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  1. We just need the son of our favorite utility maker to go on vacation now.
  2. I wanted to try those but compatibility with 64bit P3D V4/5 not being there and the manuals in Russian kept me away. I do hope that they develop for MSFS as I'd love to see a Tu-204, Tu-144 and modern Superjet SSJ100 and MC-21 to mix things up.
  3. With P3D live weather has always been through 3rd party like Active Sky. And amazingly you just missed an upgrade Window on the 15th for persons to upgrade to the current beta for V5.
  4. Now we have this I'm looking forward to White Base (Mobile Suit Gundam) Albion (Gundam 0083) SDF-1 Macross Macross Quarter Space Battleship Yamato. Normandy SR2 (Mass Effect 2 &3)
  5. Use model converter x to convert the mdl files to P3D V4 compatible, it will convert the included textures as well and since you say the guages are xml. It should work after that.
  6. Long term it may be a good thing. The fresh cash injection from the hype and renewed mainstream interest in flight simulation and addons will give these third parties resources to take on the more complex projects in the future.
  7. Like every new Graphic card and Game console launch over the past 20 years. People shouldn't be surprised how this works by now. New hot thing comes out, gets bought and then flipped on eBay. I still remember back when PS2 were bidding over 1K on eBay the day after launch. Same thing will happen with the 3070, 3090 , Xbox Series X and PS5. That's why I usually wait for the 2nd or third shipments to go buying. Once P3D V5.1 can handle VRAM better the 3080 will definitely be a compelling buy given the benchmarks we're seeing.
  8. It stands for "Enhanced Atmospherics" , LM's implimentation of the True Sky weather rendering engine that's in Prepar3d V5. Derivatives of True Sky can also be seen in Ace Combat 7 and MSFS.
  9. I agree, 8GB cards will continue to be the average, check the recent Steam user surveys. Also if Nvidia proves correct and the 3070 does give us 2080ti performance you can bet it will sell like crazy at its affordable price. Really looking forward to LM pushing V5 performance.
  10. I think when it installs, the software is supposed to disable the custom KDEN that comes with the simulator. If anything, use the content manager on the menu to make sure the built in KDEN is disabled.
  11. I'd think that since the forums, gaming sites and streamers are saturated with MSFS it wouldn't make much sense for others in the simulator scene to make any announcements as they'd be drowned out. I'd expect late September to October for announcements in this space.
  12. I think LM like Laminar are avoiding the initial few weeks MSFS hype and carefully plotting their way forward. V5 was released early to get ahead of MSFS and LM learned not to rush (I hope).
  13. Doing island hops in MSFS is phenomenal with live weather. But being the 737 & 787 fanatic I am, I can't put down my V5 with Activesky.
  14. Just asking, what do you mean it never worked? You can't get it installed? It crashes on startup?
  15. And there you already have a sale from me. Can't wait to do some Winair flights between St Maarten and the surrounding islands. Now to see if FlyTampa or Airworthy Designs will release TNCM first.
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