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  1. That may be the case if the landing gear aren't extended. Stew
  2. It will work in v4.5, but not supported, as I understand it. Looking forward to seeing how it goes...
  3. One of the reasons I haven't gone over to v5.1. The Milviz C350R redux version, in my opinion, is one of the finest light twin-engine sim aircraft around. Stew
  4. Three zips are on their way, Bill's mod, a reference list, and a checklist. Be sure to follow the checklist carefully in order to avoid an engine fire. Thanks for the tip about the pm being full. I'll check it out. Stew
  5. I don't believe a PM will work to send zip files, Joe. But PM your email address to me and I can send you Bill's mod 3.1.
  6. I apologize for the long delay. Please pm your email address and I'll send everything along. The most recent mod is 3.1 btw. Stew
  7. Hello, Kevin. I apologize for the late reply--real life business and all. Without an email address, I'm afraid I can't send you a copy of the mod. Please try again. Stew
  8. Thanks, Ark. Problem solved--see my edit to the original post. Sorry for the trouble. Stew
  9. I'm having trouble updating my older version of the C441 to the latest 2.5. I've tried using the product page, but there doesn't seem to be a way to update the product. It may be a problem with my having bought it originally under an old email address, but I have since had to change it and now no update method is offered, as far as I can tell. What can I do? Stew Edit: Sorry for the false alarm. It seems I ordered the product from PC Aviator, and I have just finished dl-ing the newest version. I'm embarrassed my memory is perhaps not as good as it should be! But all is well now!
  10. My 3 zips for the Cheyenne II, including Bill's mod, are on their way to you. I don't have the Commander 690 mod. Stew Edit to add: On second look, I do have the 690 mod, and it's on its way, also.
  11. Hello, Robert. We're doing well, thank you. The mod for the PA42 Cheyenne III is on its way. Enjoy! Stew
  12. It used to work either way, but at some point, something got goofed up with one of the updates and was never fixed. It wasn't a show-stopper for me since I like to use the "a" for changing my views of the front panel and the rest of the interior of the aircraft.
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