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  1. Anthony1968

    Progressing to Jets

    Thank you all for the help. I'll research all of your suggestions.
  2. Anthony1968

    Progressing to Jets

    When I originally started flying in FSX my primary interest was the default Boeing 737. I later decided to actually learn to fly and subsequently spent a lot of time flying the Realair Lancair Legacy and A2A's C172. I'm now interested in getting into the virtual B738 cockpit once again. The default aircraft no longer interests me after the realism of the Legacy and the C172 but the PMDG offering is VERY intimidating. I've done a few searches for some basic "introductory" type offerings but really don't know what to opt for. I would appreciate some input from those in the know. My knowledge of FSX is quite good and have good IFR skills. What I don't want right now is a something that emulates every switch and nuance of the 737 as I fear the learning curve would put me off. Any tips????
  3. Anthony1968

    Your age?

    45 and simming constantly since 1996........FS95,FS98,FS2000,FS2004,FSX.
  4. Anthony1968

    Carenado C172 GPS

    That looks fantastic, thanks for going to so much trouble.
  5. Anthony1968

    Carenado C172 GPS

    Me Too????
  6. Anthony1968

    RealAir C172

    I have to say I am very, very impressed with the Legacy. The immersiveness is superb. The shaking cabin and vibrating gauge needles remind me of exactly how it feels to sit in a light GA aircraft. I did a few circuits in EICK earlier and I managed to handle it fairly well; landing it smoothly each time. It's one hell of a fast plane compared to my regular C172 and Eaglet and quite difficult to bleed off speed. Definitely need to put a bit of thought into approaches.
  7. Anthony1968

    RealAir C172

    Oh Well, It had to be done................Just added the Realair Legacy to my collection. It's downloading as I type. I'l probably stump up for the Scout fairly soon as well, I like the look of it and it will be my first tail dragger.
  8. Anthony1968

    RealAir C172

    I'm interested in the Scout for sight-seeing but I'm a bit concerned about controlling tail draggers on the ground. Petty complaint but I've watched them in airfields and I can't figure how the pilot can see what he/she is doing at slow ground speed.
  9. Anthony1968

    RealAir C172

    The only thing putting me off buying the Legacy is that my home set-up is based around a yoke as opposed to a stick. I simply can't find the room to comfortably fly with a joystick. Of course I could just use the yoke, nobody would know but me!!!!!
  10. Anthony1968

    RealAir C172

    Thanks Robert. A direct answer from RealAir was what I hoping for when I woke up the thread.
  11. Anthony1968

    RealAir C172

    I use it quite a lot too since I started flying a real one for flying lessons.
  12. Anthony1968

    RealAir C172

    Anyone got anymore info/update on this? The website is still only saying "Coming Soon". I would be really interested in this.
  13. Anthony1968

    Angle of Attack Aviator Pro

    If only I was ready for NGX training!!! Working through Aviator Pro at the moment. Excellent tutorials, well worth the price and I'm thrilled I can finally read charts. Actually I reckon I need to upgrade my PC to get PMDG 737NGX to run smoothly.
  14. Anthony1968

    Carenado C172 GPS

    I've uploaded the file to the library. It is freeware and can also be downloaded here................................
  15. Anthony1968

    Carenado C172 GPS

    Yeah! As you can see I have made some changes to the radios as well. I also installed a black panel 'cos that cream one was awful. I have to say I like the plane as it's a sim version of my training aircraft. However, I'm spending a lot more time in the Carenado Bonanza and Ants Eaglet as the Bonanza is more complex and the Eaglet is just "fun".