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  1. then why don't Microsoft/Asobo allocate more budget to the programmers team, enhance it and set targets....but I think that doesn't increase the customers base, "Halo" stuff for sure will do it.
  2. read page 75 of this guide: https://www.mudspike.com/chucks-guides-fsx-fslabs-a320/
  3. you need to input the flaps and the THS resulted from the takeoff performance calculations Flaps 1 THS UP0.2 then you put 1/UP0.2 thats is an example
  4. Trim Horizontal Stabilizer Have you really watch the videos?
  5. Run MSFS as administrator, it fixed for me.
  6. I didn´t get the sharklets, stopped after getting the A320-19-21 package. I was not going to spend more money on P3D. Don´t get me wrong, I still fly them weekly, but I also enjoyed the FBW version on MSFS...
  7. I stopped buying aerosoft productos many years ago, when they offered a bundle upgrade to a330/a340 if you buy the a320 first...they never released the a330/a340....
  8. the washington area is giving some trouble at the moment. I have tried to start flights out of kdca and having CTD before spawning the AC.
  9. try without the RTSS overlay, it hasn't been real friendly with p3dv5 lately. I also think there is a new version on 3dguru
  10. what is wrong with people saying goodbye and then come back asking for more questions? Or what about those who don't like to be challenged and feel disrespected but come back accusing people to be trolls? Chill out guys
  11. that is how it was supposed to be, there is no "in-game" update, only the core sim update which is done by the MS Store
  12. Are you just taking pictures or actually flying the FWBA320? any word regarding temperatures +40C at 35.000ft which make it unflyable? I know it was there preSU5 but come on, it has been 3 weeks....I only fly with live weather just like you...
  13. I just shut it down again, between the CTD and this temp issue my MSFS has became unflyable at the moment.
  14. I had it yesterday in the gulf of Mexico near Tampa, it was a perfect fly out of KLAS to KMIA but shortly before starting the descent from FL360 the temperature increased from -42C to +28C.
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