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  1. The FBW team are doing a great job on this one, a big thank you. I tried the 0.4 last evening in a short flight, the FBW taking over after takeoff and before touchdown was somehow abrupt, and I got strange behavior during the cruise phase, perhaps when I selected direct to. Also the aircraft still banks abruptly to catch the flight path. Maybe wind, I am not sure. I need to test more but I felt the previous Mod version did not do this. Also the latest MSFS updates could conflict with the mod.
  2. The AI detects footprint shapes and their roof colors. OSM (that seems to be also used) have places of worship but not always accurate or complete. The 3D infrastructures are built with algorithms based on the footprint/roof data. We see Industrial, residential etc but it could be more tricky for places of worship... Being a sensitive topic, I think these were omitted because displaying a place of worship for a specific community with the algorithms margin of error could lead to some disappointments. Of course there will be no controversy if a specific warehouse in an industrial area does not look like the exact warehouse in real life. Yet if a place of worship, even if it suggest a specific religion could be inaccurate for the specific community belonging to this place of worship... Not mentioning that churches are not the only places of worship in the MSFS detailed world. So of course hand made landmarks and photogrammetry display the exact place of worship for now. The automatic process is inaccurate for this. I suppose addons will add these perhaps.
  3. On my Hotas Warthog, the only way to make the Thrust reverse work, is to map the "Decrease throttle/thrust" to the throttle lever detent (buttons 29 and 30). The dedicated reverse thrust inputs did not work here.
  4. Hello, I already asked this question on the official forum, but in case anyone here is a graphic designer, can share their thought on this: Did you notice that the Microsoft Flight Simulator logo is not on any of the splash screens or menus when the sim launches? As a designer myself, I am trying to see if this is something they might have forgot to implement or the logo was not implemented for xy reason.
  5. I think I clicked on Back and it showed the content. There is a bug in this screen I think.
  6. Trees are most probably configurable. But Asobo are aware of some areas where trees could have the wrong size. Yet, the tree density in my opinion is good. Tree types or height could only be required as a tweak.
  7. I agree 100%. This is the best MS FS version to date. So much fun and it opens the genre to many who want to enjoy the illusion of flying on this planet... Yes bugs exist for such a complex project and the actual situation in the world does not help any company or software dev team to process work without delays and compromises... We are lucky MSFS was still an ongoing project considering the situation. FSX or any other entertainment sim never had training oriented flight model or systems. Yet this one will be updated, tweaked improved etc. We can simply disable all the assistance and it will turn into the FS we are used to. And while complex aircraft will come one by one to MSFS 2020, I am sure on the forums of these addons, many will still complain that the addon does not simulate this or that in that specific situation.
  8. Montreal, Quebec / Canada and it looks reeeeeaaall 🙂
  9. The partnership with Meteoblue is just an amazing tour de force. And that scary weather in the Gibraltar video is an evidence that nothing gets even close to the weather system of this platform. And yet again, the SDK news are very good news.
  10. From what I saw in the MSFS video previews showing radical and variable weather conditions around the same area, there is nothing that matches its realism, intimidating aspect and complexity in this segment not in the default weather or any addon in any pc simulator already on the market today that I know about... Will it have 100% the subtle behavior like all real world radical conditions and will we have to apply the same real world procedures and have them reflected in the aircraft systems and thus the aircraft behavior will therefore follow like it would be in the real world? Maybe not, but what I saw so far in the skies of MSFS videos, is light years ahead of any sophisticated addon for any simulator available today...
  11. The latest articles I read mention that no it does not ... And I remember hearing Asobo mentioning in the early days when it was announced that they have their own tech or version of ray tracing. I could be mistaken though...
  12. Yes I mean seriously this video does not encourage me to get the simulator when released. Did you notice the crooked animated propellers? Common Asobo and what about the dark cockpit we can't even read the compass... I will stick to my actual simulator. Ok ok, this is my last silly post in this thread 😛
  13. In this video there is something strange with the rain droplets motion on the windshield... I think Asobo or the AI should work more on this 🤪🙊🙈 Edit: And the flight dynamics do not look realistic either... Too much turbulence 😬
  14. And I just read a scientific blog about this: https://www.cam.ac.uk/stories/roman-city-rises
  15. Geo technology will certainly evolve and become more affordable and democratic for sure. I personally see for example the evolution of Photogrammetry technology to become the norm in aerial representation of landscapes and cityscapes. Aerial imagery, Photogrammetry, and street views are now produced with 3 different tech but I have the feeling Photogrammetry alone will be used to represent all these at once. Photogrammetry will certainly become more accessible and affordable and will have much higher resolution levels and details, seamlessly processed and displayed by the hardware of tomorrow and the coverage will become almost as worldwide as the aerial imagery today... I think we can say that the Photogrammetry will evolve in the next few years to a level that the actual scans such as those in Google Earth or Bing (or in MSFS) will look silly and obsolete in few years from now, just like the old low res videos of the early Youtube look now, for example... And I suppose world engines for any application will take advantage of this tech as it is a mesh that represents everything on the ground unlike the multiple layers we have now...
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