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  1. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Gunter

    Happy Birthday Gunter!
  2. Some shots from Sunday's flight..Yeah I know I said they would be in Saturday's folder but forgot I cleaned up dropbox so it's nice and uncluttered. To add from Saturday's flight.. My friends sister whom I mentioned has a lot of nice photos up at her instagram.. She's now solely based in Nepal. Also from the news desk!! The US government has now given up on the major contributors (rockwell collins etc..) for all government installed navigation equipment. They found that new equipment born from homebuilders is better performing and less expensive. The article is here.
  3. An alternate way? - Use fsuipc to trap the button box buttons and send to one or more lua files - In the lua(s) rewrite the animation code in lua to do the work.. (fsuipc/lua supports the read/write of L:vars)
  4. Mike.. Again, can't thank you enough for all the work you put into this flight.. It was incredible! Jeff.. WOW! That brought tears of joy to the eyes. This world needs more people like your friend John. Some screenshots and JoinFS recordings from today's flight can be found here.
  5. Holy "___" Jeff!! Outstanding!! Some fold'n papers for y'all - Mike was right, there's currently a SIGMET for T-Storms CatII on the north side of the range.
  6. Looking forward this weekend's flights.. It's been a while. First have to get the co-pilot's hair out of the sim computer.. HA !!!
  7. Scenery bug

    best tool out there.. use it daily https://sourceforge.net/projects/fs-sceditor/
  8. FSX-SE Elevator Not Moving Whole Way

    Controller wearing out? If equipped with potentiometers they could be giving up.. When the elevator/aileron problems start to arise go to windows calibration and see if the controller is moving in full travel. If not, it's time for repair or new controller.
  9. According to this site - if FSX\Weather\wxmapping.bin exists then FS will rebuild %appdata%\Microsoft\FSX\wxstationlist.bin on the next start. From my experience this is true..
  10. Upper right corner, drop down selector box --> select a different map.. Make sure you're online and the map provider is not blacklisted by your firewall.
  11. Eastern Caribbean

    The best way is to have matching Title="blah blah" , this is the default search parameter used by JoinFS & native MP. Mike had a query about this back in January in the JoinFS forum .. Versions have changed and I don't think that reply is completely valid anymore. (Mike was on track 100%) Take a look at the following text from the models.txt from JoinFS - VS F9F51 26|Grumman|F9F-5 Panther|VF-192 208B, BuNo 125485, USS Oriskany, ca 1955|Fighter|1| TITLE | UI MANUFACTURER | UI TYPE | UI VARIATION | ROLE (not UI TYPEROLE, IT IS GENERATED BY JOINFS !!) | MAGIC NUMBER (NO CLUE) Search priorities - SEARCH #1 | SEARCH #2 | SEARCH #3 | SEARCH #4 | Probably #5 | No Clue Here a few other entries that just make you want to go HMMMM? (Lots more where these came from) MJC8Q400_SAS|Bombardier|MJC-8 Q400|Scandinavian Airlines|SingleProp|0| <-- not single prop, magic number ? BuNo37216|Lockheed|PV-2|BuNo37216 Navy|SingleProp|12| <-- not single prop, magic number ? Learjet 35A N925DM|Gates|Learjet 35A RDR/GNS|N925DM|Fighter|2| <-- It was a fighter back in the day for "Joe Public", magic number ? As you can see the lookup data that Join FS picks up is not always valid, so with that in mind it best to make sure the "Title=" (priority #1 search) matches what was put on the spreadsheet by temporarily modifying the aircraft.cfg. Jot down what you have changed for the flight so you can change it back. ex.. [fltsim.##] title=RealAir Lancair Legacy V2 C-BERT becomes, due to the sheet entry - [fltsim.##] title=Lancair Legacy V2 C-BERT //title=RealAir Lancair Legacy V2 C-BERT EDIT - A alternate way is to just make a new [fltsim.##] section with copied data from the original and replace the title (and fltsim.##) with the new one.. Either way of doing it has its own sets of advantages and drawbacks. My old program - "Multiplayer Alias Tool v1.0" was/is a very good tool for FSX, it will not work anymore for P3Dv3+ because of the addon.xml malarky. It actually kept track of the mods I made to match the spreadsheet. In the spoiler below is a list of titles i have to go back and change when bored, rainy day, or something. At least I have a record. BTW - I will not be able to make today (or tomorrows) flight. Best friend in town and she makes the schedule of activities..
  12. Propliners over the Andes

