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  1. Have done the same thing, since FS9.. This sheet has been continuously updated and hardly ever changed in regards to assignments. After years and years at my side it is rarely referred to except maybe during gauge/lua coding sessions. All the keyboard keys in the image refer to FSUIPC/Lua commands whereas the text keyboard commands are the only remaining sim commands with very few having the stock key assignments. On the joystick image there are 2 solid black buttons, using these gives me 3 alternates for each of the remaining buttons although not all buttons have 3... Yet. Printed out & contained in a plastic protector to prevent stains from the occasional coffee spillage.
  2. If this is the stock 737 / 747 then no, there is no way to select AP nav source other than NAV1 & GPS. Only the most advanced payware aircraft have the ability to select NAV2 as the AP source.
  3. I believe the online activation is no longer available. From this post you can look in the FSX root folder for "Phone Activation.xml", call the number that is associated with your country or the US. If the phone activation does not work you can try this or this ( same procedure, written differently ). Note.. It requires registry editing (advanced) but it has been successful for many.. Phone activation list shown here for ease :
  4. Good news that the sim is showing now. One thing I would do prior into looking into the Ox80004500 error is start the sim, have the aircraft ready to fly, then, shut down the sim so everything gets written back as it should on a clean shutdown. ( FSX.cfg, FSX temp files, prefetch, other cfg / log files etc..) A computer restart at this time wouldn't hurt either. Then, as for the Ox80004500 error, it is from windows and any subsequent hints are clear as mud.. ( from an internet search ) Sorry...
  5. You might want to try this.. What I suspect is that you are directly going into the flight, bypassing the opening screen where you are able to adjust things. One of the adjustments is going to directly into full screen on load. With a plain text editor open up the FSX.cfg & check these settings : FSX boxed, Steam should be similar - C:\Users\<USER NAME>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\fsx.cfg These will get you into the opening screen so you are able to adjust things and, after that, run the sim in windowed mode. [STARTUP] LoadWindow=1 SHOW_OPENING_SCREEN=1 [Main] Maximized=2 As described above, make sure you are running FSX in the Win 7/8 compatibility mode and also as an administrator.
  6. Yes, exactly... 👍 In the FSUIPC dialog it is very easy to be in the wrong Lua section, IIRC there are 6 lua sections ( take with a grain of salt, from memory ) : 1) Lua [filename] - This will run the lua, "R" 2) LuaKill [filename] - This will kill the lua, "K" 3) LuaSet [filename] - This will set the flag provided by the param, "S" 4) LuaClear [filename] - This will clear the flag provided by the param, "C" 5) LuaToggle [filename] - This will toggle the flag provided by the param, "T" 6) LuaValue [filename] - This will send a value to the lua variable ipc.param via the UI param, "V" You can modify your .ini while the sim is running, save it, then go to the FSUPIC dialog, keys tab, press "reload all keys". That should do it :) If it does, ofc delete the pesky K & L assignments.
  7. Ideas.. - Review your key settings for numpad 2 & 5 in FSUIPC keys tab, the right side.. Confirm they are correct, matching exactly to what you have with the K & L keys. - Try removing 2 & 5 from the default commands as a test. You could also post only the [Keys] section of your FSUIPC.ini file, maybe a second set of eyes looking at it may help.
  8. This is just an idea on where to start. MSCTF.dll is a windows OS file dealing with Text Services.. Look for something dealing with plain text files. My idea? If the MD-11 is PMDG or an advanced aircraft with a FMS & uses database files (usually a plain text type) then maybe try setting your windows "Region and Language" settings. Control Panel | Region and Language | Formats tab | Additional Settings button --> Customize Format | Numbers tab | --> have Decimal symbol set to "." period & List separator set to "," comma. Reboot computer & try the flight again.. Again, just an idea. If that doesn't work you can always revert back to your previous Windows regional settings.
  9. I built a few gauges many years ago that have the same problem. Tried over & over again to rectify the situation with no luck. A thought just occurred... Have you tried doing the undock/move panel with the sim paused or the aircraft in a stationary state (IE preflight) ? Haven't tested yet but I think what is happening is that when the panel is undocked and is starting to be moved a value on the readout is updated/changed during that move. At that time the monitor(s) w/h size, w/h ratio may change and as the readout string is written the references to screen size/ratio are all wonky being saved as a reference to future readout updates. Just an idea, going to test this on my next sim session.
  10. These 3 are custom events using L:Vars. You can control these using either FSUIPC L:Var Macros or LINDA. For reference - (L:Stall_Heat, bool) < 0 = off, 1 = on > (L:fuelVentHeatL, bool) < 0 = off, 1 = on > (L:fuelVentHeatR, bool) < 0 = off, 1 = on >
  11. When using FS title bar, it will show the last offset listed of the 4 available. So make sure that either 024C is the only one in the list or it is in the last slot.. OFC have hex unchecked if you want a standard number output.
  12. I use v24.0.1 (64 bit) on Windows 7 64. I have just read that releases up to, and possibly greater than, v25.0.4 will work on Win7. The "Previous Releases" button on the download page will bring you here --> https://github.com/obsproject/obs-studio/releases A few clicks on "next" page (bottom) will bring you to the older Win 7 compatible releases. It's a great program!!
  13. Most excellent flight Roger, Thanks! 👍 OFC some screenies were taken, you may see them here if you wish.
  14. What is probably happening is some other event is firing off constantly. When it does that the sim detects this as "multiples" and turns up the inc/dec from 1 to 10. It's been like that in all MS based sims. FSUIPC (misc tab) did have a checkbox to prevent this and lock the inc/dec to 1. I don't have MSFS but had the opportunity to look at some of the gauge/cockpit coding, disgusting, command flooding is everywhere.
  15. 2 words.... Thruxton Jackaroo Stumbled upon this at the EAA site and mumbled to meself... "What da ____ is dat?"
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