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  1. Now I demand a Quagmire model that says "Alright!".
  2. We'll see about it, FSDG's TLPC did well for me in Prepar3d V5 and now MSFS. SLH's TFFR is beautiful and I don't see myself changing. Caribbean wise I'd like to see them bring over TKPK to complete my collection. Otherwise KMCO and LFPG would grab my interest. Truth is, in their absence, other devs have stepped in during P3D V5 and MSFS and given us some pretty decent renditions (TLPC, TFFR, VHHH, EDDM ). I'm glad their back but I sincerley hope they've upped their game because some indies out there have risen up to give them a run for their money.
  3. That and the Milviz , sorry, Blackbird Simulations one definitely. Gonna get some LIAT, Caribbean Airlines and Air Caraibes repaints to give the Caribbean some love.
  4. I'll second regis, when I got MSFS I looked at the aircraft and airport list and decided, ok, I want these aircraft and those enhanced airports (Steam gauge props, FACT, HECA) . The other aircraft and airports I'll pick up from my favorite developers when they get them ported over (eg 787, EGLL, EDDF) so I decided Deluxe was best for me.
  5. The Saab 340, DO228 of the Fokker F50 would be great to have now we have proper visual representation of the Caribbean with this sim. I'd be down for those.
  6. Yep, I just decided I'll try running the updater later this evening when I get back as I have to head out. We'll let the caching sort itself out. That's the thing with MSFS. The good is these products are in high demand, the bad is the newbies can be very vocal over these snags. In the end, this time next year we'll be enjoying the MSFS environment and this day will be water under the bridge. I'm just happy GSX is finally here making MSFS the dominant sim on my PC. (Thank you for your service Prepar3d. *respectful salute*). Now, Quality Wings where art thou?
  7. I disagree. Macarena is timeless like "Can't touch this" and "Electric Slide".
  8. MSFS and the Fenix have changed the game. PMDG had to update their cockpit animations, their upcoming EFB will have Simbrief integration. The community expects certain things to be standard now. I'm very sure PMDG is aware GSX integration will have to come. Not sure when but its a demand they won't be able to ignore this time. That said with GSX coming out, I wonder if Quality Wings will pop soon to say something. I'd really like to have a proper 787-9 in the sim soon. Vatsim CTP is in October, the iniBuilds A310 isn't till November and the Aerosoft A330, who knows. I'd like a decent longhauler besides the headwind to rock with now that GSX is just about here.
  9. True, but seeing those old birds shiny bare metal skin and smokey engines in the MSFS environment would be an experience for sure.
  10. Yes they addressed it, if you purchased the NGXu when it released you'll see a $99 credit in your account.
  11. Delete the V4 folder in the app path. That's what addons look at when installing to see what version you're running. As always, backup your registry before editing as precaution.
  12. Could be a Windows registry entry that didn't remove during the V4 uninstall. Check if you have these registry paths HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Lockheed Martin \ Prepar3D v4 \ SetupPath HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Lockheed Martin \ Prepar3D v4 \ AppPath
  13. The premise of the QW 787 was one of the deciding factors for me getting the Deluxe version instead of Premium. $30 for a default 78 and a few airports I'd get the payware versions of anyway didn't seem worth it. Hopefully with SU10, Heavy Division can go all FBW and give us a great rendition.
  14. I was on P3D 5.3HF2 until June 2022. In the meantime I had been taking advantage of MSFS upgrade discounts for my various sceneries and kept AIG up to date for both platforms. When the PMDG 737-700 came out in May I was able to do a like for like comparison. NG aircraft, FlyTampa, LatinVFR, Flightbeam, ORBX sceneries, AIG model matching on VATSIM. Day and Night, real world weather. With the same addons and conditions between the two, MSFS pulled ahead in performance and visuals. Don't get me wrong P3D is a very stable platform and I appreciate the LM team for contributing to keeping the hobby alive the past decade, however unless you have the latest Nvidia 3K series or high end 2K series, very cloudy weather and night flying can be less than stellar unless you dropped texture quality down. And those prices until recently did not help at all. And the last few sim updates for MSFS have helped the platform considerably. With my Ryzen 3900X, 32GB DDR4, M.2 and SATA SSDs and GTX 1080, MSFS gave me what I wanted from P3D. When I had to do a Windows reinstall in June, I decided to go MSFS only until P3D 5.4 drops as I now had the Fenix for a good Airbus experience. So to answer you OP, yes you'll be fine with MSFS, and when GSX is released along with sim update 10 this will solidify MSFS as the enthusiast platform. Heck, airports I haven't seen anyone attempt since back in 2011 for FSX are being released now with astounding quality. So imagine my satisfaction. Now let me address the biggest concern most simmers had, being that Microsoft dropped FSX back in the day and cancelled Microsoft Flight. My IT people remember Zune, Kin , Windows Phone and their streaming platform that competed with Twitch. There is an inherent distrust of Microsoft's longevity in certain areas and rightfully so. However, in their partnership with Asobo, Microsoft has given a level of transparency and engagement with not only the community but developers as well, contracting them to create first party content for their sim and world updates. It was rocky at first but they've come along nicely. And MSFS continued development is assured by two things. First it is an ideal showcase for their Azure technologies and potential global platform. Commercial Sailing training (Ship Sim)? Driving Training (Driving sim)? Who knows what's being discussed with interested parties behind the scenes. Secondly, in sim Marketplace. This is a big one. For the first time Microsoft can get a cut of the sales of third party content. Given this is the only way to get content on Xbox and many PC users like the centralized experience, it is a good revenue stream that is proper incentive for continued development. That all being said, yes MSFS is a good place to start and you're jumping in after majority of the teething pains have been worked out. Hope you enjoy and see you in the skies.
  15. I you're a PMDG veteran from FSX/P3D you'll fall right in. When I purchased the -700 I did the setup just as I did in P3D, flew landed and all is well. The only lacking is weather and terrain radar coming next month in Sim Update 10. You may also have to adjust your throttle sensitivities depending which throttle hardware you have. There are a ton of those tutorials on YouTube for the popular quadrant sets. Its flying the PMDG into LatinVFR and Flytampa scenery with AIG models on VATSIM that gave me the like to like comparison Between MSFS and P3D that decided where I am mostly sim today. Once Fsdreamteam releases GSX, the path is solidified.
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