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  1. Not sure I get the excitement with CPDLC and ACARS. Yes it’s a great feature to have when you need it but it’s not overly used atleast not at my airline. We receive the load sheet via ACARS and that’s pretty much it, we could request weather if we’re going oceanic and occasionally we’ll talk to the company about a technical issue but it’s really not much more than that. And I’d say CPDLC even less, really not that many places have it and if they do it’s really only used to give frequency changes and the occasional direct routing. It is used much more for oceanic crossings but other than that I’m not sure having it in the sim would add much.
  2. So developing a new sim based on Fsx wasn’t really an option so you had to build a new one from scratch? Thanks for clearing that one up.
  3. Well when flying long haul flights there’s not a whole lot else to do other than monitor fuel and plan when to step up to a higher level. A long haul flight in the real world will almost never stay at the same level for the whole flight. To me it would be quite a basic feature to be able to input steps for accurate fuel predictions. Either way im looking forward to purchasing soon.
  4. I’m interested to know what semi-big features are missing, I’ve heard step climbs and winds aloft so far.
  5. Didn’t RSR say nobody outside of PMDG knows about the mystery development?
  6. VS0

    Farewell FSW

    A very interesting take on things.
  7. Is there much difference flying a 764 and a 777? An Airbus can be flown in exactly the same way as Boeing, believe me I’ve done both. The only difference you’ll have everytime is the lack of trim.
  8. A380 or a new sim, gotta be. It’s not going to be a regular Boeing not with a 10 year development cycle.
  9. Interested about the mention of lights illuminating clouds using AS16, has anybody tried this out? Would really add to the immersion of night flying.
  10. For most medium/large jets 3,000ft at 10 miles with 160-180kts will set you up for a 3 degree path to the runway. At that height and distance you'd expect to have the first few stages of flaps out until intercepting the glide slope. At my airline we take full configuration at 1,500ft but this number is usually lower around 1,000ft depending on the airline.
  11. Thanks and thanks. Funny thing for me is I never even created a profile for the DC-6. I'll take another look into it.
  12. Gotta say I have this problem too using the VirtualFly TQ-6. When I remove the FSUIPC file OR start the sim with my throttle unplugged it works fine. Just to be clear I haven't even set a profile for the DC-6 in FSUIPC its just conflicting automatically. I'm fine to us the DC-6 without FSUIPC but this does of course become slightly annoying when switching to other aircraft from PMDG where having FSUIPC is so helpful. Understood this seems to be more of a problem with FSUIPC conflicting rather than the product made by PMDG but just reporting back information for others.
  13. I really think if they spent enough time on it FsLabs or another decent developer could do the aircraft itself to a very good standard. If they can do the transition from the 320 to the 330 then I'm sure down the road with increased exeperience and information they'd be able to make the transition from the 330 to the 350. I think a hard task would be adding all the cockpit goodies such as the ANF (airport navigation function) basically a moving map for taxiing and the OIS (onboard information system) which is the a350s very very advanced EFB system. I am also assuming here they will be stepping up to do the 330 too.
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