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  1. It is fictional and LM needed a default in that category to demonstrate the SDK. Any Cessna/Textron aircraft needs a Liscence to be represented in a sim and it would seem LM didn't want to go through the hassle given their target market (military).
  2. I agree, the Base + the Sharklets price made me pause but I eventually jumped in wanting the FSL airbus experience. First time I bought an addon plane that I fly more than the NGXu, thats saying something. I even ended up buying the Thrustmaster TCA Officer pack because of this plane. I only wish Aerosoft's A330 TCA support was more like the way FSL did theirs.
  3. With Windows 11 being released this month and support for Windows 7 ending in January 2020, you're going to see more developers dropping it as supporting 4 Windows Versions (11,10, 8, 7) would simply be too much for many developers. Since almost all Win 8.x folk have gone to Win 10 and given 10 and 11 both use the Windows Store, DirectX 12 and similar drivers, you'll see Win 10 and 11 being the supported platforms going forward.
  4. That's interesting, haven't had any issues with my 3900X so far. I'll count myself fortunate.
  5. The core launcher files are located in the ...\Steam\steamapps\common\MicrosoftFlightSimulator folder and when the launcher runs you can choose a directory to install to. I chose D:\MicrosoftFlightSimulator on my gaming drive. Given the sheer amount of changes since the gold release you'd end up downloading 100GB of update data anyway so might as well get the download version and be done with it.
  6. @Radial9 When you say not working, what is the issue you're having? Did you use the latest installer mjc8-400-Pro-1_021_x64-inst.exe (Installer name for pro version 1.021). Is the Navdatabase up to date from Navigraph? I like many in this thread have done a few flights in 5.2 without issue. If you gave us a particular problem we may be able to assist.
  7. So after the release of the TFDI MD11, Justflight A300, FSlabs Concord and ORBX Asia LC's we'll probably be at end of the line for P3D development as far as simmers are concerned? I'll still be using it as I can't have MSFS as my main driver until GSX, AIG , PMDG, QW etc have themselves comfortably running there.
  8. Caribbean islands in default FSX/ P3D are always underwhelming. Use the Fly Tampa St Maarten package that has TNCM, TNCS and TFFJ http://flytampa.org/tncm.html Happy flying.
  9. See this page here: https://carenado.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360046625614-Installing-Carenado-aircraft-in-P3Dv5 I have the PC12, C208, B120, ATR72 and D0228 in 5.2 working fine.
  10. I'm hoping GSX is ready when the 737 releases. Then I'll shift more into MSFS.
  11. Remember back in 2006 when I built my first gaming rig Nvidia drivers were 70-80Mb. Then again the beta for FSX came out and we thought it was amazing. Look what we have now.
  12. Yep, tried it and found it more troublesome and immersion breaking than helpful. With a controller it is neat, but for mouse keyboard and joystick/yoke, it breaks the experience.
  13. Waiting how long now for version 0.9 (or even V5 compatibility) of the widebodies? I jumped to Aerosoft and Fslabs for my wide/narrow body enjoyment. Considering FBW have the neo, Aerosoft have the 330 and Fenix bringing the 320ceo in the new sim, BB won't even have a market and have to live off their Birdog and Islander.
  14. Found this out recently and think it may help those who encounter greyed out options or non working "Fly" button in MSFS. Acronis Cyberprotect and other modern backup solutions have a built in anti ransomware component. For some reason when the flightsimulator executable is downloading the game files it will delete the files in certain folders while leaving the folder structure intact. Funny thing is, when loading, the sim will see the folders and think all is well even though no files are in the nested folders. This results in missing components and MSFS not downloading the missing files no matter how many times you restart. I have noticed this happen with navigraph manual installers as it seems all those text files in the addons navdata folder being replaced triggers the cyber protect ransomware mitigation (installing navdata via the apllication has no issues though). The kicker is, Acronis does not give a pop up alert it is doing this. You actually have to log into the Acronis management page and read the logs to catch it. After adding the exe's and folders to the allowed processes and exceptions list and deleting the empty folders in the MSFS official folder, the sim downloads the missing components once started. Hope this helps someone, especially with crappy DSL like me who can't put aside a whole day to re download 100GB of files every time something acts up. What is odd is that Bitdefender EDR has no issues with either the sims or addons but the backup program does. Oh well. You live and learn.
  15. If they take the money they made from the 74-777 hybrid and actually make a decent 767 for the new platform, with proper flight model, vnav/lnav, custom fmc, sounds and just flies right at a good price, that will be the comeback of the decade. Would I bet money on it? No sure, but it would be spectacular to see.
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