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  1. DJJose, Bert, Thank you very much for making this gem working again into P3Dv4.3, everything works fine here and I and some of my fellow virtual airline pilots are very grateful for all the work you both have done we really appreciate this. Cheers, Ruud
  2. Hi DJJose, Are you willing to share the fix for the F1 BN-2 cockpit sounds, I for sure would really appreciate this.
  3. Thank you again, Bill, for making another great mod. Cheers, Ruud
  4. ruudmeij

    F50 GTN750 mods

    Thanks Bert for your mod everything is working fine here. Cheers, Ruud
  5. ruudmeij

    Anchorage X issues

    Do you have the latest version installed? because they have corrected the elevation problems. The latest version is 1.10
  6. Can anybody give me the file name and location which has to be substituted by the Doug Dawson's 64 bit gauge to get all the sounds working.
  7. ruudmeij

    Do the Saitek panels work into Windows 10

    Hi ozflyer, This has all to do with the Windows USB power management system, you have to disable this as mentioned before with a utility, normally SPADNext should do this for you but in my case this din't worked so download this utility and use it then you have no more problems anymore. Here is the link: Cheers, Ruud
  8. Scenery package is updated to version 1.02 including the fixes, just download the package again. Cheers, Ruud
  9. ruudmeij

    Twin Star DA-42 Engine "Upgrade"

    Thank you Jim, Received your tweaked config and all is working fine thanks again for making this modification. Cheers, Ruud
  10. ruudmeij

    Flight1 GTN750 in the DA42 Twin Star

    Thank you Twenty6, I have send you a PM for this mod. Cheers, Ruud
  11. ruudmeij

    Green notification bar moved?

    I have exactly the same behavior, so any body over here that have a solution. Cheers, Ruud
  12. ruudmeij

    few more A2A installers just released for v4

    Hi Bill, Just login on your A2A accountpage and you can download the latest version, and no you don't have to submit your CC details, off course I am speaking for the A2A store and not the other vendors. Cheers, Ruud
  13. Just add the FlyTampa\Amsterdam_LC file to the your scenery.cfg this is a bug in the installer. Cheers, Ruud
  14. ruudmeij

    Saitek MUlti instrument panel in v2.4

    Hi Richard, Good to hear that its also working on Windows 10. B) Cheers, Ruud
  15. Hi Frank, I totally agree with you the JustFlight is a nice product but there are some flaws with it, would it be great if this beautiful airplane would be made by one of the great developers still wishing that this will happen one day. At the moment I am doing a round the world trip with the Connie and I tried all the alternative versions there are including the FS9 model from Manfred but the I got so used to a working VC that the only version at this moment is the JustFlight version. Cheers, Ruud