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  1. Hi As for P3D pausing on alt-tab, that is easily cured. In P3D settings, you will find "Pause on Task Switch" or something like that. Turn that off. Who knows, it might even cure your original problem. Brgds Sven Sorensen, EKCH
  2. Hi all I realize that this is a hardware forum, but my question does revolve both hard- and software, so please bear with me 😀 I have the Saitek X52 Pro as well as a couple of Saitek Throttle quadrants. I use Throttlemanager.lua to enable thrust reverse when flying non-airbus planes. But I do love FSlabs Airbuses, however using the X52 throttle with with Reverse enabled if hoping for problems: If you pull back just a bit too much on the throttle, you'll activate the reversers. I did manage to tweak/modify ThrottleManager.lua to overcome that problem, but pushing the throttle forward to increase Reverse Thrust is not how you do it in an Airbus. So, I have begun a modification of Throttlemanager, so that: 1) Pulling back the throttles will only take you to FWD Idle 2) In order to actually reverse, you have to activate some button (I will pull up on Throttle Hat) to "Unlock" the throttles - and then you can pull back to increase reverse thrust. However, I would like to use the same values within my script as is used in setting detents in the Airbus - what FSlabs refers to as Throttle Position. This will enable me to read the config file and determine where FWD/REV is located. The Throttle Pos values go from -1 to +1, whereas the actual values from the throttle (FSUIPC) go from -16384 to +16384. Now, I'm not a matematician, so I really could use some help to create a formula that will convert the FSUIPC values to the FSlabs' standard. It would be so much easier, if I could just read some offset in the Airbus and get the values there - but FSlabs is like a closed book here. Thanks in advance, BRGDS Sven Sorensen EKCH
  3. Hi all Good to see that the group is still alive and kicking ... err, flying.😀 As for myself, I'm beginning to get back into flying after a LONG break. I'm using P3Dv5, as I'm really not keen on participating in Microsoft's latest beta (you know what I mean) Boy, it's steep learning curve... Keep, flyin', BRGDS Sven Sorensen, EKCH
  4. Haha, good one, Andrew. No worries 🙂 /Sven
  5. Thank you for your reply, Andrew. By "assigned functions", you do mean the ones assigned to a button in the Linda GUI, right? Not a really big issue in this case, but wouldn't it be worth looking into? I can think of lots of situations where your code would get much simpler if you could pass one or more parameters. I now use 4 functions to handle the double trigger functionality on my X52 Pro joystick. If I could pass a parameter, I would need only 2... Then again, it might be to tricky to implement. Thanks again, BRGDS Sven Sorensen, EKCH
  6. Well, the title says it all... Is it possible to pass a parameter to a Linda function, say like one in User module? If I define a function that needs a parameter eg "function RC4_Set_Keycode(keypress)", the Linda GUI doesn't seem to allow me to enter a value for keypress - or have I missed something? BRGDS Sven Sorensen, EKCH
  7. Disregard... I finally got it working by using KeyPressPlus. I did try that yesterday, but apparently something else was wrong. Thanks, Sven Sorensen, EKCH
  8. Hi all I thought I would pick your collective brains for a bit, since I'm fresh out of ideas... I'm trying to utilize the Saitek X52 Pro's double action trigger to do one of 2 things in RC4: ACK or ACK and CTC. In RC4, these are assigned to CTRL+7 and CTRL+1, respectively. I have defined G7 and G1 on my G15 keyboard to do this. However, in a busy moment, it would be nice to have these 2 functions near at hand = the trigger on my X52, which have 2 steps. You would normally use this for machine guns or machine guns + machine cannon, but I really don't do much shooting from my FSlabs A320... 🙂 The idea is: Step1 trigger, - do ACK, step 2 trigger do ACK+CTC. The code is simple enough, and it does produce the correct keypress (veryfied by seeing the korrect keystrokes appearing in Notepad) - but to get RC4 to react to it is a very different matter. I have no idea where the keystrokes end up, but RC4 does not react... Any ideas on how to do this would be greatly appreciated! BRGDS Sven Sorensen, EKCH
  9. Maybe when you did the first copy, you failed to exit LNM? Brgds Sven
  10. Ah, okay - now I see! Well, English is not my first language, so I took the word abuse a little serious. Sorry about that.🙄 But a polyline would do the job nicely, and yes, I would (ab)use it that way. Airernie: You still don't get it. I do zoom.in, so I can see the taxiway names. But at that zoom level you cannot see much of the whole path, and if I zoom out so I can, I may not be able to see where to turn. Especially as I have the map off to the side on a secondary monitor. The multi line measurement would only take a minute to click into place, and then you can zoom out and still see the path. Note, I am not the only one looking for such a tool. Other than using progressive taxi, I haven't found anything that can show the way on the taxiways - except for FSC, and there you can only mark whole taxiways, not just the part you want. Hth brgds Sven
  11. Hi Alex I'm not sure what you mean? I do not hope I have offended you in any way? Brgds Sven
  12. Hi Alex Thanks for your reply. Yes I suspected that. What about my other idea? Special taxi waypoints, that can be inserted before SIDs and after STARs/approach? The reason I would like this feature is simply because it is easier to follow a path in a different colour. Also, when you zoom in as much as is required, sometimes you can't see where you need to be going, and you might wind up taking a wrong turn. Brgds Sven
  13. Hi again Having dug deeper into this brilliant program, I can see that it already can do what I want - almost! First of all, I can place a number of temporary Userpoints along the path I use to taxi. That helps a bit, even if they are not connected. Then I discovered that I could easily add Position waypoints to the flight plan, thus actually getting a path to follow. But this fails when I have a SID, since these waypoints needs to be after the initial (parking) point, but before the SID. And you cannot place them there, you can only move them down, not up. Perhaps a simple way would be to have a class of waypoint, that are temporary but CAN be inserted before the SID. Again, just a suggestion... BRGDS Sven Sorensen, EKCH
  14. Hi there I'm new to this program, but *very* impressed! Just what I need to finally retire my old FSC86... But there is one thing I miss: Taxi help. In FSC you can highlight the taxiways you'll use and thus get some help on the moving map while taxiing. Maybe doable? Of course, it would be even better, if there was a function that did the highlighting for you - a sort of Taxi Planner... I know, you get a lot of suggestions, but this is an area that has been left untouched for many years, and I have found nothing that will work with P3Dv4. Again, this is a really great product, and one I should have been using for years already BRGDS Sven Sorensen, EKCH
  15. I have been running this setup for years, without RC4 though. I have AS16, FSC and PFPX there as well, and never had performance issues at all. That is why I also suspect that giving more ressources to the VM will not help - and it didn't. I am flying as we speak, and right now I had the problem, where I misheard FL 340 for 240. Well, I can always go back to RCv4 on the FS pc. That will give me the option of seeing the text. Thanks for you help, BRGDS Sven
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