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  1. spokes2112

    Coordinates and altitude in Google Earth

    Yes.. A tutorial straight from the source - https://developers.google.com/kml/documentation/kml_tut
  2. spokes2112

    Powell River to Ocean Falls

    Bert..Thank You for the excellent flight! Stunning area to fly around... As Ron would say - "Brilliant!" Not the best screenshots ever, kind of out of it... Here they are. EDIT - The spreadsheet has been updated to what we discussed today. 1) A checkbox is provided if you have modified the title or any of the UI entries are different from the download, or, in the case of UI, the UI entries differ from what is basically stock in the other entries of the same aircraft. 2) The 3 UI fields are optional as most repainters follow the released aircraft stock properties in these fields. (Thank you Ron - A good man in this respect) As we all know the C-47 was a devil in this regard. A perfect example of when to use these fields. The last thing I think we all want is to make it any more difficult. With all these new fields it is like filling out tax forms! hehe.. Just looked at JoinFS and we may be able to take out the UI_Manufacturer part. JoinFS does a good job in this respect. This will stay as an open topic to test and discuss. These 3 fields have the clip property activated to keep text from overpowering the sheet. The text will get cut off if too many characters are in the cell. To view all the text just click the cell and then, near the top, just under the menu, the full text will be shown in the formula entry field. ( ƒx ) The sheet is yours... Open to all comments and suggestions. Hope this all made sense, cuz I dont understand what I just typed out (hehe) - doped up to high heaven on meds. EDIT AGAIN - Will discuss with Peter for confirmation.. Just noticed something in the JoinFS inventory text.. The use of comments on the same line as the title should be avoided at all costs.. JoinFS does not distinguish them as comments! Therefore may not find the aircraft. I have a quite a few of these in my inventory. 😞 Bad.. title=my aircraft // repaint by joe blow Good.. title=my aircraft // repaint by joe blow
  3. spokes2112

    Powell River to Ocean Falls

    What a waste of the day! Seen that Josh now uses the Millennium Falcon as his default fallbacks for JoinFS. Always wanted something like that but a little different... Searched the internet and found sources, ran them through GMAX and ModelConvertorX with some trial and error dealing with the aircraft.cfg.. The interceptor needs a little work on the glass yet. ( and maybe some finesse from Ron on 1 ((of 3)) simple exterior texture ) BTW this "was" a FS2000 model! A tribute to Gerry Anderson! If you show up thru JoinFS and I need to substitute, you just may look like this.
  4. spokes2112

    Powell River to Ocean Falls

    Weird.. In the readme .pdf they seem OK but when copied over they convert even in plain text.. In the readme.txt it is not good at all. I wonder if he has 2 different uploads. The link I got is from his facebook page not from the flusi site. Don't remember site name other than it required user registration to get the files. Just going to make sure it looks like yours Bert 😉 BTW using UTF-8 and tried ISO-8859-1, OEM US & Windows 1252 char sets. Sometimes a conversion to OEM US would give a good result. I really despise character encoding specially when writing programs - has to be done though...
  5. spokes2112

    Powell River to Ocean Falls

    Caution!! All the repaints from "Cheesy Simulations" have questionable characters in them.. JoinFS will probably not like it.. (like last week) Even the forum software here cannot reproduce them correctly. (for a few) My advice? Replace them all with "bare bones", "standard issue", quotes.. We all should stay on the same page for this or substitutions might have to be done. But.... Don't quote me on that. - REFER TO THE SPREADSHEET FOR UPDATES, MIKE & BERT SPECIFICALLY. EX... [fltsim.xx] title=DHC2 Beaver - Harbour Air „Canada 150 Years“ (C-FFHA) sim=MilvizDHC2_Floats model= panel= sound= texture=C-FFHA atc_id=C-FFHA atc_airline=Harbour Air atc_flight_number= ui_manufacturer=“De Havilland Canada“ ui_type=“Beaver DHC2“ ui_variation=“Harbour Air „Canada 150 Years“ (C-FFHA)“ ui_typerole=“Single Engine Prop“ ui_createdby=“MilViz, Cheesy Simulations“ description=“© 2018 - Cheesy Simulations DHC-2 Beaver Redux Livery“
  6. Here are some shots from Sunday's River Danube flight - Leg 2. A very nice flight, looking forward to the next legs. Thanks Gunter! Have a Happy New Year! Be safe if "out - n - about"...
  7. spokes2112

    RTWR 2019 Interest

    Leon, The one problem with this is availability. The race executive team requires that an aircraft "type" be available to anyone - from FS9 thru P3Dv#, freeware or payware. Restricting to failures would negate all the above because almost 90% of the aircraft that have extensive failures are payware and are very limited (if at all) to FS9 aircraft.
  8. spokes2112

