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  1. Hi all Best of luck to you guys! BRGDS Sven
  2. svenks

    RTW 2017 Interest?

    Eamonn mentions something that in fact is a great part of my not wanting to play along: The Rules (some of them, enyway) In the old days, we sort of just took the best available plane and flew the next leg. The best available was one I was familiar with, and felt confident that I could fly the leg. Not so anymore. You have to choose from a whitelist and every plane has to undergo rigorous testing before it can be used. Why_ To prevent cheating! Well, my take on this is that the cheaters teammates are sure to take care of it, and if not: Would you feel proud of a victory you only have because you cheated? MInd you, it's not the racing rules as such that bugs me (required airports etc) but the fact that we have too many of them. It takes hours before we are all clear on every rule, and even then we almost always have misunderstandings as we fly. Maybe it is time to let people fly what they want, as long as it is subsonic. Maybe even drop the bonus and bonus bank to cut down on the red tape on every leg. Sure, it would mean that you WILL have to wait out any penalty, but maybe that will convince people to fly more by the book (no more dive bombing). End of rant, BRGDS Sven
  3. svenks

    RTW 2017 Interest?

    Hi all So, it's come to that... I'm in a bit of a fix here, because on one hand I would hate to to see this great event go down the drain - but on the other hand, I'm still struggling to get my interest for Flight Simming back. Thus I'm not sure if I will participate if the race is being held. So I'm the Devils Advocate here: I vote FOR the race, even if my own situation is not clear. And how did we get to this...??? BRGDS Sven
  4. Hi all Even if the official result is not in, I think gratulations to team Avsim is deserved! Well done, guys! BRGDS Sven
  5. svenks

    To commemorate Tom Allensworth

    Hi, Thanks for the heads-up, and thank you Roman! So, there will be a memorial flight, which is good. On 02mar15 at 0800UTC unless I've missing some kind of DST, which is also good. But I have to admit, I had this vision of P-51' s in Avsim Livery in echelons of 6 passing over Tom's "home", and as each 6-ship passed, one would break out of formation and do a barrel roll. Now, I don't think that would be possible with too many on the same server due to the lag, so we need to decide if we go ahead with my idea (will require training), or join the rest of the community. Please note: Doing one does not preclude the other, and also note that is it not my intention to suggest ANYTHING that will cause any kind of controversy. Let's hear your thoughts! BRGDS Sven
  6. Hi guys I was both shocked and saddened to hear of Tom's passing away. To honor him, why don't we set up a big formation flight to pass right over his "home" (if anyone knows where it is). I envision a fleet of P-51, all in Avsim Racing Livery. And of course, get it on video. Let me hear if you like this idea, then we can begin training for it. Brgds Sven EDIT: As other work regarding a memorial flight is already well underway, please disregard this thread! /Sven
  7. svenks

    Farewell to Tom Allensworth

    I'm so sorry to hear this. My thoughts go out to Tom's family and friends, let alone to the flightsim community, who have lost a pillar of support. I feel privileged to have met Tom on 2 occasions, but I sure would have liked to meet him again. Rest in Peace, Tom Sven Sorensen, Denmark
  8. Hi guys. Not much to say, except GOOD LUCK and GO GET THEM! BRGDS Sven
  9. Ok, I'll have the vpn thingy online, should you need it as backup. However, as the consensus in the private forum seems to be against using it in the race, it will stay a dynamic ip address. Brgds Sven Sendt fra min GT-I9300 med Tapatalk
  10. svenks

    Vpn up for practice.

    Hi again I hope (and it does seem to hold true) that no one tried to connect between 0200 and 1200 UTC, as the server decided it was time to install updates...I really thought I had auto-restart disabled, but apparently I missed a setting. This has now been corrected. Leon, do not use fshostspy, as it uses ports that are not open and will not be opened. Just do as DC suggests. BRGDS Sven
  11. svenks

    Vpn up for practice.

    Hi gang Sorry for the delayed start of the VPN, but I'm a bit preoccupied at the moment. My father has been hospitalized with a broken leg and he is close to 88. Yesterday was not a good day. .. Brgds Sven
  12. Hi All I've been thinking about this, and I do believe we should a least stick to the AROUND the world idea. No half solutions here, please. But what about making this year an all-jets event? Subsonic of course, but maybe with supersonic corridors? That ought to speed up things, but not to twice the speed, though. BRGDS Sven
  13. svenks

    Vpn up for practice.

    Yo there The VPN is not up until the weekend, but then it will be up fri thru sun BRGDS Sven
  14. Hi all Just to let you know that the VPN thingy is online and may be reached in the usual way on <see private forum>..Note that this is a dynamic IP address UFN, and so you will be disconnected at least once every day. If we decide to use this setup again this year, I'll go ahead and get a fixed IP adress for the race. Let me know what you think. .. Brgds Sven Sendt fra min GT-I9300 med Tapatalk