    Nice shots Gunter, MIke & Jeff !! All I can say is "Awww Man! Missed some good flights."
  13. 2018 RTWR Concluded

    My short PIREP, didn't want to "beam up" all over the place to take screenies. That would've put my sim (maybe even baton carriers) into an unstable state. Better off scouting offline. Leg #2 - Travis, Roman My 1st leg complete, flew wingman from Freetown, Sierra Leone (GFLL) to San Pedro, Cote d'Ivoire (DISP) in a F-8F Bearcat. Over Liberia, nice calm night with slight headwinds, quite gusty coming into San Pedro. Needed to land second as a wingman so went over the water and lost all situation awareness in the blackness of night.. Pure instruments.. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Leg #7 - Roman, Leon Day 1, T+10.5 hrs - Couldn't keep eyes open at 10:00pm but couldn't get to sleep until 11:30pm..Woke up at 1:15am and couldn't get back to sleep. Lucky timing though, during discussions it was determined a pilot was needed for the next leg using a special aircraft (combat headwinds & distance) that some other team members don't have.. I do.. The hot seat in 45 minutes, coffee is now brewing! Awaiting departure in a few seconds. Leaving Santiago, Spain for Belfast, Northern Ireland in the "hot rod" P-51H. Leon, my wing in the Tigercat and Bry & Nick coming into Santiago in P-80s. Leon below me at 22,000 feet, I was 29,000 feet. Over the Bay of Biscay, west of Bordeaux, France. Strong"ish" headwinds with a 20 knot head component, UGGH! 9 minutes to spare for the 2 hour limit. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Leg #10 - ENNA --> EEKE, Harv (2nd try) (Abort), Roman (Abort) ---> Roman, Gunter Harv & Roman admiring the scenery at ENNA while Nick & Leon are inbound from ENAL. Nick coming in from ENAL (Leg #9), just milliseconds from touchdown. MURPHY STRIKES :-( Times 2! The way it was reported required a full restart at Banak. A 30 minute lead turned into a 20 minute deficit. Eamonn quotes - "I step away for breakfast and all hell breaks loose." An understatement!!! Staying quiet, realizing the ramifications, but enjoying the scenery. The second try from Banak with Gunter as wingman. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Leg #19 - ENNA --> EEKE, Eamonn, Roman 3 sunsets & rises in the span of a day and a half.. ;-) Eamonn as lead and Roman as wing, a flight from Lubango, Angola (FNUB) to Karibib, Namibia (FYKA, middle of nowhere!) Flat, with not much to see. Uneventful flight except -- We nailed it! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Leg #22 - Roman, Ron Vanderbijlpark, South Africa (FAVP) to Johannesburg, South Africa (FAGM) It's 3:00am local time, no clue how long I've been awake (eyes only, brain is dead). This one WAS enjoyable - looooooow 'n sloooow w/ enjoyable banter all the way. 5 minutes later...... Out 'n snoring with dreams of radial engines in the head. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The final leg, a mass exodus from OE54 to OMDB with Nick as lead and Jeff as wing. Preparations for the exodus... (Batons at night, a fun flight for others, real time not required) Here we come!! Having fun "winging it" with Harvey. Luckily a GTN750 wasn't loaded - "Traffic, Traffic, Traffic" Made it, Nick & Jeff are on their way, on approach. Post race libation time! WHOO HOO! We made it!
  14. Portsmouth Intl at Pease (KPSM), RNAV (GPS) RWY 16, has an oldy but goody - ITAWT ITAWA PUDYE TTATT --> map --> IDEED
  15. Beechcraft Baron

    Seems logical. If it works, well, it works ... Good deal.