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  1. No, you did not. Maybe the jetliner is part of the problem? It's easy to blame the scenery, when in fact the in-sim settings bear a great deal of the blame.
  2. That's your choice, of course. But I can say I have very few problems, if any, flying in the Portland area, and it certainly doesn't bring my pc to its knees.
  3. Hello, Mark. Have you voiced your concerns to Orbx? Complaining over here isn't going to get you much satisfaction.
  4. Hello, Bert. PM sent. Stew
  5. Hi, Bob. Yes, this alteration seems to work. Thanks for the tip.
  6. Bizarre behavior that the Aircreation would affect scenery like that. Sometimes you just never know...
  7. Noel, As you probably suspect, the ultralight ain't gonna work in P3Dv4. I've resorted to flying one of the easy/default helicopters to do the exploring bit. It takes a little getting used to controlling the thing, but after awhile it works well.
  8. I think Sue may be participating in the new FTX Central beta testing, where those items are runnable. I'm doing well, Noel. Running FSX on one SSD and P3Dv4 on another, and waiting for all the Orbx airports to be made ready for P3Dv4. In the meantime flying all over the US and Canada (OpenLC NA), and just got through with a flight in Southern Germany--very nice scenery and *lots* of airports in Germany, including the one my daughter is stationed at. Don't give up on P3D--it's being constantly improved. FSX is a dead end--there's just so much that can be done with it and it's just about reached its end. But it still runs great on my system with help from Steve's DX10 fixer and a few aircraft and airports that haven't been ported over to P3D yet. Cheers!
  9. It would appear that P3D is reading the wrong data for the atc id, do you think? At least for these two FSW aircraft. P3D reads the atc id correctly for my Milviz C310R and the Carenado acft I have installed.
  10. Hi, Noel. As far as I know, Yosemite, Devils Tower and Monument Valley are not ready for P3Dv4, even through Fastlane. I could be wrong, though. My Traffic is a pita, so I don't use it.
  11. Thanks, Bob. There was another poster over on the MU2 forum commenting about the same thing happening with his MU2.
  12. Hello, Bob, and thanks for your reply. I've found I can maintain a constant altitude if my torque level is maintained at around 1500 or 1600 ft-lb. Even with the alt hold activated, any higher than 1600 and the aircraft starts to ascend at about 10-20 ft/min. Also, I don't recall ever hearing the 1000' warning tone. I'm going to try a re-download and installation and see if that makes any difference, but I have no problems in FSX, only P3Dv4. Update to add: A reinstall of a more up-to-date version of the C411 seems to have solved the altitude hold problem, as well as enabling a dual installation of the GTN 750, which wasn't available previously. Nice addition. So I had an older version of the aircraft installed and didn't know it! Dumb. However, the ATC (and the pilot for that matter) still use the callsign "0" instead of the atc id that's showing the aircraft.cfg file. What is the problem here?
  13. Sometimes it's necessary for one of the forum mods over there to nudge the system to send you the email which will allow the transfer. But you have to go over there and explain the problem, so they can act on your behalf.
  14. Is this altitude hold problem a P3dv4 problem? Perhaps the upcoming v4 update will fix the problem, who knows?
  15. Is this a Flysimware problem or a P3Dv4 problem, can anyone comment?