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  1. I would day 1 buy an AN-72. It just has this cool look and being a STOL aircraft gives you so many airport options.
  2. If you're registered on the forums and click the picture, look at the runway lights, the blurred buildings in the background and the sky color. It definitely is MSFS.
  3. They're currently on the Release Candidate(RC8 on Saturday if I recall) builds so the final will be out soon enough.
  4. Steam is only a source for MSFS and funds to purchase addons. To use MSFS you have to log in with your Microsoft account (@hotmail/@live@/outlook etc). That account is what holds your Marketplace purchases. On windows 10 and 11 its quite possibly the same Microsoft Account you're signed into Windows with. You can see this by right clicking the Windows/Start button - > Settings ->Accounts (Windows 10 and 11) .
  5. Yes it used to be 60 days. I had just started with P3D late August 2015 with V2.5 and then V3 dropped in September. Did the refund and used the funds for V3. With V5 it went down to 30days.
  6. In either sim, oh boy. They've been quiet for two years and the only info we got a few weeks ago was a reply to a customer inquiry where the response was "They are in a holding pattern". If whatever their situation is keeps them from releasing for the cash injection platform that is Microsoft's sim, then V6 if it requires so much rework, an update is not happening right now either. I'm tempted to say as far as QW is concerned, stay on V5.3 for the P3D guys and the AAU2 update and Kuro mods for the other sim.
  7. I think many of the folks who responded to the announcement of MSFS 2024 as too short a gap probably started flight simming with FSX and never used Prepar3d. 2-3 year gap between releases that maintained backwards compatibility while implementing new features was the norm. Heck, I had sceneries released for FSX that still worked in Prepar3d V5 that at most required a 2 minute edit in Airport Design Editor or a quick bgl convert in Model Converter X. I'm just happy that they've established backwards compatibility going forward. It will be interesting to see what new features they will add to the sim that scenery and aircraft developers can utilize in their projects. I'm excited. Side note, it reminds of back when it was Windows 3.1, 95, 98, 98SE , 2000, ME, XP and then this 5 year gap until 7 and we got back into the rhythm with 8, 8.1, 10 and a 5-6 year gap again until Windows 11 in 2021 and 12 coming up according to schedule around 2024 as well. Seems like a Microsoft thing.
  8. When looking at the "mission" focus and using the words "Training" I have a feeling that Microsoft may be coming for Prepar3d's market. I mean even 3D people similar to the "Avatar mode" in Prepar3d. They may well be developing the ESP successor in parallel with this, however this is just my speculation.
  9. Since I purchased a lot of these addons a few years back for P3D, I purchase the MSFS version from the same store to get the upgrade discount (which is how I built up my MSFS library over time). Simmarket is my default setting unless there is better pricing/bundle/exclusive offer from Orbx or iniBuilds. FSDT always direct. Built in Sim Marketplace is only for first party birds like the ATR or third parties like Carenado or LHsimulations who ONLY use the Marketplace.
  10. Gentlemen, if you are in a relationship or married, please have your spouse present when purchasing this. You don't want unnecessary drama when the bank statement arrives. More on topic, this seems interesting and I may give it a go after looking at some reviews. I bought Flow and am happy with that purchase. //42 are putting out some interesting products. Props to the team.
  11. Honestly for a V5.4 that is what I expected, better VRAM handling, improved TruSky implimentation and more DX12 features. Most of the client fixes are related to the built in GPS which in a way I understand, they're making it modern like we see in Xplane and MSFS. That's good, but until we can update the AIRAC with Navigraph (Or do monthly AIRAC updates themselves like Microsoft does) it doesn't do much for me. Maybe that's a feature for V6 and this is just the groundwork but after holding off on installing Prepar3d after my last Windows reinstall, the changelog is a bit underwhelming. One and a half years for default GPS fixes. LM needs to have something good to show in June, if they come with the short canned speak of past flightsim expos, I don't know.
  12. What throttle are you using? On the MSFS official forums there's currently an issue noted with the Thrustmaster TCA where the throttles are stuck in RAMP when the engine mode goes from TO to Climb or Cruise. See here: ATR regression - Axis between Notch and Ramp is bugged with reverser [TCA] - Bug Reports / Aircraft & Systems - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums
  13. The above link should help. I have four profiles for my TCA. Default, FBW, PMDG and Fenix. The ATR throttle would not respond at all with the first three, but with the Fenix profile, I'm able to move the throttle and calibrate. Its been almost a year so I don't remember the exact axes settings but I suppose they are similar to the one in the video above that they work.
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