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  1. Thank you, Alex. Much appreciated!
  2. Glad I could help, sir. Good luck with the vs wheel.
  3. I seem to recall Ctrl-D turns off the yaw damper. Sorry, I don't think I've ever used the vertical speed wheel, so I'm no help with that.
  4. Thank you, Martin. I hadn't thought to look here on this forum, so lesson learned. In fact, if truth be told, I didn't think to look back as far as 2015.
  5. No luck finding those alternate textures, at least not in the avsim library, that I can find.
  6. Thank you! I'll try to find them.
  7. Santa filled my stocking early this year with the MU2. This plane is so much fun to fly! Just thought I'd pass this along--I'm sure most of the folks here have had a similar experience. Just label me "late to the party".
  8. Three months later: Evidently not. The beacon still shines through in P3Dv4.1. Too bad, but the plane still rocks nevertheless.
  9. Go to Orbx's website and the explanation of PAKT's unusual layout will be clearly explained if you ask about it. CZST's parking locations I'm not familiar with, sorry.
  10. Hmm...didn't know FSW had a sale...too bad. PC Aviator has a 10% off sale every Tuesday, and I have a $5 coupon I can use, so I'll go that route, I think. I like the looks of that cockpit. I'm interested in comparing this 402 with Milviz's version of the 310R, which I fly a lot, although its recent incarnation for P3Dv4 has a couple of minor bugs yet to be ironed out. Cheers! Edit to add: As a matter of fact, Bob, FSW's sale will begin Dec. 19 and last until Jan.3. Santa will reward my patience!
  11. Almost two years later, I'd like to ask if the Skysong C421 sound set will play nice with P3Dv4 and the most recent 402C, does anyone know?
  12. You're welcome, Bob. I went to my previous orders page at REX and the free update was listed there, as I recall. Not so intuitive. I'm not sure why your rig doesn't like the OC to 4.4. Could be it's getting a little long in the tooth? Who knows? Btw how do you like the 402? I'd like to add a (non-Carenado) turboprop to my hangar, since I'm already familiar with flying the 441.
  13. Indeed, it was a free upgrade. It is working in the 441 Conquest.
  14. Thanks, Bob. Will check it out.
  15. May I ask where the update fixing the fuel flow gauge might be located? On the Milviz webpage, and if so, where?