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  1. You're welcome. Glad I could be of some help. SimStarter NG is extremely powerful, so much so that sometimes you can get yourself into trouble. I mainly use it to set up profiles for the different Orbx regions, etc., so that the sim doesn't have to load up all my scenery and airports, only those I plan to fly from, into or around, and leaving all the rest disabled, but still installed. You can even assign the addon.xml airports that some of the developers install into the sim to those profiles which you have setup and enable/disable them the same way you would with the airports installed in the ordinary way. Cheers!
  2. Cessna 310R Redux

    Thank you. Enjoying flying the Redux in V4.1 in the meantime.
  3. Cessna 310R Redux

    How close are we to getting the 310 Redux service pack? Or should I ask?
  4. Why is prepard 3d such a performance hogger?

    I like your approach. I fly with an i7 4790K @4.6 OC, no affinity mask with HT on, and the workload is distributed across all 8 threads very evenly. I have the impression that the recent versions of P3Dv4 are much better at utilizing all cores than previous versions, at least according to rumor. I've only recently switched to P3Dv4.
  5. I'm aware that P3D puts stuff on the C: drive. But SimStarter NG restored the airports installed by the addon-xml method as soon as I ran the program, because it knew where they were located in the Documents/Prepar3dv4 folder. When my computer tech restored my C: drive, he was able to save all the files in the Documents folder (and the ProgramData folder), so SimStarter's addon-xml manager easily found them and reinstalled them into the sim. The registry entries were restored when P3D was reinstalled. I have no plans to install X-Plane, so there's no need to get into a discussion about its merits vs. P3D.
  6. That's correct, and I am.
  7. Good question. I should have clarified that. Of course, there was some re-installation required, but it wasn't extensive, since non-Orbx scenery was in an addon folder and only needed to be reinstalled into the sim, and not reinstalled onto the computer. P3D required a reinstall, but it was easy, since I had the original zip files. And Orbx was easy, because FTX Central found all its stuff on the FSX drive. So technically there was some re-installation necessary, but no re-downloads from the net. But the system drive being hosed did not itself hose my FSX drive nor my P3D drive, I guess was the point. My apologies for my own confusion on the point.
  8. Thank you, Bob, for your reply. That makes sense and is what my computer tech suggested after my near disaster. I still don't think it accomplishes much to have the flight sim and Windows on the same drive and never have thought so. The chances of total loss don't make me comfortable.
  9. You folks who have installed P3D on your system drive, what do you when Windows goes tits up, or the drive itself refuses to work properly, as mine did awhile ago? Luckily, I had P3D installed on its own SSD, along with all the addon sceneries, and neither required reinstallation after my system drive was repaired.
  10. 310R Redux in FSX?

    I stand corrected, sorry. 310 Redux is for both simulators.
  11. 310R Redux in FSX?

    Hi, there. To my knowledge, and it is stated so on the MilViz webpage I think, the new 310R Redux is for P3D only, and v4.2 at that.
  12. C310R AP GPS coupling

    I was not implying I needed help with the problem. I was simply stating I wasn't having a problem when using V4.1. What "user error" are you referring to?
  13. C310R AP GPS coupling

    I'm running v4.1, and the AP and the F1GTN 750 work fine together. How come, if I'm not using the v4.2? I must be missing something.
  14. New 310C Cold and Dark

    Hello! The workaround you suggested yesterday still works, though.
  15. This is fantastic! Another reason to get this aircraft for those who don't already have it. I suspected this might be the reason, but I'm not a RL pilot, so wasn't sure.