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  1. Rndguy35

    RTWR 2019 Interest

    Count me in as well. I need to hop back in and knock off the rust! 🙂
  2. Pilot: Travis (aka Rndguy) Simulator: FSX Steam Edition Weather Engine: Default FSX Weather Rookie/Veteran: Veteran
  3. http://fs-duenna.com/flights/ShowFlight.php?flight=r9Vz3LldHTlVfE1axMit2aW5Y8 Third time was the charm. Baton free at ENCN. (I don't have permission to post my Duenna outputs from my documents).
  4. UGH...Overspeed overstressed.....Third attempt....:(
  5. I have the baton from ENGM to ENCN in the Avanti II - Noriega v.2
  6. Overstressed....once I leveled out. Baton back at ENGM...Which I will pick up and start over! :)
  7. Ahhh..back in the saddle! I have the baton from ENGM to ENCN Avanti Noriega v.2
  8. Rndguy35

    Interest in RTW2018

    Count me in! :)
  9. Baton is free at SCSE FlightLog_23-04-08.TXT
  10. I have the baton from SAZS to SCSE in the P-51H A2A
  11. Wingman crashed at SNUI FlightLog_16-35-48.TXT
  12. Wingman SBRF to SNUI P-51 H A2A
  13. Baton Free at CYGL FlightLog_01-04-07.TXT
  14. I have the batton from CYYQ to CYGL in P-180 Avanti Noreiga .v2
  15. Rndguy35

    Go Team AVSIM

    Thanks Sven!