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  1. Excellent flight! Thanks Ron & Roger! Some screenshots are here.. Cya'll soon..
  2. spokes2112

    Oregon Summer, Part 2

    Well that sucked. The flight was good yes. My interweb connection sucked, failed and then was very unstable, finally got a good connection just a few hours ago (Sunday morning). Anyway, snapped a few screenies --> here. What a diverse group! Will see y'all again soon.
  3. spokes2112

    Prepar3d v4.3 - Boeing GPS is black

    check the panel.cfg in the 737 to see if it was calling a custom GPS not in the P3D gauges folder but was in the FSX/gauges (or panel) folder
  4. spokes2112

    C/O Button or IAS Mach Button not Working

    Ahh.. Possibly a small bug in the check routine. Just turn the routine off and it should work for you. Around line 7 change local a = 1 to local a = 0 There will be no more confirmation of operation display after this, just check operation by toggling the C/O button or other lua command. If that doesn't work just set it up as an [Auto.<profile name>] to start only with the stock 737. Sorry, cant help with the C# portion - out of my league. Just FYI, all C/O buttons are custom for different aircraft. There is no built in command for the operation.
  5. In "Modules\FSUIPC Documents\Example LUA plugins" there is a lua that will log what's needed up until the time of crash -- "record to csv.lua" Would advise not to run it until close to the point of the known trouble area.
  6. spokes2112

    RAF Centenary Flypast, London

    Excellent shots Nick !! There are some videos (w/ July 10th dates) over at Facebook, being a "page", don't think a sign-in is necessary, showing the "muster up" & others prior to the flyover. https://www.facebook.com/royalairforcebrizenorton/videos/
  7. spokes2112

    FSX SE stuck on 26%

    Not good and the source of the hang.. Sim is looking for scenery that is got wrong paths, messed up layers or other.. Get all the triangles to disappear and you should be good to go.
  8. spokes2112

    Return of the Spitfire

    Nick.. Thanks again for another awesome flight! Must say as we were flying over the Normandy area my head was bowed. Some screenies & a couple of JoinFS recordings for playback are available here, for your enjoyment.
  9. spokes2112

    C/O Button or IAS Mach Button not Working

    Here you go --> https://www.dropbox.com/s/2p2wzon93x37p4c/MS B738 AT Interface to FSUIPC.zip?dl=1 I plan on putting this and other interfaces up at FSUIPC\User Contributions sub forum once a few more are finished. Request feedback and/or problems please.
  10. spokes2112

    C/O Button or IAS Mach Button not Working

    The code is done and fully tested.. Made 3 completely different versions, each one had their own little quirks, the last one fixing it all. The hard part - writing the install instructions Should be done by the end of the day or earlier ( US ), on it now with the morning coffee. Stay tuned.
  11. spokes2112

    C/O Button or IAS Mach Button not Working

    Multiple items need to be done.. The above scripts are just examples showing the custom code used by Microsoft for the AP buttons. None of them can be used for what needs to be done. This is what needs to be done.. 1) The autopilot.xml located in FSX\SimObjects\Airplanes\B737_800\panel\B737_800.cab will have to be modified to reassign some G:Vars to L:Vars. 2) A .lua file will have to be made to incorporate buttons to FSUIPC 3) The joystick buttons needed assigned to the lua within FSUIPC If wanted I can do the work for you, it may take a day or 2.. please advise.
  12. spokes2112

    C/O Button or IAS Mach Button not Working

    As asked over at the FSUIPC forum - What stock aircraft are you actually referring to? The 737, 747 & A321 all have different code for the C/O buttons.. It is not a built in command with FSX. Examples - B737-8 <Script> (M:Event) 'LeftSingle' scmp 0 == if{ 1 (&gt;L:IAS Mach Pressed,bool) (G:Var6) 1 + 2 % (&gt;G:Var6,number) } (G:Var6,number) 0 == (A:autopilot mach hold, bool) 1 == and if{ (&gt;K:AP_PANEL_SPEED_HOLD) } els{ (G:Var6,number) 1 == (A:autopilot airspeed hold, bool) 1 == and if{ (&gt;K:AP_MACH_HOLD) } } (M:Event) 'LeftRelease' scmp 0 == if{ 0 (&gt;L:IAS Mach Pressed,bool) } </Script> A321 <Script> (M:Event) 'LeftSingle' scmp 0 == if{ 1 (&gt;L:IAS Mach Pressed,bool) (G:Var6) 1 + 2 % (&gt;G:Var6,number) } (M:Event) 'LeftRelease' scmp 0 == if{ 0 (&gt;L:IAS Mach Pressed,bool) } </Script> 747-4 <!-- The 747 Doesn't have a C/O switch, it is automatically done when the individual speed hold type is engaged --> <!-- SPEED HOLD --> <Click>0 (>L:Mach-IAS select, bool) 0 (>K:AP_PANEL_SPEED_HOLD)</Click> <!-- MACH HOLD --> <Click>1 (>L:Mach-IAS select, bool) 0 (>K:AP_PANEL_MACH_HOLD)</Click> Irregardless of which aircraft you use, a lua file along with FSUIPC will have to be used for joystick integration. Not only that but the people over at MS used G:Vars for implementation in some aircraft for the autopilot -- BAD!, BAD!, MS!! So... The autopilot will have to be modified to change G:Vars over to L:Vars so lua can be used. Not a daunting task, just has to be done properly.
  13. spokes2112

    Rogier’s Riviera Vacances

    Screenshots from Sunday's flight with Gunter thru NY & PA.. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/da7v0hddzak33z2/AAAss2EDnmAZcm1em9hOUK-Da?dl=0
  14. spokes2112

    Rogier’s Riviera Vacances

    Great flight today Roger.. Thanks! A few screenies, what a group!
  15. spokes2112

    North America waypoint?

    The "waypoint" is a Place Bearing Distance - IGN VOR, 084° at 37NM In the FMC type in - IGN084/37 More info is here --> https://support.precisionmanuals.com/kb/a59/fmc-custom-waypoint-entry-notes.aspx NATU = North Atlantic Track Uniform with SUPRY as the entry & XETBO as the track exit. SUPRY 46/50 48/40 50/30 52/20 LIMRI XETBO *valid for flight levels 320 330 340 350 360 370 380 390 400 FMC entry for the lat/lon points would be 4650N 4840N 5030N & 5220N This link is the only one I've found with the eastbound tracks included. https://blackswan.ch/northatlantictracks