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  1. StewartH

    First impressions

    No harm, no foul, Jesse.
  2. StewartH

    Twin Comanche Imminent ?

    For the record, that is *not* a show-stopper for me. I'll still get it. (The A2A Spitfire doesn't have an AP either.)
  3. StewartH

    First impressions

    Thanks for the info. I hope PC Aviator is quicker posting the update than they have been with others' products.
  4. StewartH

    First impressions

    The currect version available at PC Aviator is v1.2. What issues does this new version address, compared to v1.1, may I ask?
  5. StewartH

    Twin Comanche Imminent ?

    Really looking forward to this one. Thanks for the heads-up, Scott.
  6. StewartH

    C'mon MilViz - show the B55 some love ?

    I also vote for a B55 Redux. The C310R Redux is superb.
  7. StewartH

    MilViz C310 Redux True Airspeed ?

    Thanks, Scott. Yes, I believe the performance tables are in the manual. I'll have to double check, but thanks for the tip.
  8. StewartH

    MilViz C310 Redux True Airspeed ?

    Scott, Quick question: How does one know his aircraft is flying at 70% power? What am I looking at that tells me I'm flying at 70%?
  9. StewartH

    Flight1 GTN750 and P3Dv4.3 Problems

    I'm with Bob here. I have the GTNs running on all cores. Let Win decide which core to use. I should also add I'm running hyper threading on a 4-core i7 4790K with *no* affinity mask, just so you know how my system is set up.
  10. StewartH

    Flight1 GTN750 and P3Dv4.3 Problems

    I'm running Windows 7 Home, so don't know if this relevant at all. I have had similar problems as you describe with the GTN750/650 combination in the past, and discovered that they seemed to occur only after having used the computer for something other than flight simming, surfing the web, for example. On cold starts and directly loading up P3D, there were no problems. So from then on, if I want to sim, I do so without running any other program which is not related to flight simming. Loading up weather, Little Nav Map, etc., has no effect on the functionality of the GTNs, of course. Cheers! Stew
  11. StewartH

    C 310 Redux

    Gotta agree with Frank. The Redux *is* the latest version. If you aren't flying the Redux in P3Dv4, you're truly missing all the goodies.
  12. StewartH

    Recent Updates

    Yes, both the C441 and C402C are current as posted there.
  13. StewartH

    Recent Updates

    I was not confused--they still had the C402C v2.4a listed, and the C441 download was the same .exe as before the update.
  14. StewartH

    Cessna 402C update 2.5

    Nice, eh? Nice! 😀
  15. StewartH

    Recent Updates

    PC Aviator has finally posted updates for the C441 Conquest v2.3a and the C402C v2.5. I gave their customer support guy, Mark, a heads-up. Looks like he came through. He also fixed my other purchase problem, so all is good now.