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  1. Thanks Barry...this is exactly what I was referencing. Dom
  2. Many years ago when I first got in to flight simulation, I inquired about how to determine and identify which files were included on the MS disks. I wanted to know because in the early days, turning off certain files could improve my performance on the system I had at the time. I came across this site which among other things had a grid map graphic of the world under the heading of "base file information" and the site began with the URL msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc(?) The horizontal axis was labelled 0 to 11, and the vertical axis labelled 0 to 7. Does this site still exist, or does anyone have a saved copy of that grid map? I would like to print out another copy. Thanks Dom
  3. Thanks for the response and Happy New Year Dom
  4. I have switched over to UT Live from My Traffic Professional v6.0. Should I uninstall the My Traffic Professional program? I would think that they do not play nicely together. Thanks Dom
  5. Thanks for the replies. This is a behavior as of last evening, I did update to GSX2 and then ran into this. I have removed GSX2 but cannot get SODE registered.
  6. I am getting this warning message when I run Sode v1.6.3: [P3Dv4] Old Sode entries detected in exe.xml, dll.xml and simobjects.cfg at ProgramData location! Platform manage will now try to remove these entries How can I correct this. I have uninstalled and re-installed SODE but with no joy. P3Dv4.3 is installed on my drive designate as "E". Can anyone offer any help? I wanted to attach a screen shot image but cannot figure out how to do it Thanks Dom
  7. Can this application be utilized within payware aircraft such as PMDG? The first post suggests this using 32-bit aircraft in FSX. Dom
  8. Update...I found it under Aircraft - Equipment - pag3 3 of 11. Topic closed for me. Dom Meccariello
  9. Thanks for the reply. I re-ran the installer to repair as you suggested, but no joy. I looked through all of the pages within the options category and did not see an option as you described, but perhaps I missed it. Can you be more specific where It would be? Dom Meccariello
  10. The standby indicator below the MCP is not visible to me. All I see is a square grey blank where the indicator should be. It has writing on it that reads "ISFD heading from left IRS only", I reviewed the manual which shows the indicator in section 10. How do I get this to display? Thanks Dom
  11. Will the current version of Topcat play nicely with P3DV4? Dom
  12. Yes. I was referring to that interface mentioned in Kyle's post. Thank you all for responding. Dom
  13. When I start up P3DV4, the interfered from which you select your options such as aircraft, scenery, etc is very dark, black in color. Can this be modified or altered to a background more like what is illustrated in Rob's guide? Thanks Dom
  14. Thanks all for your input and Happy New Year Dom
  15. I recently purchased a custom built PC exclusively for P3dv4 and am just installing the 3rd party peripherals. I would like to know which is the better traffic program to purchase/install....Aerosoft (Bernard Renk) MyTraffic Professional 6.0a OR Flight1 Ultimate Traffic? Thanks Dom
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