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  1. This may fix it for you.. Go to SimObjects\Boats\AI_Guayas_Riverboats There is probably a folder named " Model_Guayaquil_No_Flag ". Rename it to : " Model.Guayaquil_No_Flag " In essence, replace the first underscore in the folder name with a period.
  2. Yes at times backups are created there, depending on what program you may have used to modify it. This is the location of the "active" scenery.cfg. A bone stock scenery.cfg can be found in the FSX root. Don't ever modify this one. It is there as a UI fallback for FSX itself. If needed to start over without using the UI, copy the FSX Root\scenery.cfg to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX
  3. Having owned a shedding dog along with many of her friends stopping over, a BSOD with ntoskrnl.dll was the alarm clock -- "clean me up you i_d_i_o_t!" (~ once a month) Fine after that. Max rated temps of the cpu may not mean anything.. Directly underneath your cpu, on the motherboard, there are usually some simple cpu support circuits. They get heated from convection and are not cooled except for air flow. If those start acting up due to heat then your CPU will wonk out -or- send a signal to OS that something is wrong. Just cool it down, you should be good.
  4. I see you got it going.. ( over in the FSUIPC forums ) OUTSTANDING! 👍
  5. Really unknown. But it seems Win10 and their updates are causing this. There are a few examples of this happening. In one post it refers to missing Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 and 2015 redistributables. https://www.simforums.com/forums/fsi-client-wont-run_topic61684_post393840.html#393840 It shouldn't matter that they are installed there because during the installation the .dll's, acting as system files, are registered in the registry with their paths. Perhaps there is old registry entries from a past system state that are pointing to the wrong place. - If none of the above works - Advanced and just guessing here.. What you could try is: 1) uninstall all simconnect files from control panel 2) Unregister all the simconnect.dlls, new ones & the old ones path - if possible, may have to go registry hunting for old paths regsvr32 /u "path & filename of dll or ocx" 3) Reinstall simconnect(s) again, letting them go into "fusion"
  6. Have you tried these? The library search function "can" be your friend.. --> https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=fsxmisc&DLID=197717 --> https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=fsxmisc&DLID=190932
  7. Ron.. Thanks for the flight! Very enjoyable. 2 out of 10 doctors agree, the other 8 were out golfing. Wouldn't you too? If there? Have some screen shots, available here.. This flight reminded me of pre Oshkosh - "Bonanzas 2 KOSH", close to 100, or more, all coming in at once. Here's a little chart so you can figure out yourself if your mug was taken.. My Aliases: Mike --> V35B VH-SQE Ron --> V35B I-BMBN Gunter --> V35B N1873L Nick --> V35B N830T Roger --> V35B N275BM Jeff --> V35B N3712D Steve --> Legacy N323DE (and in 1 shot, "Moon Base Interceptor") Bert --> (C421) to C441 Conquest II N503PM Josh --> V35B ??? most likely also in N3712D Norm --> (exact) V35B N9609T Frank --> TB-21 GT N725GT Michael --> (Mooney Acclaim) to Navion B, USAF Me --> I forgot already - heh If I don't see you today ( it's 0200 here! ) have a great week & stay healthy!
  8. Most likely one of the required simconnect versions is not installed or got corrupted for some reason. Don't remember exactly where the installers are located.. In FSX boxed I believe they are on disk 1, on Steam, again I believe they are in the root sim folder / redist.. v61259 is the acceleration version. Run all the *.msi installers, as administrator, and you should be good to go. No harm, likely better, to install all versions available to you. Here is a nice write up regarding simconnect and it's installations.
  9. Ron, And all this time you assumed I never read your posts.. I assure you.. I read them. I wouldn't sh (word not allowed) it you.. You're my favorite tu (word not allowed) rd! 😂
  10. This little kit may do it for you, use it often. Not sure if it works beyond P3Dv3.. https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=193750
  11. Mike, Once again... Thank You for the flight, all the research & all the last minute tech issues.. Fantastic! Such a gaggle of different aircraft too )) OFC took some photos, at one location it even caused a crash.. Looking back at the visitor center near the dam, when should've been looking forward. BOOM.. Hard surface - lol You may view them here if wanted, ofc not up to par with ...... Still a 50/50 chance for tomorrow, if not able - have a good week, stay healthy!
  12. Hey Ron, With the N number showing it's giblets was finally able to get the kid's name who rebuilt the thing from nothing.. Let google do the work for you --> "Kyle Fosso". A lot of good stories. Looks Great!
  13. Some screenshots from yesterday's fantastic flight are available here. Way too many of myself in Ron's excellent paint.. Need to be more attentive. Mike, Thanks so much for setting this all up - the scenery, write up & all the video links. Provided hours of enjoyment / information well beyond the flight itself. ))
  14. It's all up to the gauge coder to include the conversions using the settings | general you provide. Most don't.
  15. It will happen if you have a flight plan loaded, then go direct to, then save the flight. A direct to replaces the flight plan with "notta". As Charlie mentioned, create a new flight with the plan in the opening screen.
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