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  1. Pretty fun week for me, went from Paris - Chicago ; Chicago - Dallas ; Dallas - Atlanta ; Atlanta - Daytona Beach (Embry Riddle Aeronautical University ) ; Tampa - Chicago ; Chicago - Paris. The planes were (in order): 777 , A320, 717, MD88, A320, and 777. So glad i got to fly on the 717 and MD88, I was right next to the engines and it sounded amazing!
  2. I'll check it out. Sorry about that. I just saw some posts on vPilot on this forum so that's why
  3. Hello, I just installed vpilot and I think it's great! A lot better than FSINN or squawkbox IMO. Only problem is, it doesn't display traffic properly even though I installed the IVAO MTL (entire library). It sometimes diplays a C172, or a 737, but 95% of the time it's the A321 (all aircraft in white livery). How do I fix this? And I have the IVAO downloaded rule set, however, when i installed it only 1 item was installed, I thought there would be more. Thanks!
  4. Hey, its been a while since i've used the 737 but i'll answer #1 as best as i can. LNAV is used to follow waypoints programmed into the FMC (Lateral Navigation) and VNAV is used for Altitude and speed (Vertical Navigation). These two modes use data programmed into the FMC (via the LEGS page you can see waypoints + speed/altitude and each point; the AP+VNAV+LNAV will work together to match the data on that page.) For the modes to work, you MUST have the necessary data in the FMC. For ILS landings, set the ILS freq in the two NAV panels. The freq is composed like this: XXX.XX (ranging between 108.1-111.95 MHz). Once set, make sure you set your course correctly on the MCP panel for both sides (For ILS, the course is runway heading- example- RWY 07= CRS 70). Once you approach the runway localizer your PFD should look somewhat like this (http://www.b737.org.uk/images/pfd.jpg -- Look at the two diamonds, one left of the altitude indicator and one under the artificial horizon). The one next to altitude represents glideslope. When it is above the middle, you are too low, and under the middle is too high. The one under the artificial Horizon is the LOC. When on the left you are left of the runway, and right means right of rwy. Remember, the localizer depends on the course selected so set it up right (RWY heading). Once you get the two indications go ahead and select AP 1+2 plus APP mode, the plane should take care of things from there. P.S- No nav/gps switch like in default
  5. Short list here: 767-300 ; 777 ; A320 ; A319 ; A330 ; and a Robin dr 300 which is what I fly at my flight school
  6. I would go for an older aircraft such as the DC9 or MD80...
  7. Hey guys, like I said, I just got P3D V2. It looks nice but still feels like graphically, it's not amazing (but thats coming from an XP 10 user ). I tried to find a thread on how to configure Prepar3D for great visuals and performance, but can't find any. I have an i5 2500K OC 4.3ghz and a GTX680 2GB. I have NI inspector so i'm not sure whether i should use that or not, and also i'm using windows 8 so i'm not sure where i stand on the whole V-Sync subject, however, i turned it on, and noticed an FPS decrease. Any help would be appreciated!
  8. For a second there, i thought the first pic was real... great shots!
  9. Check out the 737 project by IXEG. They are the PMDG (or so to be) of X-Plane 10.
  10. It affects my aircraft and company of choice. Ever since I was a kid, I would take the United Airlines 767-300 from Chicago KORD to Paris LFPG to go visit my family. This would happen a couple times a year and it was probably one of my favorite parts of the trip to France! I still remember waking up in the morning, feeling exited to take the plane on a long 8 hour trip, then the drive to the airport, boarding, the meals, movies, and just more and more! I mean, it's even gone to the point where i actually like the in flight movies and food!
  11. Actually; FSUIPC has been proven to fix this problem for some people, search on the forum for a Windows 8 joystick thread, there are many solutions on it. Good luck.
  12. Hey, did you try registering your controls on FSUIPC and disabling your joystick in P3D? I had the same problem as you and fixed it that way, but i was using FSX and P3D 1.4
  13. It did in Prepar3D 1.4 using Squawkbox, not sure about V2. I think you made a duplicate post btw.
  14. Of course there are, however, the 777 and 737 are my favorite aircraft IRL, so I find it difficult not to use PMDG's addons :lol: .
  15. Squawkbox DOES work with Prepar3D 1.4, so i can imagine it does with V2. As for FSinn, i'm not sure, i have always had problems with the client.
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