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  1. It is easies than you think. 1. Go to your HTML5 folder under P3DV5.2 main directory. 2. Open up information.html with a proper html editor. 3. Look up #upper; 4. Check for a line "color; white;" 5. Change it to "color; red;" that is it 6. You might want to change the font size also in the next line: "fone-size: 16px" to something more viewable depending on your screen resolution. I use 20px with 4k monitor. 7. You can also change the #lower which works for text located on the lower part of the screen like "brakes". I personally kept it white. Pierre
  2. This solution works with FSUIPC7. If I remember correctly to get the best results with pedals is to select >nose wheel> for rudder in FSUIPC axe and rudder with pedals as axis in MSFS. That gives me a better turning radius: the nose wheel is be effective at low speed and the rudder axis will take control afterwards. Works very well here. Worked many hours for this solution. Hope it helps
  3. E xcellent pictures. Thank you Pierre Cheers
  4. Interesting, but had a 2 hr flight this am: PACD/PADQ in the Ka350 with LNM (latest) connected. No issues.
  5. Same problem here with both latest versions 108 and 109. Disabled all my Comunity addons but no joy
  6. the default keyboard keys for the performance overlay: Alt R
  7. If you use one of the last Nvidia drivers, you will get additional performance on the overlay: fps 99%fps render latency (very useful) CPU utilization GPU utilization You can also get more info on the Performance tab. I use the 460.79 driver
  8. EA is just a plain unfinished product that should not have been introduced.
  9. P3Dv5 is Dx12 which makes it a different beast. I don't think MS or LM have a good grip on it. I have been a victim of the DXGI_DEVICE_HUNG error in P3Dv5 (all versions) and so far can not make any sense out of it. Presently stable, not using EA and using the latest ASP3D, still testing. Cheers
  10. Interesting... My 2 Realair installers do not give me the choice of installing in P3Dv5, only P3Dv4: The B60V2 is the june 2019 169kb and the Turbine v2 is dated nov 2017 at 282Kb. But that is not necessarily going to help you., Sorry Pierre
  11. I don<t have that problem. I have installed the B60v2and the Turbine Duke v2 in P3Dv5.1.12. Here is how I did it: When the installer shows you the path to install to: user\\My Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons it actually writes on the screen the actual path for P3Dv4, you change the 4 for a 5 which will create a Realair folder for that aircraft in the P3Dv5 addons. All the necessary files will be automatically installed in the P3Dv5 add-ons in your documents. Your VC sounds should be there. Hope I explained it clearly enough and I would suggest you uninstall and re-install with above procedure. Pierre
  12. Good find. I had the file at 7kb and by deleting it it came back to 9k. I didn<t have clouds missing before, but now it is definitely different for the better. Not tested enough yet.
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