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  1. If there's anyone who can give Jarrad Marshall a run for his money its Jo Erlend Sund, just look at the most recent EDDK previews. Cologne-Bonn, a major cargo hub in Germany, is bound to be released by Aerosoft early next year. Given his track record with some Norwegian Airports, we can pretty safely assume that this airport will be performing great, despite its staggering level of detail More screenshots over at http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/127688-kölnbonn-airport-preview/&page=3&tab=comments#comment-855855
  2. Gonna ask the question again: Does anyone have working SODE jetways at KPEA? Delivery Center Gates 115 and 116 have Jetways but they are not being recognized by SODE. Thanks
  3. @DrzewieckiDesign Awesome scenery, very well done! Just one thing, I dont have any SODE jetways at gates 116 and 117 at KPAE, is this a bug? I see the jetways but they cant be used with SODE and GSX doesn't recognise them either
  4. Hey Dave I didn't notice any performance degradation with pinned windows, but this is purely based on visual observations. I didn't perform any FPS analysis. However, static windows shouldnt have much effect on performance anyways, no matter if its currently in view or not. I even tried a youtube video and didnt notice any visible framerate hit. I'm running a GTX1080 though, dont know if last generation 9xx cards can handle all the dash features without taking a hit
  5. If PFPX' weather source is set to ActiveSky it will use the same, historical weather as in your sim as it loads the WX snapshot file from ActiveSky. This is completely independent from the date set in PFPX. I fly with historical weather all the time and as PFPX doesnt allow planning of flights with a STD more than 24h in the past, i always set the current date but it still uses historical weather. You can check by hovering over the departure or destination airport field and check the METAR timestamp
  6. First open the chart and make sure its window isnt fullscreen. Then switch to desktop view within dash and alt+tab to bring the charts window in front. Then grab the charts window and move it away from the desktop and place it whereever you want. Then hit the (way too small) pin symbol in the bottom right to ensure its shown in P3D
  7. I doubt that Flyinside inspired Oculus to implement this feature ;) Its available to all Oculus apps/games and not just a P3D feature. Virtual- or multi-computing concepts for desktop VR exist for quite a while, Flyinside didnt invent it. The feature is much more than just pinning PDFs. As the oculus desktop VR supports true multi computing, you can pin any window on your desktop into your VR world, and its content will update in realtime. It looks like you can even task switch between VR apps without leaving dash which wasn't possible before
  8. Well, sometimes I dare to play other stuff...crazy, innit? ;) Pinning charts and other stuff in P3D works flawless, although it stutters quite a bit when opening the dash in P3D. Once back in P3D i dont see much of a performance penalty when using pinned pdfs or websites. Didnt try video in P3D though, this might have a small performance hit. However, interacting with those windows (scrolling, clicking..) is currently a bit of a nuisance as you need to use your touch controllers for that. Mouse support should come soon, but i suspect that it will only work while in the dash Good to see that this feature doesnt require tight oculus intergration, i didnt expect it to work with P3D
  9. I quite like Rift Core 2.0, especially the desktop features. The UI and controls need some work but thats whats the public beta for. The desktop window pinning is bloody brilliant! I watched a football game while playing Elite Dangerous :) NB: @vgbaron or any other mod, would you be able to convert the second (reddit) video in my OP to a standard link? The embedded video auto-starts for some reason which is a bit annoying. I cant edit it myself. Thanks :)
  10. Yeah sorry, i should have mentioned that. You need to 'buy' the sceneries through a shop front, even though its all for free. Thats why they call it 'zeroshop' ;) I vaguely remember that new accounts need to be approved by admin first. I'm afraid you will have to contact them again in order to get your account enabled. Once thats done its pretty straight forward, just click on 'kaufen' (german for 'buy') and complete the order.
  11. Check simmershome.de for some excellent freeware scenery. He's going to release Rhodes Intl LGRP today, which will be P3Dv4 native with dynamic lights, custom mesh and LC, and 30cm/pix photoground Its all for free, but the dev would appreciate a small donation http://simmershome.de/aktuelle-entwicklung-lgrp-und-lgrd-rhodos/
  12. Just a heads up for Oculus Rift users, the new Dash and Home environment (Rift Core 2.0) will be released on the Oculus public test channel today. Here's how to join public test channel: https://support.oculus.com/200468603765391/ The virtual computing capabilities of Oculus Dash are pretty exciting, some features are particularly interesting for flightsims. However, P3D would require an update (full native Rift support) in order to be able to use dash features. This would allow us to finally use one of flyinside's best features in native P3D VR: Placing any type of content directly into your VR environment, be it other apps/addons (running outside of P3D, like an EFB), charts as PDF or image files, and even videos (showing the challenging approach you are about to fly). Here's the part i'm talking about: and here's the full Rift Core 2.0 keynote
  13. Brilliant stuff, thanks for posting this. What a man!
  14. Ok got it, thank you Alan
  15. Just a quick question, can i limit the possible destinations to certain airports i have 3rd party scenery for?