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  1. After many hours of testing I came to a conclusion that my GPU is not sufficient to run SF3D at my native resolution of 3440x1440. The problem is not my, FPS since it's still above 30fps in the worst case scenario, but the lag I get when I try to move my view around. So If you're planning on using SF3D with a multi monitor setup or an 4k ultrawide make sure to have at least an 1080Ti, which might not be enough, before making a purchase. Now I've been told by Alex that they'll release a service pack for general cloud performance and overcast, but I'm unsure if the performance fix will be part a part of the SF3D weather engine, which I have no intention of using, or built into the program it self.
  2. I'm using only 2x MSAA. Even if disabled it's no difference. In any case the issue is only present with SF3D combined with AS ( asca is completely disabled ). SF3D without AS doesn't have this issue.
  3. The only problem is, in my case, that there are people with lower GPU's who are without performance issues. Further development of my case: I have noticed that using the SF3D's weather engine does not push my GPU past 90% of usage. It is at around 65%. Same scenario with AS enabled instead of the REX's weather engine and my GPU will push up to 98%. It seems that there is a problem with AS and SF3D that is causing this high GPU usage. I keep my AS settings at their default apart from: Force BKN to 7/8ths - off Cloud Motion effect - off Maximum surface wind - 200 Turbulence effect scale - 35 ( recommended setting for EZDOK users ) Maximum wind shear - 100
  4. So my observations with SF3D the last two days. SF3D simply performs a lot worse then ASCA. No matter what texture setting I use my gpu usage will be above 95% where there are clouds making the whole sim lag a lot. With ASCA, same weather situation and AS settings, and my FPS is above 50 with gpu usage at around 70%. The sim is smooth. I don't know why SF3D causes such high GPU usage, and my gpu is no pushover, but for now the program is simply unusable on my system since it lags the sim too much. I wasn't expecting this to happen considering everyone is reporting pretty much the same fps then ASCA.
  5. Sadly I don't. I might take a look into it in the future. Cheers.
  6. It's not my fps. My fps is above 40 in clouds heavy areas. It's just that TrackIR lags when I shift my view. Sort like your mouse when you turn Vsync on in other games. EDIT: I have resolved the issue by disabling clouds shadows.
  7. When there are heavy clouds present I noticed that my GPU usage will increase up to 99% making TrackIR lag. What's funny is that my fps is great. I find this issue very strange since I'm getting much better fps with SF3D then with ASCA, but with ASCA I never experienced my TrackIR lagging.
  8. I don't wish to buy any more software for P3D. My main sim is X-Plane and I occasionally fly in P3D. It would have been nice if the developers would give us an option to increase the cloud brightness.
  9. I don't use any of those two programs. I only use SF + AS with ASCA Completely disabled.
  10. I find that the clouds are too grey all around. Is there a setting inside SF to increase their brightness?
  11. I gave'd in and bought SF. Can't wait to test it after I finish my flight in XP :)
  12. There was a forum post on the xplane.org from one of the relatives ( I believe it was his wife ) that the developer was in a car accident where he also died. Sad story really.
  13. I'm still not sure if I should buy this. All I see is people arguing about SF3D's weather engine, but I'm pretty sure no one was going to buy this for the weather engine part of the package. So, is this better then ASCA?
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