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  1. all out of the sudden no more bandwidth errors. I have the feeling ( but just guessing) that it had to do with the update. Slamming the servers....Asobo needs to improve this, on the other hand I am very pleased with the updates, so If it can not be avoided..........
  2. using msfs since beginning. Never had this problem. since last week it started. I made no hardware changes, have a ping of 5 m/s, and download speed of more than 950 mb/s.... getting pretty frustrated...
  3. that's a nice way to sell scenery. I stopped with buying scenery before watching reviews. hope the maker will adjust this.
  4. will wait for flightbeams rendition....maybe it will be there before flytampa's Eham 🙂
  5. Asobo, at least admit you have some problems and it's not my bandwidth 🙂
  6. I am thinkering a bit, but at the moment; FinalLight Reshade preset : Realistic colors and tone fixes » Microsoft Flight Simulator plus levels.fx and lumasharpen.
  7. Mannaged to get reshade working without a batch file. When installing Reshade 5.7 just point to gamelaunchhelper in your xboxgames microsoft flight simulator content folder; Using Reshade with Xbox App/Game Pass Installs In the past getting Reshade and UWP to cooperate has required multiple steps of varying difficulty, however Microsoft has since changed their processes to allow direct access to game files for all users by default. As a result, the steps required to get Reshade working on Game Pass games is much less complicated. The steps may vary slightly but the basics remain consistent: Define your install path. You can set this by clicking on the profile icon in the top left of the xbox app> Settings > General, Under the section Game Install Options you can set the game folder destination. Install as normal. Depending on which method you intend to use, the next step will either be: Manual Install - Place the files in the same folder as the game's .exe Reshade Installer - launch the installer guide and browse to the game folders, from here you will need to locate gamelaunchhelper.exe as trying to use the game's own .exe will most likely produce an error. Once you've successfully situated Reshade, launch the game and you should be able to use it as normal.
  8. normally I start MSFS via AMD software, and then in the Amd software select the game. I assume this is not possible when I need to use a batfile? I have mstore msfs.
  9. I will wait for the 7800x3d,not switching of halve of my cores for that money.
  10. same, slightly better but still not how it should be. Tokyo is excellent so it shows it's something else in my opinion.
  11. internet speed does not matter for London, I have 1000 GB/S ping of 7 or whatever it is called and still a nuclear show. Asobo confirmed London needs a update. If you fly slow and keep circling in the end it will become better, but London is some how broken.
  12. oh man, you can see the love in the details!! Amazing. Hope they can post more updates like this.
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