 place GA aircraft of the late 60's - early 80's vintage. These would pose the easiest access for them to get photos and take measurements of. I would love to see them do a very early Mooney A,B or C model with the manual gear lever (the ones with the rounded windows). An FSX version of the Tomahawk or better yet Beech's Skipper trainer. An early Cessna 310 would fit right into their work... maybe even a 320. The upcoming Bonanza has already been mentioned and I love what I see, just hope that they can get access to a Baron and do the same kind of job so they can offer a Beech Twin with the older panel arrangement. Now what would be extremely helpful with all of Carenado's aircraft is if they could design the VC radio stack so that it was a continuous stack in the panel.cfg making it possible to change the order of the default radios to better emulate an existing aircraft and also to allow for retrofitting RXP and other more modern avionics if the buyer so desires.