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  1. I assume you mean KLM785 if you are looking for the 747 service to TNCM. KLM789 is the succeeding A330 service. Last flight was on 28.10.2016, departing EHAM from Gate F4, STD at 08:15am CET (actual departure at 08:38am CET) Total Flight Time 8:30 Landed at TNCM at 10:57am AST Filed FL 340 (stepped to FL380) Route (only partially) 2000N/06000W OBIKE A516 PJM The rest of the information (PAX, fuel used) can only be retrieved with access to KLM dispatch system.
  2. Looks like we need to wait for 3rd party devs to update their scenery before we see any of the promised performance improvements for dynamic lighting. In his FSLA320/P3Dv4.2 stream today, blackbox711 briefly spoke about the now LOD-based dynamic lighting system. It seems that DL LOD's will only be used if the scenery contains certain markers/objects defining those LOD areas. If no LOD helpers are present it will show all dynamic lights as with pre-v4.2. This would explain why most didn't notice any DL performance improvements in v4.2 Can any scenery dev confirm this? Here's the link to the twitch playback, he talks about it approx 8 minutes into the stream https://www.twitch.tv/videos/228675188
  3. Roughly 27'777 5.25-inch disks (dual sided/low density). Its advised to make sure they are all labeled properly and a 2nd floppy disk drive can speed up installation process significantly
  4. the 3 dots ... in Rob’s sentence above mean: “until Pete is back from vacation” ;)
  5. Even the allmighty FSLabs haven’t released the A320 update yet as the beta testers need to install 4.2 first and then test it against the A320 update There’s a big difference between knowing that an update will be released soon and actually testing it before release “there’s no excuse for other devs”.....oh dear.....
  6. short but sexy :) (make sure you switch to 1440p)
  7. And there goes my hope for a Drabek version of the new DLH livery... ;) While I understand the controversy around the new design, i actually like it. Its a minimalist approach (pun intended) but retains the brand recognition, although the 'fried egg' is now history. The new, darker blue goes quite nicely with the white main color imho.
  8. Great stuff, thanks Pawel Just in time for the livery presentation tomorrow:
  9. Which one are you referring to? The pinned tutorial (v1.3) that describes how to compile BGL files with AI Flight Planner? Or is it buried somewhere in the UTL forum? Still, as long as we dont get our hands on the power pack, its going to be a manual and tedious process to create schedules, FP's and aircraft/livery assignments and to ensure it doesn't interfere with UTL's existing schedules for a particular airline. I rather spend my limited leisure time flying in the sim. Cheers Dave, didnt know there's a converter available now (and certainly didnt look for it on AIG forums)
  10. Yes you can, if you are willing to write a few thousand lines of XML code in this format: <string>FDX|FDX|5201|ABF|EIDW|IRL|1115|1115|EGSS|GBR|1190|1190|0</string> A bit tedious, isnt it?
  11. I guess most bought it while it was still in early access (me included), expecting the devs to update the liveries before full release... at the end we got burned again, they jumped the gun and went for full release with the first stable version, without updating the liveries at all. I wouldnt be surprised if they leave it to the community to provide authentic schedules and liveries once the power pack is released... I wouldnt even mind if some regional southern chinese airlines would still carry outdated liveries, but we are talking about the likes of UAL, SWR, EZY and some other, totally irrelevant airlines
  12. The Fedex/UPS schedule mentioned by Bob can be found in the AVSIM Library by searching for FedEx/UPS Flight Schedule In order to get P3Dv4 compatible AI planes for the schedules, check this thread: This will at least populate cargo terminals served by FedEx/UPS quite nicely. For other cargo operators you will have to wait for the upcoming UTL Powerpack, which will make it much easier to add schedules to UTL, so it wont take long until the community comes up with other cargo schedules
  13. I dont think this is a Simstarter related issue as sceneries shown in red indicate that Lorby's AddonManager found an issue with those sceneries. Do they actually work in your P3D? Looks to me like the scenery entries point to an invalid path. I would start by checking if the paths are actually correct. All my sceneries show in green (or dark green, depending on how they are being added to P3D, using either addon.xml method or traditional method) in Addon Manager and they can all be found by Simstarter.
  14. It was kind of a slow learning curve for me, once i discovered its potential i was simply stunned by the possibilities. Even 3rd party addon settings that are not set through the SimStarter GUI can be easily changed by copying the config file(s), like "CouatlAddons.ini" for GSX, or changing registry entries (i.e. PFPX) using the RunSet feature.
  15. I can wholeheartedly recommend it, its one of very few addons i couldnt fly without anymore. It improves quality of life when simming significantly. A few examples why i love it so much: I created profiles for every addon plane i use regularly. It will... switch PFPX and TOPCAT PAX weights (via REG files) disable addons i dont need for that plane (like FS Spotlights when using PMDG planes) autostart 3rd party tools and addons specifically for a certain plane (like remoteCDU with PDMG planes or the Dash8 configurator) set GSX settings like FollowMe-Car-Speed or boarding times With the fileswitcher you can switch BGL files to .OFF to ensure compatibility of addon airports with ORBX LC/Vector. All switches can be saved as individual sets, so when ORBX updates a product, you can simply switch all the sets again without manually searching and renaming all the files again I have saved file copy jobs, mainly used for GSX customized files (pushback voicesets or handler/catering logos). As every GSX update will overwrite any modified files, I just run the saved copy jobs and all my customisations will be applied in a second I simply love it. And customer support is great as well, regular updates and the dev really listens to customer feedback and requests