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  1. I wondered if anyone had a copy of the Shawbury Fields scenery that I think was produced by Horizon that they would be like to sell? Thanks
  2. I wondered if anyone had a copy of the Shawbury Fields scenery that I think was produced by Horizon that they would be like to sell? Thanks
  3. Simple question are Approach/ Taxi lights only really visible at Dusk/Night in P3D V4? I can see mine at night but not during day where really you should be able to see them as per the real thing Thanks
  4. yes but its the same for both!, ALT static source on/off. So when you assign a button to that it hard mutes both so then neither work!.....or am i missing something? Surely it needs to be different for both to work as required? I do need as during pushback when talking to co pilot the ugcX ramp guy occasionally says "Go Ahead" which is annoying
  5. Hi, i asked a question recently about how do i stop both FS2 Crew and UGCX ramp agents replying at the same time. The answer i was given was to hard mute FS2 crew when speaking to UGCX. This works fine. But how do i do it the other way around as now the UGCX ramp guy replies when im talking to my FS2 crew co pilot! Thanks
  6. Hi, can someone tell me what Facebook integration is meant to do in FS2 crew? thanks
  7. Hi, I have FS2 crew and UGCX installed, P3Dv4 and PMDG737ng, when i speak to the ground engineer/ramp agent i get a reply from both the FS2 crew one and the UGCX one. How do i stop this? Thanks
  8. I use voice command directly. It responds to communication check and when i say we'll be a few minutes etc but then just doesn't do anything when i say any of the next commands such as "Push face North" etc. So then i have to use mouse to click on text command. After this mouse click it then responds to all voice commands as usual
  9. Sorry but i have another issue, or two! I can talk to the ground engineer up to the point where i request Pushback and then nothing happens. Any ideas? It works if i click on the option using a mouse and then from then on responds to voice command. Also now when i click on my screen to active a switch or control on the instrument panel it just opens the UGCX pushback map options and wont allow me to activate anything?? very frustrating...again! Thanks
  10. Yes thank you. This sorted it. I was just doing a scenario re-set. All ok now
  11. Ok great that this is out. I've been waiting for the option to disable Tow plane interference. I've now spent the last few hours trying to assign another command without success and getting increasingly frustrated!! I have gone into the .ini file as instructed and against turn on main menu changed (off) to Ctrl+Shift+T and it doesnt work, however Ctrl+Shift+Y still does even though i've change it and yes i did save new settings! Also now in the UGCX options under aircraft profile there is an option to un check the Tow plane commands but you don't say what to do with this? I simply want to asign a key command or button command to turn UGCX on other that Tow Plane! Please can you help? Thanks
  12. Ok i'll check that. Thanks for all your help so far
  13. Ok great I've got it working. I was on Stand 8 chosen from the P3D scenario setup menu. When I looked on your Airport chart viewer there was no stand 8 and I was sat between two of your stands. So i repositioned to your stand 6 and all now working. So I presume when parking I need to always go on one of the stands in your Airport chart viewer rather than a P3D one? Thanks
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