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  1. What a coincidence. Just installed Air lingus and Ryan Air at EIDW and I'm blown away. I was an avid user of AIG in P3D and this is just wonderful! What an incredible job all guys and gals have done there! Thank you!
  2. Came in to wonder why my new install of P3D v4.5 wasn't working with PTA... Thanks for the hard work Matt. Looking forward the new release onced fix sorted ✌️
  3. If we install the client and content, will scenery added the old fashion was need to be reinstalled. I wouldn't have thought so as it's still in the add on scenery folder? Also has anyone noticed any errors or anomalies with regards to third party airport scenery (aerosoft, DD etc) if they did update scenery?
  4. In the last few weeks I've tried P3D V2.3, FSX DX9 and DX10 all with a wide range of add-on both scenery, heavies, light aircraft and weather. All have their advantages and disadvantages to be honest. For anyone who is on the fence about what sim is the best I would say if you can (and most importantly have the time and patience to do multiple reinstalls) is try them all with YOUR addons and see for yourself. There is no holy grail for flight sim right now which is a clear winner. P3D V2 is the most immersive and pretty but performance is awful in cloud coverage and using detailed addons. DX9 is the smoothest for me but OOM errors are most prone. DX10 offers the best balance. Can fly with clouds using ASN at reasonable settings and fps even when flying out of UK2000 Heathrow and ORBX England in the NGX (22-28fps) and not OOM errors either but performance does suffer in thick cloud coverage (although not as much as Prepar3D). Don't believe the rubbish people spout that this sim or that sim is the outright winner because in my experience we don't have such a thing yet. I'm testing on an i7-4770K @4.6GHz and a GTX780.
  5. Agreed. Hopefully that'll be the case. Would love an up-to-date 767 from the.
  6. I've just reinstalled mine too. In DX10 using Steve's Fixer I'm getting 22-26 fps in the NGX at UK2000 Gatwick with FTX England (Global Hybrid), REX, 2048 textures and 5.5 LOD radius. Does this sound about right. Seems lower than what I'd expect as with DX9 I was getting closer to 30!
  7. I managed to get my P3D V2.3 stutter free but there was such bad performance on complex aircraft in payware scenery and with weather that I've gone back to FSX DX10. Performance is significantly better plus AA works properly but without out as much eye candy such as HDR. For VFR flying I prefer P3D but for heavies and IFR it has a lot of catching upto do.
  8. I had a really nicely optimised and tweaked FSX (DX9) but decided to give P3D v2.3 another go. Initially results were average at best but now after playing with settings all I can say is wow! It looks absolutely stunning. In all honesty performance is about the same with FSX but with more eye candy, shadows and fewer VAS limit warnings.
  9. Same. I do agree the document does make it look more complicated that it needs to be. I'm happy to set Global and Hybrid mode and be done with it. Created library insertion point too so it doesn't all get messed if I do change it.
  10. Wow. Great saving. How does this compare to the Majestic Dash 8?
  11. Aftervseveral years away from this bird I reinstalled it as there were some routes for my VA I wanted to fly but unfortunately the quality of the VC is so dated nowadays I uninstalled it. Time has definitely taken it toll I'm sad to say and although I was looking forward to the LDS 757 a few years ago now after the offerings of PMDG and a few others I've no interest in flying it. The ship has well and truely sailed on that one. What I would love however is a V2 of the 767 and bring it right up to date and par to the 737NGX and T7.
  12. Spot on. I couldn't care less about wing flex in a tube. I'm concentrating on flying and navigating a highly accurate simulation from inside the cockpit! Effects of turbulence on a smaller aircraft I can fully appreciate as it would feel much more immersive. I guess its good to that it'll be included though for those who are just looking for nice exterior modeling etc.
  13. Thank you for all the feedback chaps and I hope its helped people who were looking for comparison shot between the two. As far as I know it wansnt an error in labeling the shot which was why I too was so confused as to why the shot looked similar to default FSX landclass. I came to the conclusion that basically the scenery library order was incorrect on that particular shot and after installing FS Global 2010 mesh it has corrected itself in terms of the priorities. After a couple of days now with the new setup and can firmly say scenery looks absolutely stunning and am slowly being won over by OpenLC and vector. Small villages aren't as accurate and neither are small streams and rivers in the Alps but major trunk roads and larger towns do seems correctly placed. The land class on the whole is better such as rocky mountain areas and no having fields on mountain tops at 6000ft plus! One thing missing however in the Alps is glaciers which UTX did quite nicely especially with FTX Global Base textures. If anybody wants a sceenshot of a certain area then please just ask. Many thanks for posting that. Confirms my original suspicion that I think it was the default LC due to an error in the FSX scenery library order. Spot on. Its a really close call tbh especially if you're primarily flying in Europe. I hope Vector continues to be developed as UTX shows there's plenty of room for improvement. But then again it does offer world wide coverage. Sorry I didn't try this combination. I've heard it would offer good results but my gut reaction was to just get the lot and be done with it rather than messing around and getting Vector at a later date. On reflection UTX EU was a stunning product (esp after replacing GEX textures with FTX Global as the first shot quite nicely demonstrates).
  14. What airport scenery is that? Great shots, love the shot jus before touchdown.
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