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  1. Yes, but you need to limit the FPS inside P3D graphic menu, that way you will avoid blurries while flying and on the ground FFTF dynamic will give the same experience as unlimited. I limit P3D at 33 , 1/2 vsync on NVI. You need to make sure FFTF dynamic is running as administrator.
  2. The FFTF dynamic with AGL configuration range from 0-3000ft and you set the FFTF from 0.01 to 0.33. By doing that you will get the same behavior as unlimited FPS at ground.
  3. same here, is not opening!
  4. you won’t regret a single cent you spent on this aircraft. Again, one of the best addon ever
  5. I have been running Beta 451.22 with the WDDM27 support for the last week on HF1 and now on HF2 and haven´t had a single CTD. On performance I think I have seen an improvement on smoothness and rendering but in terms of FPS I really can`t measure it as I run with Vsync at 30hz. I will download and try 451.48 and test it later today.
  6. I am also getting this since V4. Any time I change texture resolution and at the same time I change scenery objects I get a CTD.
  7. You will only need to verify files in ORBX Central, it will re-install the textures in the main p3d folder. Those are still in there even if you have the library outside.
  8. Yes, with 2SSAA is more than enough for 4k and you will save VRAM
  9. the hotfix is not going to fix that, it has been explained many times. If you reach the VRAM budget of your 2080 (7gb if I am not wrong) you will get that pop up message. KFLL from LatinVFR has PBR and 4k textures , it is one the most detailed sceneries in P3D but it has a cost, VRAM usage is really high. I know thw developer is working on their airports to give us “lite” versions to avoid these CTD. But again, it is DX12 new normal
  10. Yes, I have been using it since it was shared here and so far no issues, and it has a lot a options in the traffic limiter as well.
  11. The "sync simulator" at the end is a key process...by doing that all the xml will be fixed and the path will be assigned to the new library
  12. Are these VRAM figures with Texture_Size_Exp at 10?
  13. yes, if you deactivate envshade you need to be sure the original shader folder is restored (ShaderHLSL) in p3d v5 main folder and then delete the shader folder from the appdata/local/lockheedmartin folder.
  14. Sorry I missed that. Yes, it is known glitch in envshade, I am also experiencing this weird reflection colors while using Envshade.
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