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  1. That's effectively what's happening. The org store isn't affiliated in any way other than getting interviews from Austin from time to time. Org does its own thing. XAviation does things differently and doesn't have these problems. Hopefully org forum functionality doesn't suffer from this.
  2. Oh goood!!! And how embarrassing that it has taken them so long and they still seem to need hundreds more in so many areas, with orders of magnitude more devs on payroll :) Are you sure?? I personally don't think so. I personally don't mind it at all in VR.
  3. For real this time, with xp12 water turned on... 24mil tris. Didn't crash XP but does have some fun bugs:
  4. Yeah I was only looking at the commits from a couple days ago. Didn't see what @tonywob was noticing today. Ooops!
  5. That's odd. I just tried that tile to test and only get 3.5mil. USGS 1/3", tol 0.75. That makes sense on my end given that said tile is 50% water. What's also odd is that the git updates were mostly (a ton of) C src code. The final exe that it it all builds is indeed in the Util folder but doesn't get called by any of the pythons. I don't think any of the imminent changes are turned on quite yet. No change to GUI either. He's probably waiting till 12.1 to fully release the hounds.
  6. Yes. Keep tabs on it here. No updates yet but its obviously getting closer. https://github.com/oscarpilote/Ortho4XP
  7. Yep. Even with joystick control curves turned down and in VR, that R22 persists as a wild horse for me. The default Sikorsky is fun to putter around in though.
  8. In-app DLC purchases? There's quite a few examples out there. Isn't that how it works in XP mobile? Yep, this is pretty shameless. And surprising given 500+ employees on payroll. If comparing apples to oranges is your thing..then yeah, sure.
  9. Yes. It's a good one. I was just taxiing around it in the SR-71 that I bought with it. Both of them are very nice.
  10. Compared to mobile and consumer desktop it is. The real money-makers in this segment clearly either don't care enough about your networking eye-candy demands or are confident enough in LR's progress behind the scenes that they aren't making a public fuss. Yet. Folks like you are indeed a minuscule portion.
  11. Easy. They're simply talking about different merge requests within their git server and being vague in their blog post describing them. The blurbs are each under entirely different section headings. It's folks like you who are intentionally reading between the lines to 'justify' a tantrum. Your squeaking isn't changing anything on that one. Your demands are a minuscule portion of their market. You're as noisy as a linux user and just as forgettable.
  12. It never wasn't dead last on that blog post. Hence my confusion on your confusion. But all this is besides the fact that they do in fact have a new networking dev and said dev is in fact not laying out on the beach every day.
  13. wat? I'm confused about why you're confused. They were clearly intentionally vague with that 12.0.8 blurb. "A bunch"? You're injecting massive networking fixes into "a bunch"?? I see nothing to justify your frustration on this one. They didn't change the blog as you claimed and if anything, the updates you're screaming for might come after 12.1.0.
  14. https://web.archive.org/web/20231003185640/https://www.x-plane.com/2023/10/coming-in-x-plane-12-0-8-and-beyond-roadmap-update/ Internet archive disagrees with that statement. But I can see where the confusion might come from. Maybe a few tweaks to the html formatting would have been slightly beneficial. Message hasn't changed though.
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