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    Student Private Pilot (SPL) Cessna 172
    Angle of Attack "Boeing 737NGX" student
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  1. Anthony1968

    Your age?

    45 and simming constantly since 1996........FS95,FS98,FS2000,FS2004,FSX.
  2. That looks fantastic, thanks for going to so much trouble.
  3. I've uploaded the file to the library. It is freeware and can also be downloaded here................................http://iblueyonder.com/freeware/
  4. Yeah! As you can see I have made some changes to the radios as well. I also installed a black panel 'cos that cream one was awful. I have to say I like the plane as it's a sim version of my training aircraft. However, I'm spending a lot more time in the Carenado Bonanza and Ants Eaglet as the Bonanza is more complex and the Eaglet is just "fun".
  5. Thank you @tymk, that is really cool. Now if only....................?
  6. Is there any method of porting the FSX Garmin GPS 500 into the Carenado C172? The default FSX C172 has this model GPS whereas the Carenado model is restricted by the GPSMAP 295.
  7. Thank you for these really great "extras". I fly the C172 for my PPL training. Obviously, I don't fly IFR but these really complete the cockpit and it's good (virtual) training.
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