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  1. Hi, I'm still in limbo with MSFS2020. Now Microsoft Store won't even let me download and install MSFS2020. I get a pending then on to error. However, i can download other programs from the Store. Any ideas. hamfist43@gmail.com Mike.
  2. Yesterday, March 11 2021 I downloaded the very recent MSFS2020 update. Ever since that moment, I cannot use the sim. It loads, but when I select departure location and arrival etc then click on FLY the sim gives up and sends me back to my desktop. Tried it online, offline, updated drivers and windows. However, the only flights that do work is the challenges etc. Cant find anything on the net yet. Has anyone heard of this one. Sure glad I kept Prepard3d as a backup. Mike
  3. Hello, I know this is a wierd one. Using MSFS2020, with Logitech Pro Yoke with twin throttle set up . Since last update all my twin acft; Go to take off and prop pitch levers in the cockpit both move halfway aft on their own, if I move them forward I get my rpms back then they move halfway aft again. Ref Planes: Seminole P44, Beech 350i I've reviewed everything and can't find anything. My twin flight controls have always worked great until now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Mike
  4. Hello, I purchased Prepard3d V4.5 when it first came out. My version states: V I don't fully understand Hotfixes. Are they the same as updates. Also if I download Hotfix 3 will that include all the updates in HF 1 and 2? Any help greatly appreciated. I think I am missing out on some stuff. Mike USAF (Ret)
  5. Hi, I have recently changed over to Prepard3d V4.5 from FSX SE. I'm glad I made that choice. However, I have two concerns with both. The scenery outside the windshield looks like it is tinted. If I zoon in on cockpit panel and look to the left it's like a shadow, then the sky turns bright. This is both on Prepard3d V4.5 and FSX. Do I have a setting to high? Mike
  6. Hi new to the forum. I have the Milviz C310 and enjoy it very much. But, recently bought the new Baron 55E and cannot figure out how to get any avionics. All I can use is the AP and top of comm stack. No radios etc. Not a default stack like the C310R. Also noticed the Baron is not in MVAMS. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I hate flying without a radio etc. Mike
  7. Yes, I know! However as I said in my Topic Post, I only get two flap positions, takeoff, and landing up and down. I use the Logitech pro MultiPanel for flaps. It use to work fine, now only two positions. Also to mention that if I go into the cockpit with the mouse and use the flap level I still only get two flap positions, takeoff and landing. And, again all my other aircraft get all flap positions. So, it's not a FSX problem it is a Milviz C310 problem. Also I cannot use the MSVAM software. My only choice is Cold start and the radios Mike
  8. Hi, I installed the MilviZ C310R Redux a couple of months ago, and had no problems or issues. Now all of a sudden I have only two notches of flaps up and down. All other aircraft have the right flap positions. Any help from viewers would be appreciated. Mike hamfist43@gmail.com
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