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  1. NIce ones Gunter! LIKE A SWARM OF BEES! Luv it!
  2. Hi, Simple answer - no. Because you are only going to use only 5 (0v thru 5v) of the possible 10 LEDs, the source (Rhi, pin 6) of the the internal voltage dividers needs to go to 10v. The internal voltage regulators output (RefOut, pin 7) is connected to the voltage dividers source (Rhi, pin 6). The internal voltage regulator needs to have a supply (V+, pin 3) 1.5v or greater than the required RefOut (10v, pin 7) to stay stable. 12v is perfect. That site is confusing. He's mentioning the LM3914 but using the formulas for the defunct LM3916. Either way powering both the LED's and IC by 5v would yeild the 10th LED lighting at the following voltages with the given resistors as shown and using the provided formulas. LM3914 = 2.08v LM3916 = 2.25v Notes about the schematic below - - Pin 9 should be left open for "dot" mode - LED sinks on LM3914 are open collector, pin 10 thru 14 are safe to leave open - After further thaught, a safety relay was a little overkill. - R3 is a safety resistor to prevent overcurrent on the 5v USB and Bodnar board. - R4 is a matching resistor to R3's highest current so the brightest spoiler should match the brightest flaps LEDs Brightest possible spoilers w/ R3 at 300 = 16ma, therefore via formula in the datasheet - 12.5 / 0.016 = 781 (750 is a standard value, close enough) - Questions about the inrush current of the filter cap. (Hmm..) For the flaps LEDs I would much rather use the power supply's 5V than that of the Bodnar board. (much safer and it isolates the Bodnar board) S3 is just there as an alternate example and is not needed. - Adjust R2 and R4 so the LEDs have the same brightness, then adjust R6 so that pin 6 equals 10v. (R6 should equal 5.25K to 12.3K based on the previously adjusted brightness) These are just ideas based on references - no guarantee is given, whatsoever! First experiment on a breadboard or something.
  3. Hello, Are you willing to use a different switch for the spoilers? Did some searching here, here & here for a SP3T "on-on-on" switch. Found 1 that shows interest & is in stock. ( $15.55 US & $17.12 CAD ) Makes it much easier, no relays, no ICs. Downside? The switch is rather small with a 0.732" lever. (could solder a mini tube on it to extend) Upside? It has a cool feature of "pull to unlock" like real aircraft have. C&K Components 7211K12ZQE Datasheet <--- This is the model NKK Switches Datasheet <--- Looked here but couldn't find anything in stock - anywhere. Look how easy this is for the spoilers.. If you want to keep the same switch that you already have, a newer IC (IXYS CLA106ND) has been found to use.. (IMO Relays are not the way to do it) (Leo Bodnar Reference for LEDs) As for the flap LEDs a LM3914 referenced to 10V (using only half the LED drivers) should do the trick.This is about as far as I can go without any testing. Check with Leo Bodnar? or an electronics "pro". LM3914 Datasheet - ( $3.38 USD ) Experiment Site - Note the formulas are for a now defunct LM3916 KEMET EC2-5NU For safety relay Full size diagram Don't have one... Maybe someday.
  4. Way beyond my pay grade.. Maybe something like - SimConnect <----- bidirectional -----> A Program -----> USB or Port -----> Decoder -----> LED Driver ------> LED - OR - FSUIPC w/Lua ------> USB or Port -----> Decoder -----> LED Driver ------> LED -OR- SimConnect <----- bidirectional -----> Arduino ------> LED
  5. Thanks alot Nick! Great flight.. Here are some pictures from Oregon & a place a bit warmer, New Zealand on Sunday. Great showings on both days. Not much room for all these pilots.
