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  1. charleslee201

    Orbx True Earth for P3Dv4

    Hi Tony , was it created , with the same source ,software ,has orthox4p, with Orbx custom overlay ? care to share your ortho4xp ini ?? Thanks
  2. charleslee201

    Navigraph Charts vs Jeppview

    Nothing comes close to jeppesen flightdeck EFB . old but years ahead... GPS connect with Fsuipc , real time , nav , with plane position on charts , approach,,taxi etc Same has real....
  3. charleslee201

    Western Europe Ortho is incredible!

    Hi Sesq . could you share your Ortho4xp .cfg please , thanks alot
  4. charleslee201

    pb16 is here

    you need to update your global scenery via the xplane installer for the building update and pb 16 ,well i think you know cheers
  5. charleslee201

    X-Plane 11 b14 is out

    Gear doors are fix or was it fix in pb13 ..
  6. charleslee201

    X-Plane 11 b14 is out

    Thank you Murmur
  7. I think the IXEG doesn't need adjustements
  8. charleslee201

    X-Plane PB13 Released

    I think in Plane maker , Standards , engine spec and adjust the low idle fuel to positive numbers ( eg. 1. 6 ) you have to try what's best for you
  9. Im running a similor software Flightdeck from jeppesen on seperate window , work perfecly , will post a pict later ...
  10. charleslee201

    Getting Close...

    That's it going shopping...
  11. charleslee201

    X-Plane 11 Beta 5 is out

    the installer rolled back to pb3
  12. charleslee201

    X-Plane 11 Beta 5 is out

    installer updated
  13. charleslee201

    X-Plane 11 Beta 5 is out

    Same error here, tried the old files but no go