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  1. I'm using Bill's mod for the Chieftain and am attempting to fly with the KFC 225 autopilot, but having an issue with the autopilot failing to follow the heading set on the Carenado G600. Any suggestions would be welcome if I seem to have missed something. Thank you in advance. Stew
  2. If the fuel transfer switches are set to "auto", the system burns the fuel as sgreen91 has described.
  3. "... just treat the condition lever as a Mixture axis..." That's what I do, using Saitek X52.
  4. Yes, they are. I routinely clear them before each flight, depending on the time of day. I have to say I'm using the "alternate interior" that was posted awhile back. That may have something to do with being able to clear the windows. I don't know.
  5. Try left-clicking on the forward part of the window frame, that part of the window frame which melds into the instrument panel. In your 1st pic, it would be that broad framework which is partially covering the clouds in the background. If the co-pilot's side isn't the correct click spot, try the pilot's side. Stew
  6. Dear Stewart

    I am interesting in Bill's mod for Carenado Cheyenne II. I sent him a pm some days ago but no answer.

    I really appreciate if you can send me the files.

    My email is papastavrosm@gmail.com

    Best Regards

    1. StewartH


      Hello,  There are three zips--Bill's mod, a checklist, and a reference list of specs and performance. 


      Stew H.

    2. Michalis Papastavros

      Michalis Papastavros

      Thanks a lot Stew! Received

  7. I believe you can click on the compass housing mounted above the dash to get the dome lights to come on. As for your other lighting problem(s), I will defer to someone else.
  8. Can anyone share this mod, if it's still available. PM me please. Thanks. Stew
  9. Does anyone here still have Bill's mod for the Navajo? I would appreciate your sending me a copy. Please pm me for my email address. Thanks! Stew
  10. Thanks, Ralf, for your advice on the voltammeter. Interesting stuff!
  11. Ralf, Any idea how or when the bus voltage might fall below 25 volts? Maybe when both generators are turned off?
  12. Hi, Gerry. It appears that the "LITE" versions of the IIIA choose not to illuminate the no smoking/seat belt signs. Don't know why, but there ya go! Stew
  13. Yes. I haven't had any problems, as far as I recall. The only exception: You can't use the REX WX Advantage radar.
  14. Hi, Gerry! I have them. Do you still want them? Stew
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