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  1. 45 and simming constantly since 1996........FS95,FS98,FS2000,FS2004,FSX.
  2. If only I was ready for NGX training!!! Working through Aviator Pro at the moment. Excellent tutorials, well worth the price and I'm thrilled I can finally read charts. Actually I reckon I need to upgrade my PC to get PMDG 737NGX to run smoothly.
  3. Thanks Chris, signing up today. I was considering the PMDG 737NGX training but it's too big a step. As a PPL student I often consider training on FSX more challenging in some ways because I have to learn to deal with the software (add-ons, utilities etc) as well as the aviation skills.
  4. @ Eamonn, you've persuaded me to go for it. Actually, I only needed a gentle shove. Can I ask which aircraft you did your Aviation Pro virtual training in? I have the Carenado Piper Seneca in my collection but I'm not too impressed by the very poor visibility from the cockpit.
  5. I must be the exception to the rule then . I actually like a little turbulent air as it gives me more confidence in my control of the plane. I stress the word "little" though. I made an approach recently in an 15 knot crosswind component, had a major bump at at about 400ft. Instructor had to take over as approach became un-stabilized...very sobering.
  6. Has anybody invested in this training program. At $19 per month I'm a bit concerned about the ongoing cost. I'm sure a person could charge through the content fairly quickly but I don't have that much "disposable" free time. On the other hand if the feedback was generally good it might be worth a try. http://www.flyaoamedia.com/aviatorpro/
  7. Thank you for these really great "extras". I fly the C172 for my PPL training. Obviously, I don't fly IFR but these really complete the cockpit and it's good (virtual) training.
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