    Powell River to Ocean Falls

    If you didn't get the message on TS yesterday (29Dec18) there was a new freeware release over at the outhouse that may fit this flight beautifully. The "Fleet Aircraft 50K - FSX Native Bush Fun" - kind of a strange one, an ugly duckling perse. My kind of aircraft! Radials.. hehe Wiki - Fleet 50 Wiki - Fleet AIrcraft Just may go with this one on this flight - after some flight testing. EDIT - If you want to go real slow this may fit the bill.... 😉
  9. Again, great flight Jeff! A blast with the C-47! A bunch of gooney gents flying the gooney bird - couldn't get any better. Some pictures taken with the Brownie have just been developed, you can find 'em here..
  10. Great flight Jeff - Thanks! Mike, thanks for the scenery tips.. Worked out well. Photos are fresh out of the processor. Unfortunately Avsim nor Dropbox support .webp format (32bit color) so had to make the animations as .gif (8bit). Now a .mp4 instead. They are here for your viewing pleasure. If I don't see you for tomorrow's flight, have a Merry Christmas. If travelling, please be safe!
  11. Thanks Mike ! Wow - do I have a mess in these areas! Can someone help in clarifying? Going to go with a reinstalled PIS|PNG|BF and just Mike's recommendations above. 1) Have the PIS|PNG|BF, but then have another folder (and the archive too) of a set of the same made specially for use with O'Jacksons. This is what's weird - The stock scenery has 1886 files while the O'Jacksons special scenery has 1953. 2) A third folder in the same PNG Global folder named Frieda River.. Just filled with barrels, kangaroos, cones, birds and such. Does anyone remember why I would do something like this -or- why it was done? Disregard - figured it out.. Using a batch file to make file listings and then comparing the 2 using a fine program called WinMerge to compare the 2 it was found that Frieda River is included in the O'Jacksons special scenery. The program also generates a nice report. 3) Another scenery folder - "Nick's addons" in my global PNG folder. IIRC this is just for those that do not have PIS|PNG|BF correct? Or, does this have any fixes of landing strips in the water? Continue on if you want to hear a coffee loaded human babble about this past weeks journey (40+ hours) fixing a flight sim computer, cuz I am not going to mention one bit of it on TS later today - flying only & enjoying 😉 _________________________________________________________________________ It was found multiple problems have been on my computer, maybe since day 1 of building it nearly a decade ago! Other items that I zeroed in on was possibly a tired power supply and/or a bad video card (GTX1070 OC - stock OC'd). The latter was true. Some of the effects of these bad shutdowns, btw - NONE were ever reported in the Windows event log. a) If simming the FSUIPC.ini would get corrupted badly, stripping out 100s of lines of customized key and button programming entries along with the entries of all my lua's. Lucky I had a backup but it was from moons ago, a good hour or so was needed to get it back up to snuff. (still more to do!) Made a batch file to back that sucker up every time FS is started, never going to happen again! b) Registry corruption.. Occasionally on a restart many devices would not load - audio devices, vid card, lan & drives, basically anything connected to the motherboard. Even lost my sim drive once! = Driver installs, over and over again. c) Lower resolutions (1024x768 and less) would result in longer life, what a waste of a new 4K monitor! d) Overall general "suckiness". In order of fixing: 1) The video card. It was found YES, it is bad - but fixable. What was happening is during a power change in the card (P-State) it may fail miserably (blue screen, video card shutdown, or just a plain shutdown of the computer) due to the slew rate of voltages vs frequency and a slightly off BIOS with those w/ MICRON GPU memory - of which I have. The article, after many hours of searching, is here - Eureka! (comment #13 - #5348688 really tells the story) At least 2 hours were spent checking and cross checking Device ID & Subvendor numbers. There where 3 revisions done to this card during it's lifespan - UGHH! Needed to find the correct one and pick the newest BIOS, wasn't easy. BTW my original BIOS was from 4 months before the article was written. Took another hour to get in a "zen mode" before pulling the trigger on a BIOS flash.. Result? - WOW - so much better for about 4 hours! (past failures where every 5 seconds to 45 minutes or so) No more blue screens or video shut down but rather only an instant computer shutdown. Power supply? Maybe.. Here's is where it got funky. Remember at the beginning of FSX and the UIAutomationcore.dll fiasco? That is exactly what is happening now but in Windows! It would only shutdown if I clicked on something - anything, not program related at all. The only possible way to delete or update "UIcore" is to boot directly into DOS and do it from there and even then Windows would probably bark at me because there is no catalog for it. More funkiness? The UIcore fix for FSX was supposed