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  1. Yep, hijacked again. No monitoring on the website during week-ends...
  2. Sode 180 does not work with FSX Steam. If you need SODE in FSX SE you need to install Sode 171. You talk about FSX Steam then you talk about FSX, are you still meaning FSX SE. In which case you can repair with the Steam app
  3. I agree. Brings FSX new life with shadows and waves etc.. And I use FS4, XP11/12, P3Dv5/6 and MSFS.
  4. Did the full install from the update. Afterwards it offered 2 options continue the automated install or go manual saying that the whole P3Dv6.30 was available in my download folder. After having checked the download files in my download folder I chose the automated setup. Everything a ok now. Deleted the P3d.cfg Retained my FTX setup from P3Dv5 Initial tests: everything ok Big improvement at dusk with panel cockpits and textures. I can not see clearly the cockpit and outside textures at dawn and night. Cheers
  5. External program: your clue here is the scenery layering dialogue 2nd picture. That is Lorby P3D Addon Organizer available here on Avsim. Cheers
  6. Active Sky will not work with that update patch2.
  7. Confirmed here with zero add-ons. They have a serious landclass issue in that area. Should be reported to LM Cheers
  8. Client install only. Fixed issue that could cause aircraft to appear above the ground at various add-on airports. Confirmed fixed. Tested at PANC (Aerosoft) AS8538 working fine with 5.4 Improved application background thread performance. Not confirmed but seems to work better. Checked with Task Manager. Appears more balanced. Tested with Cloud details at max and ND Bell407 (used to load quite a bit with 5.3hf3) Lots more to test. Cheers
  9. Zero stutter. Frametime is a straight horizontal line.( in MSI Afterburner
  10. I would tend to agree with Bob: coincidences do happen. And our systems are complex: OS version?, MB drivers?, PSU spec etc... Even when you are recording the tweaks, drivers change and so forth bad news bear will happen. There is rarely a clear and clean cut solution to a particular problem because the variables are different. Cheers
  11. It has been said many times: fluidity not fps is what is needed (required) in FS My 2 cents
  12. Tks Chock. Pleasant to the ear and eye
  13. Good to know and nice tip Tks Mark
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