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  1. Tks Chock. Pleasant to the ear and eye
  2. Good to know and nice tip Tks Mark
  3. "setup error" . What is the error message? It works fine here with the latest V5.3hf2 and the previous versions. If you get past that setup error, make sure the xmltools64 is installed. Cheers
  4. Tks for the video. Interesting. Yes it will be released later. Cheers
  5. Preliminary results: I could reduce the small jerks quite a bit by selecting <variable refresh rate> in the menu. I do not have a variable refresh rate monitor: dell 32in 4k monitor x3. Do not ask me why? I dunno.... Tried different settings in the <Jog Scheduler> for mi I7 9700k running at 5.0 with 8 cores no HT per LM suggestions in their forum. Results: not good. No difference as far as I can tell. I have the task manager opened and noticed that the cpu load is heavy on my test flights compared to the previous versions of p3d. I will come back to that. Test is with the R22 at KSEA with DD scenery, adding or reducing autogen or traffic does not change the problem. Video card is 3090. There is nothing like a comparison to show differences: I uninstalled the 5.3 client and installed the 5.2hf1 client. Only one word: no jerks, butter smooth. Until someone comes up with a better suggestion with the jobscheduler settings, I will keep it at that. Time to take a walk anayways, Cheers
  6. Hi Jon, small jerks i what I have also. That is new. 5.2hf1 did not have that. Presently working on the Job Scheduler trying to get rid of that problem. Have had some success in reducing it. Need further testing. They broke or change VSync so we are left with small jerks just as you described it : look out the side window........ Cheers,
  7. To revive the thread a bit for those looking for an answer on that specific problem. Have tried 32,000 and the results are positive: no texture loadings for example NYC area with DD scenery. It is a must do adjustment in my book. Tks Rob
  8. No problem, I do it all the time to re-adjust contrast and gamma. No problems.
  9. There seems to be a trick with the Alt key and menu; quick click will activate/deactivate the menu and slow click will not. Secondly, been testing (15mins) html5 and so far it is all good. Advantages are slight, if you prefer white text over red. Will test further html5 and report back if I have a problem. Cheers, Pierre
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