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  1. They are responding to comments on their last Facebook post, one stating that one of the team members had open heart surgery some weeks before and the last response a week ago was that they were "working on it" We'll see.
  2. Has anyone encountered an issue where in the 777, when you engage TOGA, you loose rudder steering control until about 80knots and the same happens on landing from touchdown until you decelerate to below 50knots? happened twice so far and found it odd.
  3. The one thing I haven't seen brought up is the fact that Lockheed Martin is an Azure client. It's pure speculation but given the relationship between Microsoft and LM they may well be working together in secret so that MSFS and P3DV5 will share common feature sets like the scenery streaming.
  4. Kodak laughed at the clunky Digital Cameras of the 90's. Blockbuster laughed at Netflix. Big media laughed at Youtube. The cloud is the same, in IT, A+ certs are almost meaningless now, AWS and Azure competencies are what businesses are looking for. Its a case of getting in early or playing catch up when everyone else is far ahead.
  5. So we're going to see Microsoft at FSExpo next year...
  6. Replacing my HDD that my sim resided on with an SSD was one of the best things I could have done. Not just loading times but autogen loading in flight definitely improved. I have no blurries with my settings and couldn't be happier. I'm using a 6600k, 16GB 2666Mhz DDR4 and a GTX 1080. To the op. V4.x gives you better autogen loading distance, better lighting, PBR on supported products and solid stability if you're using aircraft compatible with/ designed for v4 and sceneries designed for v3.x and up. I stick to that rule and its been pretty solid.
  7. Compared to the general depression that set in when Microsoft announced the discontinued development of FSX and the closure of ACES 10 years ago, I'd take our current situation any day.
  8. Do you have Grenada X working in V4? I keep having texture and elevation issues with that airport since I switched to Prepar3d back in V3 and never got it resolved. Would love to be able to use it again.
  9. Chaseplane released an update that adds V4.4 compatibility.
  10. In that case a 2020 release for V5 would make sense as that's Microsoft's cutoff for extended support on Windows 7 making LM require Win 10 for V5 more justifiable.
  11. You could delete the Prepar3d cfg file and let it rebuild a new one if worst comes to worst. I've been running Windows 10 version 1809 since it's initial release in October with a subsequent updates and P3D and Xplane run fine. I'm on an i5 6600K, 16GB DDR4, GTX 1080.
  12. I've personally been trying to follow point 1. If it's an add-on airport that I absolutely can't live without that won't likely be updated (like some freeware) I pass its bgls and textures through Model Converter X and ADE and truthfully they perform much better than when I just added them as is. I've made this my default habit.
  13. For P3D V4 payware Airbus you are looking at currently FSL, Blackbox and then Aerosoft releasing this month. Outside of that are the freewares you can find around the net but their VC's are still FSX resolution which for me personally is a big can't do in 2018 on a 1440p.
  14. Did two long hauls in it since getting 4.3. You're good.
  15. I can confirm #2 works with Active Sky Open beta and jump ahead feature intact.
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