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  1. Godwisper. If you are using XP Realistic, try turning off CAT (clear air turbulence) and Surface turbulence. In the older version, this caused the weather to go to clear. Re start the sim. If that works for you, update it to the latest version, and it should be fine with that one. Dennis
  2. Bill Thanks for the reply. Ihave always used X-Camera and that box remains unchecked at all times with X-Cam in use,so I would never have thought of that. Good to know though. Glad you got it sorted. Dennis
  3. Only thing that comes to mind is make sure you do not have a P3D "PROFILE" active when using X-Plane. I haven't used FSX in a while,but if I remember correctly,you have to disable any profiles to get X-Plane to recognize the controls.. Dennis
  4. Have you set the path for x-plane? Start Active sky xp / top left icon (OPTIONS) / General settings / Simulator instalation folder / in the dark part of the screen it should say the path to your xp install (ie E:\X-Plane 11) or where ever yours is located.
  5. In the ZIBO main menu on the EFB go to the EFB main menu (Home) and after you have all your settings done,move your mouse to the right of the EFB screen, (just before the bezel) and your cursor will change to an arrow. Left click and you will go to page 2. There you can save all your settings (Save And Load configuration) Dennis
  6. Dougal. Pilot 2 ATC has a very nice flight plan feature. I too have FSC but haven't used it much since installing Pilot 2 Atc. And it is a really good ATC program. It gives you a 10 day free trial to check it out so nothing to loose. Dennis
  7. Ryan. Try right clicking on the latest full version and select ' make a copy.' After a few seconds it will show at the bottom of the screen and Show File Location. Go there and download it in the normal way. It will be called 'Copy of B 738X ............
  8. Thank you Ray. Just what I wanted to know. Thank you all for taking time to respond. Dennis
  9. Hi all. Could someone set me straight on this. I have never been sure of when to set standard pressure. Here is an example of my confusion. I depart Manchester (EGCC) using the LISTO 2 R Departure. This SID holds you at 5000 ft until you reach Listo. Now the transition altitude in that area is also 5000 ft. I flew this departure a few days ago with a very large pressure difference,I think it was 29.47 or something like that,so I climb to 5000 ft like I am supposed to, but my ATC program gives me a "reminder" to be at 5000 ft which I am actually at using local pressure, so should I have changed to standard pressure when reaching 5000 ft,or wait until I am above that? Thanks. Dennis
  10. I know you said you have checked the settings,but just check that "Expert mode" is not checked in the advanced settings,as this will disable the F O. Dennis
  11. I just did the same thing. Dis you unzip the file first? Inside the unzipped folder you should see _MACOSX and OpenMeAndRead. Inside OpenMe is the 330_JARDesign for Windows. Just put that in your airplane folder. Activate with your original code. Dennis
  12. Guys Once again my apologies for posting on this forum,I meant to post on the general discussions forum. Dennis
  13. Hi Guys. Is it possible to have ATC come through the headset like in FSX or is that not possible yet? Thanks. Dennis
  14. John. On the few occasions this has happened to me it was because I forgot to select both start switches to OFF after landing with them set to AUTO. Dennis
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