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  1. I also had it, second time in the past 4 days, everything reverted to EASY in the assistance options. Other options remained the same.
  2. LG C2 42" or they also have a 48" . Don't have to look anywhere else. https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/lg/c2-oled
  3. Matt, I really appreciate the work that has been done with the 787 and 747. My neighbor is a type rate 787-8 and 787-9 captain. He was here with me this weekend trying the 787-10. He stops by my house whenever he has simulator check to practice or whenever he wants to try the A320 since it was his first aircraft. some points he highlighted to me: 1. it is not the same ac but shouldn't be to much different than the 787-9, and for him the ROC was to aggressive, and those +5.000ft/min are not really common, it is possible when there is a really light airplane, but normally at CLB2 it shouldn't reach those ROC. 2. while descending the pitch down degree was also too aggressive, with the nose almost reaching 5degrees down. 3. we practice 3 manual landings and we couldn't make a single smooth touchdown. then we tried the autoland and same behavior. 4. we came to the conclusion that the way the aircraft is "loaded" with fuel and payload may be affecting the performance. now, the whole avionics of the AC are working perfect, we actually replicate and actual company flight with an OPF but on a 787-9, and the step by step checklist were followed precisely.
  4. It is Out https://www.prepar3d.com/news/announcements/2023/05/121206/
  5. the flight model has many flaws right now, the worst one is the flare behavior. It is impossible to make a soft landing, WT has stated they will look at the ground effects to try to correct it, but no more flight model changes. I think we will need to wait for another one to improve the flight model (HD maybe?)
  6. FYI, the P3D concorde update doesn't even have a thread in the AVSIM P3D subforum, that tells you a lot
  7. no, you can keep TAA and frame generation ON. Also DLSS is not an option for me.
  8. "egocentric behavior" - let me tell you something, mate. It's not my fault Christopher responded the wrong thread. So how about stop being rude towards me? Btw, creating autogen is easy. But how about you create vector data? I bet you can't. 

  9. But Dave just gave you an simple explanation on how the scenery building process works in MSFS because that was what he asked for. BTW, I think you should stop that egocentric behavior and treating anybody else like they don't have any idea what they are talking about. what you are currently doing has been done for many of us a long time ago, thanks to a healthy and helpful community we were able to develop our own ortho scenery. For instance I already have Qatar photoscenery merged with the Autogen developed by @MatthiasKNU since 2 years ago.
  10. I also moved to a 13900k and a 4090 and to be honest the increase in FPS flying FSL-A320X was about from 30fps to 40fps, but still struggling at heavy airports with AI...that is the only aircraft I currently fly in P3D and the only reason I still have P3D installed. In MSFS it is a complete different result, I jumped from 40fps to 120fps flying wherever I want....but again this is meaningless to you. I also waiting for P3DV6 to see what brings to the table.
  11. This!! if it has backward compatibility we will not spend to much money because whatever we already have will work. Which is great for us, but, is it going to bring developers back?
  12. will it be release for which version of P3D?
  13. The Geforce Experience has been causing CTD when the filters are applied, it has been acknowledged by Nvidia https://us.download.nvidia.com/Windows/531.68/531.68-win11-win10-release-notes.pdf page 13
  14. yes DX12. Last week I did 3 things randomly on the sim but I am not sure what could have solved it: 1. ddu previous nvidia driver and install new one clean, no geforce experience. 2. on the addon organizer there is an option to seach for duplicates airports and turned out I had BMW bolzano and also the asobo default aiport activated. I removed the BMW and kept the asobo one. 3. I was doing some testing on DX11 and switch back and forth between DX11 and DX12 while cleaning the cache before every test. I ended up staying with DX12 due to the FG extra FPs and smoothness. I can't really pinpoint which one helped but honestly it's been more than a week without the annoying ground texture glitch
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