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  1. I want to enjoy another flight on my MD11 (Collector edition buyer here ;)) but unfortunately xbox is down.
  2. I just finished a KMIA-KSFO on the latest version without any issues. I haven't had AP disconnects since a long time. There are plenty of videos from an ex-md11 pilot that has been helping tfdi polishing the final product that will be available after release. these videos have helped me a lot to understand the behavior of this beast.
  3. I think I found the issue. So far 4 flights without losing focus: Make sure both couatl64_msfs and Couatl64_boot.exe are not running under administrator. Also, make sure you don't run MSFS under administrator. I just had it again and triggered by a couatl64_MSFS.exe crash and restart. I will head to the FSDT forum to share my couatl64_boot.log.
  4. I started noticing on climb or cruise level, after leaving the sim alone when I come back I normally find it half fps and the mouse pointer change to windows theme, after clicking in the screen Frame generation comes back to double fps and stutters are gone. well, let's try to find the culprit: Autofps: since you are not using it, then rule it out. NVNGX files: 3.7.0 both non-FG and FG ( @psolk have you updated these 2?) CapFrameX on? RTSS cap?
  5. I have been suffering the same for almost 2 months, but this morning it was particularly annoying. I shut autofps off and didn't have it anymore. I will try again later on, but it is good to know I am not the only one.
  6. just read again, he said that one post above the response you've quoted
  7. That is something that AIG TC really lack, a proper traffic limiter, like the one we had in P3D with AI Companion. If I fly to high density airport I use FSLTL, if not I normally use AIG TC. But my limit is 50 AI AC maximum.
  8. 🤣 I found the files and folder structure of the Fenix so similar to the FSL....besides the complete silence from FSL....I don't know
  9. I did the following test: Fenix A320, Inibuilds EGLL, AIG AI around 100ac, takeoff and landing 27R, TLOD and OLOD 180, TAA, FG, DX12, 4k, Gsync monitor 120hz capped with Vsync on NCP. And the same test without AIG AI (same scenario as above) Have you gone deeper into this? I have Gigabyte Z790 Aero, maybe a BIOS setting affecting us?
  10. I went back to default BIOS settings with HT on and all ecores enabled and got exactly the same behavior on core 4 and 5 at 100%. No stutters whatsoever. Process Lasso is only used to assign other apps (lnm, lod, charts, fsltl, etc) to the ecores. I don't have a bad performance, I would like to have your settings on capframex to check if I have same level of smoothness Thanks
  11. Nope, no luck. I went back to process lasso, DX12, FG, but same behavior:
  12. I also saw a similar screenshot somewhere and triggered my concern, why my core 4 and 5 are always at 100%, will I get more smoothness if my cores are equally distributed? I have tried the following: 1. Uninstall Process Lasso 2. Change from DX12 to DX11 3. Vsync on/off all of those changes and the same results...I am out of ideas.
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