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  1. l_schuiling

    RTWR 2019 Interest

    would we still want FS9 to be in the list, or do we move on to FSX P3d and X plane i think adding an extra dimension, so that we cant fly full power all the time is a challange that is welcome to revive the event. best regards Leon
  2. where to start tonight? best regards Leon
  3. l_schuiling

    RTWR 2019 Interest

    What if we have the additional rule that we must run with engine stress causes damage on? and then on the more realistic planes? like warbirdsim and a2a milviz etc? that would make flying on the limit a bit more interesting, but then again, who am i? regards leon
  4. l_schuiling

    RTWR 2019 Interest

    count me in, Proud of being part of the team and looking forward all year to this team / race event
  5. l_schuiling

    p51C video

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05GB8ET7DXU me not flying, but none the less a nice film
  6. Hi all i said i would dream up a route across NL. here is a proposal EHGG Groningen airport EHLW leeuwarden military EHKD de kooy military EHAM nothing to add EHSB soesterberg, now closed but was the origin of dutch aviation and houses a military museum , https://www.nmm.nl/ worth visiting EHLE Lelystad airport, close to my home and expected to take a lot of traffic from schiphol 5232N00542E my home 5242N00516E a point at the end of enhuizer dijk which acros the big lake is a nice route to ehgg EHGG where we start we end :) category : would be nice to do it low and slow to enjoy scenery, but then might take a while, C185 or P51 or maybe a old Dc3 worth mentioning is lelystad airport home to aviodrome museum, and has as well as last flying DC2 as houses dutch dakota airways as the Pby Catalina and the constellation. the 747 parked there is of type 200 on which exact plane my old neigbour has flown as a mechanic. distance is 231 nm and given the lenght of runways and my limited time i will opt for something fast like p51. plan download here https://1drv.ms/u/s!AuuECpFBDz00iGUMOiXLadxnGyD7 any alterations welcome but leave in my house best regards Leon
  7. done and no one to fly with.... bad luck
  8. i will be hosting a join fs, so for those who want to join feel free if after starting time no one show up, i quess Ron is indespensible
  9. l_schuiling

    Denmark Low and Slow

    i will be on a holiday in Italia, so next week and this one are not on my to do list. a pitty though i like the low and slow stuff
  10. l_schuiling

    FFPS:FFTF question

    so FFTF is doing exactly what 2018 is doing and in essence the same as fiber accel? so it is not only changeing the FFTF value but a bit more on the background? regards Leon
  11. l_schuiling

    FFPS:FFTF question

    Ok might be stupid, but i dont get all the differences between the FSPS products, who can explain the differences in what they do? and not it is automatic or not 1) fiber accelerato2 2)2018 Live 3)FFTF
  12. l_schuiling

    Biplanes i.e NO APs etc.

    https://goldenagesimulations.com/freeware/ a nice moth collection freeware https://www.rikoooo.com/downloads/category/52?start=15 and a old russian biplane,, i have not tested them both but they should work
  13. l_schuiling

    Biplanes i.e NO APs etc.

    i have ants tigermoth in p3dv4 no problem found so far.....
  14. would you guys consider this route to be a worthy for saturdays flight? floatplane/amphibian needed https://1drv.ms/u/s!AuuECpFBDz00h1IYudHpObQyHCnx i cant fly the 16th so in a 2 weeks ? comments and alterations are welcome since i have not made a route earlier regards Leon
  15. l_schuiling

    FFPS:FFTF question

    Might be a stupid question, but what is the difference between a Fiber accelerator 2018 booster live and this new tool? it confuses me a lot leon