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  1. That's right. This is an MD 83 and the nickname is "Maddog". The conversion is from Leonardo. One of the best MD for the Flusi. 😎
  2. I love the MD83 148 cruise pax´s to Sicily Fire deparment at EDDF Climb to FL300 The Main, one of the biggest rivers in Germany A companion (BA / Boeing 767) for half an hour over the Swiss Alps Palermo, the capital of Sicily In the backgrund you can see the Mount Etna Descent to LICC Welcome to Catania
  3. Hey guys, request following livery: MetroJet Livery, some examples http://www.airliners.net/photo/Metrojet-US-Airways/Boeing-737-201-Adv/2363888?qsp=eJwtjEEKwjAQRe8y6y4qBSvZ6V504QWGyVQDMQ2TKbSU3t1JcPd5n/d2oDkpr/raMoODwij0gQ4yCn4LuB0wCAlOese0TEi6CAu4satHDKlaw6XvR5PKLHrbDHhUvhJxVvZ//hBfPfBcqPXfZp5ssDzbhuFs3IeSI7YGK4YIx/ED6e02Iw%3D%3D http://www.airliners.net/photo/Metrojet-US-Airways/Boeing-737-2B7-Adv/1485937?qsp=eJwtjEEKwjAQRe8y6y4qBSvZ6V504QWGyVQDMQ2TKbSU3t1JcPd5n/d2oDkpr/raMoODwij0gQ4yCn4LuB0wCAlOese0TEi6CAu4satHDKlaw6XvR5PKLHrbDHhUvhJxVvZ//hBfPfBcqPXfZp5ssDzbhuFs3IeSI7YGK4YIx/ED6e02Iw%3D%3D or file "usair_metrojet_n241us.zip" for the following type: PMDG Boeing 737-700 (non WL) NGX (Prepar3Dv4) aircraft Registration N279AU Aerosoft CRJ900 aircraft Registration N253AU perhaps with some impurities from rain. The airline: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MetroJet_(American_airline) These two liveries would be a great wish of mine. Greetings from autumn Germany.
  4. As a pax (commerical airlines): Airbus A300B2 (Hapag Lloyd) Airbus A310-200 or 300 (Hapal Lloyd, Lufthansa-200) Airbus A319/ A320/ A321 (Germanwings/ United Airlines/ US Airways) Airbis A330-200 (Air Berlin, American Airlines, US Airways) Airbus A380-800 (Lufthansa) Boeing 727-200 Adv. (Lufthansa, Iberia) Boeing 737-400 (Air Berlin) Boeing 737-600 (SAS) Boeing 737-800 (American Airlines) Boeing 747-400 (Lufthansa) Boeing 757-200 (US Airways, American Airlines) Boeing 757-300 (Delta Airlines) Boeing 767-300ER (Delta Airlines, Air Canada) Boeing 777-200 (United Airlines) Bombardier CRJ100 (Lufthansa City Line) Bombardier CRJ200 (United Express > Skywest Airlines) Bombardier CRJ900 (SAS) Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander (OLT) DC9-32 (Aviaco, Spantax) As a pax (privat planes): Beech F33A Bonanza Beech V35B Bonanza Cessna 172SP Piper PA- 18 Super Cub (It was bulit in 1955) Piper PA- 28- 181 Archer II Piper PA- 28- 235 Dakota Piper PA- 32-301T Turbo Saratoga Piper PA- 46 Malibu PZL-104 Wilga Falke SF25C As a real pilot: Ka6 Ka7 ASK13 ASK21 LS1 LS4 LS6 DG Duo Discous (only three times) This is my real plane history...
  5. The price is an absolute cheek. This is absolutely wrong. :Shame On You: :Shame On You:
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