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  1. Are you using the latest version 8.21? If not, you might want to try it
  2. Good find David. I also had CTD at CYBD and CYSE. Haven't tried S43 yet. I had reduced the options to the bare minimum and CYSE would load OK. But having read your possible fix, I re-enabled all the options except all related to grass. And I can confirm, CYSE loads up fine. Will need to try the others. Tks much, Cheers, Pierre
  3. Impressive, 30m triangles for a statue. Amazing but size of file?? and cost of hardware? when? etc... Cheers,
  4. There is one issue: you have a scenery package in 4.5 with SODE but in 5 that add-on scenery is not compatible so you will see the big red X's. Small issue, but it<s there. Cheers
  5. TVSM in what P3D version and how did you make it work?
  6. POO. I believe Truesky is in Alpha really. They have stretched on the definition of Beta...🧐
  7. Cloud shadows will appear on the ground if you untick the >atmospheric feature>. However, they will appear over the ocean if the water detail is set at low. Cheers
  8. It works, but it also depends on the controls that were associated with P3D vs FSUIPC if you used it. Registered FSUIPC this morning, imported the controls xml into V5 from V4 and they are all available. Cheers
  9. ORBX Alaska https://youtu.be/FUg2Hie3NKU
  10. Taxiing at KBOS and checking the performance. I7 9700K 5.0ghz 2080ti 32meg ram 2800 As mentioned, resolution is at 3840x2160 AA 4x fsaa ground shadows on objects max, reflection detail at max parked a/c at on visual effects at high and texture quality at high I don't use 141 anymore. XP1150 with Vulkan
  11. Yep, that speed-trees. They are enabled by default when you install
  12. Yes indeed, I was reading an article on that subject this morning. However, there is a catch: it requires game developer integration. Cheers, Pierre
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