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  1. Woozie

    GSX Library (1.2)

    looks like the link for the GSX aircraft profiles resolves to
  2. Not much help for those having activation issues, but i was able to activate the 748 just fine. So the activation servers seem to be working at least
  3. got it right before the servers go up in flames 🙂
  4. Oh the drama... Read their pre-launch communcations again
  5. Woozie

    GSX & 747-8?

    Excellent, thanks Guenter. I completely missed that announcement. Will give it a try for sure
  6. Woozie

    GSX & 747-8?

    Thanks for chiming in Umberto lets see, maybe its something for a future update
  7. Woozie

    GSX & 747-8?

    it doesnt sound like GSX would alter any PMDG code, that would be way too intrusive. GSX will listen for the pax number variable, set through a gauge code depending on what has been entered in payload page on FMC. Once boarding starts, GSX will "broadcast" its own variable, an increasing number indicating how many passengers have boarded. This can then be picked up by the airplane and synced with payload. Maybe @virtuali can provide a better explanation? In know its just an "immersion" thing, but a proper GSX implementation together with PMDG's auto turnaround mode would be the icing on the cake 🙂
  8. Woozie

    GSX & 747-8?

    Thanks Robert! Given that you are not aware of any GSX interaction, i assume its not implemented then. Here's an excerpt from the GSX manual as an example, it works through gauge codes set by the airplane logic which will then be read by GSX so it knows how many PAX are going to be boarded. Its bi-directional in order to sync the boarding procedure (which means FMC payload numbers will be set to 0 when boarding starts and numbers will increase in sync with GSX boarding) Interfacing with the Passengers simulation L:FSDT_GSX_NUMPASSENGERS This variable can be set from a gauge code, and GSX will use it in place of its own calculation, to set the correct number of passengers to match the airplane. L:FSDT_GSX_NUMPASSENGERS_BOARDING L:FSDT_GSX_NUMPASSENGERS_DEBOARDING The airplane code can read these two variables to stay in sync with the GSX boarding/ deboarding process and update their own internal status. @ph-cxz I'm not referring to GSX' airplane configs, its about interfacing with GSX by transmitting turnaround status and PAX and Cargo numbers
  9. Woozie

    GSX & 747-8?

    I'm wondering if the 747-8 will be utilizing the extended GSX interaction through L variables? Things like sync'ed boarding and automatic door operations? Anything you can tell us?
  10. cheers for that Can the knob be mapped to a joystick control through FMC key assignements?
  11. Woozie

    Jo Erlend Sund's EDDK preview - WOW!

    Yes i believe its EBBR and not EBCI It seems that EDDM is also on his list, but that may be something for P3Dv8 or later 😉
  12. Woozie

    Jo Erlend Sund's EDDK preview - WOW!

    Thought its time to revive this post to add some more previews, this time with weather effects (including different stages of wetness) It seems to be nearly finished, we will be in for a real treat soon Source: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/127688-kölnbonn-airport-preview/&page=11&tab=comments#comment-903590 simply mindblowing 😲 Jo's next project will be Brussels btw
  13. Woozie

    Blurries out of nowhere

    @virtuali Ok so I reduced the 4k jetway textures to 2k (32 textures in that folder, i didnt touch the 2k and 1k textures), reverted the replacement addon.xml (back to the original one with the texture entry) and enabled RTT. Thats to ensure i'm using the same settings as last time it happened. The only difference is that i have deleted my scenery index and shader folder inbetween the two identical flights. A few specs first i7-8700k / GTX1080 / 16 gb RAM / Win10 P3D4.3 / GSX Level 2 (updated today) / FSL A319 / AS & ASCA / ENVSHADE / no reshade or tomato shade from LSZH to LEAM (Aerosoft Zurich P3Dv4, Terminal A jetways replaced with GSX L2 Sode jetways) / (Pilot's LEAM P3Dv4, no gates at all - only stairs) I'd like to emphasize again that, pre-GSX-L2, P3D4.3 was amazingly stable on my system, not a single CTD and no other major issues. It was running smooth with a comfortable performance headroom, no texture loading issues and there are no crazy tweaks in my p3d.cfg. Also im running HT off and no AF. I did the complete GSX preflight procedure, no issues apart from a 1 second lag approx every 5 seconds which starts a few minutes into boarding....the lag is not related to any camera movement and its not isolated to GSX objects, other moving objects on the airport are affected as well. It continues for a few more minutes before it vanishes and everything is smooth again, and thats before GSX boarding is completed. The same thing happened on my first flight a few days ago, and it also started a few mins into GSX boarding and stopped a few mins before boarding was completed. My passenger density was set to dense on both flights. As LSZH VEBIT departure requires an immediate 270 degree turn after take off, it takes you right over the airport. When i switched to outside view, the entire Airport Scenery was black and it took about 10 seconds for all the textures to load. Whats interesting, and this may only be a coincidence, is that terminal A, where i had my GSX SODE jetways installed, was last to load and it took about 3 or 4 seconds more than the rest of the scenery. It doesnt seem to be the most complex building in the scenery, so this may be a clue. I know that theres always an odd texture or two that takes a second to load when switching views, but i've never seen it to this extend and duration. About 50 minutes into the flight the whole mess started (again). CPU went up to 100% (P3D.exe was at about 95% eating up whatever was left) and the plane started to behave erratically due a massive lag of several secconds. It then goes back to normal but CPU remains at 100% and thats where the scenery starts to get blurry, which is to be expected with such a CPU load. Contrary to the usual blurries which will go away after putting the sim into pause and let the render task catch up., those blurrys wont go away as the CPU remains on full load. I force quit the COUATL task and P3Ds CPU usage decreased slightly, but was still unusually high. I saved the flight and quit the sim. Now there's another remarkable observation: When I reloaded the flight right after i quit the sim, my CPU was back at around 100% again once the flight was loaded, really weird. Although i didnt reboot my system inbetween, so this may have been caused by a hanging process or similar. Will load the flight again tomorrow after a fresh boot. If i have time tomorrow i'll run the same flight with GSX disabled as the issue seems to be reproducable. BTW; my couatl.log doesnt show anything out of the ordinary, although i was a bit surprised it indicates gates being loaded when i flew over LSGG (i dont own any scenery for LSGG btw), i thought GSX doesnt load anything while above 10000 feet?