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  1. IFR current. Anyone in Portland OR area want to go fly for real?

  2. June 27 2012 fly in BBQ at Beck's Field, 88 aircraft showed up and 1,000 people enjoyed the sunny Oregon day and wonderfully manicured grass strip.
  3. zfehr


    I just love the smile on her face. She was SO excited about going to fly. It was fun watching her enjoyment of the flight.
  4. zfehr

    Bella's first flight

    Took my 4 year old Bella up for her first flight. Sophie loved getting to sit co-pilot. We climbed up to 8,500 to get a look across the scattered overcast and then shot the RNAV back in to Aurora. Both of them wanted to fly through a cloud. I teased them that we didn't find any marshmallows in them!
  5. zfehr

    Milviz Baron B55 KMOD to KRAL

    Recreation of real world flight I made many many times with my family in a Baron (N1249Z)
  6. From the album: Milviz Baron B55 KMOD to KRAL

    Landing at Riverside.
  7. From the album: Milviz Baron B55 KMOD to KRAL

    My father always preferred this routing feeling that there was less turbulence descending into the LA basin compared to using the Lake Hughes routing.
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