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  2. I feel somebody has been dishonest here. I took the decision to buy EF after reading a post from Rex that it was 100% compatible with AS and with SF, and that we can continue using all of them without any problem. Now they are saying AS doesn’t completely work with their SDK, and we should use EF with SF and their weather engine on. This was not supposed to be like that at the beginning, the first app I run before committing a flight is AS, I use it for flight planning purposes, also FSLabs uses AS for the wind entries, even PMDG long haul flights I use AS. I don’t want to stop using AS, 60 bucks will be hangared until EF and SF work together with AS.
  3. ttbq1

    2019 Orlando FlightSim Expo News??

    Welcome back sir, glad to see you around!
  4. ttbq1

    4.5 hot fix is out

    Regarding the CTD after autogen slider change while flying I think I have found the problem I uninstalled and install P3D in vanilla mode and there was no problem. I started to add add-ons without any CTD. After adding AIG IOC entry the problem came back. I realize that we have two add-on.cfg , one file under ProgramData and another one under Roaming. the xml of the AIG OIC was the only entry in the ProgramData add-on.cfg so I cut-paste that entry into my Roaming add-on.cfg (edit the package number to follow the last one x+1) and I left the ProgramData add-on.cfg completely empty. The CTD is gone after 3 flights.
  5. ttbq1

    4.5 hot fix is out

    Same thing is happening to me, whenever I try to change the autogen building density I have a CTD related clr.DLL. Does anyone else facing the same issue?
  6. ttbq1

    P3D version

    May it be this weekend?
  7. Thanks I will try again and come back to you
  8. why -1? I have read somewhere that it should be the same as the refresh rate. but I really want to know if there is a reason. I tried the above steps yesterday and I added the FAST option in Nvidia control panel and start suffering some black screen and long pauses arriving at OTHH also using FSLabs A320, I have never had these issues before.
  9. ttbq1

    P3d 4.5 is out!

    what about terrain and texture loading in square patches? has it been resolved?
  10. ttbq1

    P3d 4.5 is out!

    I can confirm Chaseplane has pushed an update for p3d v4.5.
  11. ttbq1

    I love AI(G)

    Dear Simbol, thanks for your help, but I noticed that after deleting the effects section in add-on.xml my flightplans were no longer visible in the AIG Manager. I switched back to the original add-on.xml and I had my flightplans back (After deleting an extra AIG entry in the P3DV4 add-ons.cfg).
  12. ttbq1

    I love AI(G)

    The only problem that I am facing is the white light in the back of the AI airplanes is very big and bright. I haven’t been able to fix this. I have installed AI Lights Reborn with no luck. I would like some support from you guys, other than that it is indeed a great product.
  13. ttbq1

    Flythemaddogx question

    Did you check fuel temps?
  14. Well, finally I received my parts last weekend. I finished the PC assembly yesterday. I was able to reach 5.0ghz @1.28v in the first try without any errors on prime95 for 15mins and temps reaching 85C with H100i V2 cooling. I did a small hop between ESNQ to ESSA with my MaddogX PBR and I couldn't be more impressed. I still need to install traffic and other addons. Also, I think I can improve my overclocking numbers, while simming the temp never reach above 60C under load. I will keep you posted.