  6. Not sure about this one.. It's been awhile away from electronics. Either way I would start with a "ganged dual pot" with one doing the controls and the other doing the leds.. From there I'm kind of lost. (may think of something later) Did you want the led's to react to the actual flap position and not the handle position? Then this would be totally different. You could do this with a rotary switch having a spring loaded return to center and using the incr/decr commands. If you want to actually turn the knobs round and round than an encoder is the only way to do it. http://www.leobodnar.com/shop/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=98_75
  7. Hook up and assign the pot as an axis. Then use the right side of the FSUIPC Axis Assignment tab to calibrate output ranges to a flaps set command. Never used Linda before, I write my own .LUA's. With that I really have no idea if Linda can do it. Some kind of logic or hardware will be needed because there are only 2 outputs of a SPDT and you need 3. Logically it would be something like - If switch is up - Arm Spoilers If switch is down - Spoilers Extended If switch is NOT down AND switch is NOT up - Spoilers Retracted It will have to be written so it is not constantly (flooding) sending the commands. An example in XML - (L:Switch up, bool) (A:SPOILERS ARMED, bool) ! and if{ (>K:SPOILERS_ARM_ON) } (L:Switch down, bool) (A:SPOILERS HANDLE POSITION, position) 0 != and if{ (>K:SPOILERS_OFF) } (L:Switch up, bool) ! (L:Switch down, bool) ! (A:SPOILERS HANDLE POSITION, position) 1 != and and if{ (>K:SPOILERS_ON) } You could do this hardware-wise, making 3 separate states assigned to 3 Bodnar switch inputs - OR... A better way if you can find an IC similar to this one (4000 pcs minimum order!)
  8. Very interesting post... http://pmem.uk/joinfs/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=594
  9. RTW2018

    We have 4 now - it's doable!!!
  10. RTW2018

    I am more than interested!
  11. Test 1.4.4 is out.. Peter seems to have used my lua tests to incorporate into JoinFS. Fingers crossed on this one. His incorporation should have a much better trap rate than the lua.
  12. Thanks Nick for the wonderful flight! What a turnout! Just a few screenies, nothing really that good. My keyboard and computer were acting up, the actual screeny would take place around 3 seconds after clicking the shutter button. Also made 2 posts over at Peter's site re: MP shutdowns w/Carenado aircraft. The second post includes a quicker acting lua (diagnostic routine removed) - feel free to become a guinea pig. OOOPs - having a difficult time uploading the screen shots here, I'll just share the folder instead.
  13. Thanks Mike!! Looks much better.. _________________________________________________________________________________ On another note, and this may not apply to you guys.. (My C185 folders are a "cluster-fudge" due to multiplayer integration fixes) 1) If, and only if, any one of the repaints have a texture.cfg file within the repaint's folder, and within that file has an entry of (either 1 or both) - fallback.X=..\texture <-- Points to the Airplanes\Carenado C185F Ski\texture folder fallback.X=..\..\Cessna C185F\Texture <-- Points to the Airplanes\Carenado C185F\texture folder 2) Then, go to both pointed folders and see the if it has the following files in them - Care185Ffuse_A.bmp (or .dds) Care185Ffuse_B.bmp (or .dds) Care185Ffuse_C.bmp (or .dds) Care185Ffuse_D.bmp (or .dds) Care185Ffuse_E.bmp (or .dds) Care185Ffuse_F.bmp (or .dds) Care185Ffuse_G.bmp (or .dds) 3a) If the above are present rename all of them to --> Care185Ffuse_X.bmp (or .dds) to Care185Ffuse_X.bmp.OFF (or .dds.OFF) where "X" is "A" thru "G" -- OR -- 3b) Follow the steps in the link provided below making the fallback a newly called paint. Having these in a fallback folder "may" (most likely will) cause other aircraft to show in all white or some other fallback (UGGH!) .. We have seen this before in the C-47 too. It is not JoinFS's deal, just how fallbacks work within FS. If any one of the exterior fallbacks gets called, some of the other players aircraft will use that set. (it's all about the timing when other player's aircraft are loaded into the sim) I wrote about this here --> https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/515225-proper-c185-textures-sundays-flight/ And since doing it to a few aircraft that have this setup, no one has ever showed as a duplicate or some kind of "repainter's" texture provided by the developer in multiplayer. _________________________________________________________________________________ Unknown yet if I'll make the flight, been under the weather since before Christmas. Seeing the shaman for the third time tomorrow, hopefully she gives me drugs that will work. Not bad, just some days are much worse than others.
  14. Wow!! The forum is really screwed up.. Hopefully fixed soon. Here are some prelim shots of yesterday's flight.