to be a Vista 32 version (older) so what is this? Definitely will NOT go this route! UIcore in FSX last mod date - Saturday, ‎February ‎26, ‎2011, ‏‎11:38:02 PM UIcore in my Windows 7 SysWOW64 & System32 last mod date - ‎Monday, ‎July ‎13, ‎2009, ‏‎8:16:17 PM 2) Power supply it is, but then my digital storage oscilloscope never caught anything.. Hmm?? Found an excellent sale on a Corsair higher end, modular 1200 watt supply, 20$ less than what I paid for my 650w 9 years ago & and half it's normal price -- Ordered! (see more about this later) 3) Mulled around a bit in the system bios and cross checking with HWiNFO64 and found a few things. a) With 2 sticks of memory my XMP profile said that the tRC value should be at 31, mine was at 40 in the bios. Down to 31 it is saving me 9 clocks - yippee! hehe. No difference in shutdowns. b) HT (HyperTransport IE the "Main" bus) clock.. This puppy should match my CPU to Northbridge clocks at 2600mhz (= 5200 MT/s) and what was mentioned in the MB manual. It was some sick number like 1900! Looked in the bios and it was set to AUTO - go figure.. Never trust "AUTO" anything! - LOL Manually upped to the required 2600. Got the sim running at 1600x900 and did a few flights, compiled some video, programming, web surfing and so on for 12 hours.. All good! - SWEET! (Yes, haven't got any quality sleep this whole week) All I can figure was that the CPU was doing a lot of work but couldn't give the result to anything due to interrupt requests - a lot of them! A big bottleneck, probably causing accidents on the highway IE the shutdowns. c) A year ago or so I purchased 2 extra sticks of memory for an upgrade because the sale was so good. Always had problems with 4 sticks - frequent blue screens, proven to be the extra 2 sticks - gave up on it, now spares. Decided to try the extra 2. Rebooted and then checked the XMP profile again. It looks like with 4 sticks my tRC should go back to 40 - done! More testing for a few hours.. All good! Plus more memory to boot - sweet! 4) The big test.. Going flying in 4K (3840x2160).. Holy word not allowed!! All scenery sliders full right (water too) except for scenery complexity (1 back), autogen (2 back) & mesh (5). The only other thing turned off is bloom - never liked it anyway. 8 layers of clouds from FSRealWXpro, rain, thunder etc. Frames in the upper 70's to 90! Simply brilliant! Hehe.... This is the first time the 1070 actually did any work. Before it never got above 30% load or 50 watts. She's now worth the purchase. 85%+ load and pulling 150 - 170 watts of power - OH YES!! Doesn't seem like the power supply anymore, oh no!.. Time for some math, here are the results. The 650w is not within my comfort zone anymore. The 1200 is overkill but for the price it is worth it plus usable for another future build. 5) OH NO!! On a second, much longer, hard core flight I monitored temps more closely.. Nearly cooked the CPU! AMD recommends 61C for constant max temp, that is, of course, with their built in cushion. Around the net it is mentioned 70/71C should be the max continuous for this CPU. AMD says it will brick at 91C.. Here I was at 82C !! Woah nelly! - time to shut 'er down. The sim that is, keep the fans running to keep the temps from rising on a pure shutdown. Never before has it gone above 50C. I guess now that electrons are flowing freely it's going to create heat. Downclocking time and set an alarm for 65C. I have had this CPU overclocked to 3.8ghz from 3.4ghz since maybe the second week after the initial build w/ no problems. Tried 3.6, hovering right at or slightly above the alarm. Down to the stock 3.4 it is, still on the stock cooler/fan .. No problem, still get frames in the 40s to upper 50s, can't wait to see what happens today. Santa's is coming twice - a 240mm twin fan liquid kit is on it's way.. Future proof too :) also fits all current AMD & Intel chips - so not a bad investment. Will try 3.9 then, even heard 4.0 is attainable with some voltage adjustments, but would rather stay stable. Before all this BS it was a tough time to get frames in the 30s.The only way was to turn down eye candy to a not so good looking sim. Really wish I would've found this bottleneck years ago - word not allowed auto setting. But why now? It was quite stable (not perfectly) before. The only thing that has changed was the monitor a few weeks back. Maybe the monitor was asking for things the computer couldn't give. Add it all up and it resulted in a barely usable computer, forget about simming. Anyway, it is 4:30 am and I am tweaked on arabica beans - time to go flying and check out the scenery with MIke's mods and do some more testing. See y'all later today - after a nap hehe. Text Tracking Text Tracking Text Tracking Text Tracking
  12. Not many shots taken with all my troubles. But if you want, some shots are here.. Nice looking group! Thanks Jeff!
  13. Quick question.. Any specific scenery? I have just stock airports for the first 6.. (AGGK thru AGGE) Doesn't seem right for some reason.
  14. Once again.... THANKS Gunter! Great flight up north! Some screenies from the daytime "twilight" flight are here..