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  1. StewartH

    please help... elevation problem

    If this is a problem with P3D's default scenery, this is not an Orbx problem, and should be posted in the P3D forum.
  2. StewartH

    ORBX scenery.cfg correct order?

    I would advise going over to the official Orbx forums and find out how to use the FTX Central Insertion Tool. That would probably solve your issues.
  3. StewartH

    loading flight plan C441

    You can transfer your flight plan from littlenavmap directly to a folder which itself stores GTN flight plans (sorry, I forget the name of the folder and I'm not on my flight sim computer atm), then you can load your flight plan from the GTN itself without manually entering the waypoints. Anyway, how long is your flight plan? It doesn't take that long to enter a few waypoints, does it?
  4. StewartH

    C310 Redux PT-ONX

    Ron, I loaded up PT-ONX this morning and the texture.PT-ONX folder is missing its texture.cfg file. I copied it from one of the other texture folders, so no problem. But thought you outta know. Stew
  5. StewartH

    C310 Redux PT-ONX

    Nice job, Ron. She's in my Redux hangar as we speak.
  6. I have found this "solution" to be unnecessary. A flight I made this evening is typical of my experience. With fuel selectors set to LMain and RMain respectively, and after taxiing to take off position, from the drop down menu at Vehicle>Fuel and Payload: L Main--50.82 gal., R Main--50.84 gal., L Aux--31.97 gal., R Aux--31.97 gal. With selectors still set to Mains, after climb out to 13,000ft., L Main--47.63 gal., R Main--47.77 gal., Aux tanks no change. Switching to L Aux and R Aux, after 1/2 hr at cruise, L and R Mains no change, L Aux--24.2 gal., R Aux--24.58 gal. After 1 hr at cruise, L Aux--17.36 gal., R Aux--18.08 gal. The behavior of the fuel system on this flight and, to the best of my knowledge all flights I've experienced, is as you would expect: fuel selectors on Mains uses fuel from the Main tanks, fuel selectors on Aux uses fuel from the Aux tanks.
  7. StewartH

    Ground Handling Woes with Redux

    What he said. ^^^
  8. StewartH

    Ground Handling Woes with Redux

    I'm wondering if folks are having trouble because of crosswinds, etc. Sometimes my take-offs are relatively painless, sometimes not so painless and fighting to keep a descent take-off roll, probably because of the wind at the time. Just wondering.
  9. StewartH


    Nice one, Ron. I'm flying your N3288M atm. Beautiful airplane. Think I'll pick this one up, too! Cheers! Stew
  10. StewartH

    Icing in the 310 Redux

    Thanks, Bill. Then the effects were real. Something to keep in mind.
  11. Is icing modeled in the 310 Redux? I ask because I believe I experienced this effect on a flight from Billings, Montana, to Boise, Idaho, yesterday at 15,000 ft., flying in the clouds, using ASP4 as the weather generator. If this is the case, then loud kudos to the Milviz crew for this unexpected surprise! Regards, Stew
  12. StewartH

    KAP140 Autopilot Tutorial

    Frank, From page 12 of the KAP140 manual, that would appear to be the case, and how it has worked for me. I've never tried going to APR mode directly from NAV mode. Cheers!
  13. StewartH

    C310 Redux N3288M

    Beautiful job, Ron! Thanks for your hard work. Stew
  14. StewartH

    KAP140 Autopilot Tutorial

    I have to take your word for it, Tom, having never used one in RL. It is certainly the most complete version of this AP that I've seen, compared to that presented in any other sim aircraft. Hats off to Bill and the rest of the Milviz crew!
  15. StewartH

    KAP140 Autopilot Tutorial

    Bill, I watched it again. He mentions "ALT ARM" several times, to be sure, in explaining how to set the altitude, but mentions the use of the ARM button only once, as far as I can tell, and this was only to use the button to verify that the AP was indeed in ALT ARM mode. He never demonstrated the button's use more than that one time. Not to pick any nits, but he could have explained the use of that button a little more for those folks who don't know what it's used for. Overall, I found the video mildly informative, but too repetitive, as if the viewer had never used an AP before in his simulator.