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  1. your right, pretty sure Aerosoft (which is the route problem for the crash) says it needs to be p3d v4.5+. Thanks guys! Lets hope that helps
  2. The program Prepar3D.exe, version has stopped communicating with windows and was closed. If you want to look to see if you find more information check under security and maintenance in the controlpanel. Process-ID: 8244 Starttime: 01d6222e3e65cee3 Closing time: 133 Program path: C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Prepar3D.exe Report-ID: 535f0090-c4db-458f-81b5-d46d2b36aec7 Full name of error package: Relative appliaction package ID: Suspension type: Unknown This is the only thing that comes up in Windows Event Viewer, neither whatishang or appcrashview was able to pick that up..
  3. After posting about this at a p3d forum i got a helpful manual to find my crash, i have used it all, windows event viewer, appcrashviewer, what is hang and all of those. The only problem is; nothing shows up as my problem is not the sim crashing, ill come back to that. So it has been happening for some time now. I can fly to any airport in the world without these problems, including EGKK with FlyTampa, that is one seriously heavy scenery, however no problems other than a slight reduction to my frame rate. However flying to Oslo Airport, my home airport can be somewhat of a challenge. I have ORBX Norway, and orbx europe and all of those. I also own Aerosoft Mega Airport Oslo V.0. Every single time i approach into Oslo, at around 10 000 feet. My sim freezes for a couple of seconds, and i have to not touch anything, cuz if i touch anything my sim crashes. I have Chaseplane installed as well and if i am moving my camera a lot around the cockpit while the freeze happens, it crashes as well. The only time it doesnt crash, is when i am able to time the freeze correctly so that im not touching anything. But that doesnt always work. I have tried to set my scenery down to an absolute minimum on the aerosoft scenery to see if that helps, it helps a little, as the freeze is not lasting for 10 seconds, more 5. But its still happening. Last time i posted i was also told to check every scenery in order to find the exact scenery that is interfering, but i know its the Aerosoft Oslo, as it doesnt happen to any of the other airports with payware scenery. Does anyone know how i could fix this? I have tried a lot, and i know my pc can handle this, so please help me so i can enjoy flying as i used to. Another problem with pretty much every airport (in norway) is that its snow on the runway in the night, i live in Norway, and can confirm there is ZERO snow on the runway at any airports, and its also really bad resolution sometimes during the night where the ground is pixelated with black and white pixels. Also annoying, ive always had problems with P3Dv4 and im seriously wanting the problems to end, i cant wait for MSFS 2020... I will leave my specs and addons at the bottom Specs: Intel i3 8100 @3.60GHz 16gb Ram Gigabyte Geforce 1060 3gb 500gb SSD Windows 10 Addons installed: ORBX Vectors - ORBX Trees - ORBX Global openLC Europe - ORBX Global BASE Pack - ORBX Norway - ENVTEX - ENVSHADE - Tomatoshade - FS2Crew PMDG 737NGX - FSDT GSX V1 - FSDT GSX V2 - Active Sky for P3Dv4 - ActiveSkyCloudArt - FLAi - Chaseplane - FSUIPC5 - Airports Of Norway Hope someone can help me, as im starting to lose hope... Thanks - Philip ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. Okay so i bought Aerosoft Mega Airport Oslo a year ago, and had some issues with it. I eventually managed to get the problems fixed. But like always, new problem. Every single time i fly into ENGM (Oslo Gardermoen) at around 10,000 feet depending on my STAR my sim freezes, and the most important thing i can do when that happens is not touch anything. If i do touch anything however my sim freezes forever, if i manage to not touch anything it doesnt freeze. And i know what youre thinking, cant you just not touch it when it freezes? Well yes i can but if im in the middle of a busy approach im always switching camera angles etc. with Chaseplane. And if i change cameraangle right before the freeze happens it freezes forever. Insanely annoying ill tell you. Now i also have all orbx products and ORBX Norway, and also airports of Norway installed. So that could interfere with something, idk. But the point is that i want that to stop happening. Every other payware airport ive bought does not have the same issue. So it definetly has something to do with the scenery itself. Im really considering just reinstalling my sim but that has to be the last option. Another problem im also facing is that the airport doesnt even manage to load in at all, so im 10 meters over the real airport, floating in the air.. that fortunately doesnt happen to often, but it does happen and its just as annoying. What i could do is to load in the airport beforehand so that it doesnt need to load in while im flying, instead it loads while im at the departure airport, if that exists my problem would be fixed right now. But i dont think it does, unless i change my rendering distance to several miles, which i cant do.. My computer specs are an i3 8100 Coffee Lake, and a Gigabyte 1060 3gb graphics card 3gb vRam, (i think). I also have 16gb of ram. Please help me, and im grateful for all the replies i might recieve, thanks ๐Ÿ˜„
  5. Hello, for some time ago I bought the Aerosoft Mega Airport Oslo v2 scenery for P3DV4, but here is a couple of problems Iโ€™m encountering: 1. I still have the default scenery overlapping with the paid scenery. I can still see the old taxiways in the middle of the new ones and also the buildings are sort of overlapping each other, so I can only see the default scenery because its outside of the paid scenery. I have two towers. 2. I canโ€™t spawn at all the gates. I can only spawn on 1-18 and 170-190 or something, but not on the other gates. What i wanna do is to completely remove the default airport, and get permission to spawn at all the gates on the airport. And some extra info: I have airports of Norway installed (but removed ENGM), and I have ORBX scenery for all of Norway. Thanks in advance - Philip M L Jakobsen
  6. oh, okay. Thank you so much sir ๐Ÿ™‚
  7. When my captain and f/o tries to board the aircraft they literally come from heaven and when they land they are going moonwalk style backwards away from the plane, what the hell can i do? I have tried restarting everything 2 times now but it still does it. What to do? Thanks
  8. you're right, however i dont know how to change it.. And thank you for all of your help guys ๐Ÿ™‚
  9. So i had default gsx for a while and decided to upgrade to lvl 2, but so far nothing has changed. No animated passengers, no sode jetways. It says i have activated it. when i try to board, an error message shows up saying "no sode jetway docked. you will not see passengers visually. But cant i just use airstairs or something? Please help. thank you
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