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  1. Is it possible to get some sort of balance between gsx and fs2crew? (With voice recognition). I want to talk to gsx just like I do with fs2crew. thanks in advance Philip
  2. Philipljung

    What weather engine for p3d?

    Okay, thank you so much 🙂, now ill go on and buy ASP4, thank you.
  3. Philipljung

    What weather engine for p3d?

    Thank you 🙂, but does asca come together with this purchase or do i have to buy that too to get real world weather?
  4. Philipljung

    What weather engine for p3d?

    So this contains both real world weather and also is a decent weather engine?
  5. Philipljung

    What weather engine for p3d?

    Do i need to buy ASP4 to use ASCA or can it work alone? I can see at the hifi homepage that they say it can work alone with another program, does that mean it cant work alone or does it mean it can work alone, but also with another program? Thanks again
  6. Philipljung

    What weather engine for p3d?

    But is it the one called "asp4", "asca", or "as16"? I am seriously really confused, all i want is an addon that simulates the real world weather. So if its raining outside its raining in the sim or if its really windy outside i want it to be windy in the sim. I feel like they dont provide good enough information the guys over at HIFI-technologies...
  7. Philipljung

    What weather engine for p3d?

    Okay thanks 🙂
  8. Philipljung

    What weather engine for p3d?

    So by buying that I’ll get everything mentioned above? Thank you
  9. Philipljung

    What weather engine for p3d?

    Hi, on fsx:se I downloaded activesky next to use in vatsim to simulate real world weather and winds etc. But now I have upgraded to p3d and I want to have active sky there too so I can simulate real winds and weather. I’ve found as16 but that seems to only work with p3d v3. Please help! What weather engine to use for p3d v4 so I can get real world weather and winds? Thank you
  10. Okay thank you so much, you have ben a great help
  11. So my plan is to build a homemade flight simulator cockpit. Like they do on YouTube and stuff. I’m 14 years old and I think that’s is the correct age to start a project like this. But it’s so insanely expensive. We are talking 700$ for a freaking radio panel. Is it because the quality is so good? Because I don’t care about that. It could be made out of cardboard as long as it worked. But I want a plug and play, usb. Where can I find hardware on a budget? As I said I’m only 14 years old and I don’t have that much money so I need really cheap components. One thing I wanna say before you say anything. I do not in any way expect a full cockpit done this year. I expect it to be done in around 4 years or something. So that’s nothing to worry about. I know it’s gonna be pretty expensive no matter what. But I have a dream to make the cockpit at the price of around 2500$. Thanks in advance. Any comments are greatly appreciated.
  12. So me and my friend really want to do a Connected flight deck, in whatever plane that Works. But we are both afraid to use hamachi as it makes it easier for other People to hack you. So is there any possible way to Connect to eachother 100% safe and without hamachi? Thanks!
  13. Philipljung

    ATC addon

    okay thanks
  14. Philipljung

    ATC addon

    So you mean won’t give the ai traffic any instructions about other things than telling them to hold short? That must be a silent frequency...
  15. Me and my friend really want to do a shared cockpit on vatsim, but none of us know how to fly airbus planes, or md-11 or any of that. We only know how to fly Boeing planes. So we wanna fly shared cockpit on that. Does it exist a single Boeing aircraft that is capable of doing this? Or is every Boeing aircraft incapable of doing shared cockpit? Also one more thing, how can me and my friend connect to each other? Ill rather not use my ip and hamachi and all that to do shared cockpit. Because that is too complex and dangerous for my computer. However I want him to easily join my airplane and we can fly together. Like a game kinda, If there doesn’t exist any software or airplane where you can just connect to a friend easily then I certainly know what would be a million dollar idea to make. Thank you! All answers are highly appreciated and please help me and my friend have the fun in flying we all want! 🙂