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  1. Zoom in on the center of the images and you can see the "plus sign" for flying with the mouse, in addition to the clouds, water, autogen. I am almost certain this is X-Plane.
  2. x-plane 123

    Where are the addons?

    One more I learned about today. Milviz is making an ATR72-600.
  3. x-plane 123

    Where are the addons?

    This should help. From the Org: Download manager limits Daily (24 hour period, not midnight to midnight) limits have been put in place for each group in order to prevent abuse and downloads from automatic scripts: Community Leaders: 50/day Old Timers: 50/day Members: 40/day Novice: 30/day New Member: 20/day (You fall in this group when you first register) Awaiting Authorization: 0 (means you joined and didn't reply to the authorization email) Important: Do not use any downloading software. They use several streams at once and you may reach your limit after only 2 downloads
  4. x-plane 123

    Where are the addons?

    I believe the G1000 is still coming in 11.10, which should enter beta soon.
  5. http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/127217-kabq-albuquerque-international-sunport/ Features: Accurately modeled buildings with baked Ambient Occlusion Fully X-Plane 11 compatible, with ground routes and dynamic reflections Custom vehicles with PBR materials Custom jetways HDR night lighting, including illuminated taxiway signs High resolution ground textures with PBR materials Custom mesh based on Ortho4XP. You will also be able to recompile your own tile with an included patch file Animated traffic in and around the airport Taxi routes and accurate static aircraft placement No release date yet. Previews
  6. x-plane 123

    Volumetric Clouds in XP

    Oh, really? Any chance you could post it here?
  7. They also mentioned on the dev blog that they hope to have an 11.10 beta out soon after 11.05 goes final, which should be pretty soon. They also said they'll have a more detailed write up about the performance improvements soon.
  8. x-plane 123

    Volumetric Clouds in XP

    Both the video's look very nice, so I hope we get something like that for XP soon. A few months ago I saw a render* from the developer of Xenviro that was by far the best looking virtual cloud I have ever seen, however he said it took 45 minutes to generate just that one cloud. Maybe in 50 years we'll have the hardware to run a full sky of those. Anyways, I'm looking forward to what Enviro 1.07 will bring. If it looks anywhere as good as that render, we'll be in for a treat. *Unfortunately I forgot to save the image and I haven't been able to find it again.
  9. x-plane 123

    XP11 makes you 'clean house'

    Do you really need another 500GB's, Mitch? Don't you already have like 10TB's Seriously though, I just cleaned my drive and got a few hundred GB's back. More orthos!
  10. x-plane 123

    San Francisco

  11. Thanks for checking in with Ben, Andras. Looking forward to the answer. Maybe you could give us a teaser or two in the meantime
  12. 914 new 3D airports since 11.00 bringing us to a grand total of 4817. Bug Fixes & Notes Fixed shadow issue with planes that have their physical hull offset from the 3d model’s bounding box. Includes Mc Carran International Airport (KLAS) with extensive Las Vegas Strip landmarks.
  13. x-plane 123

    Better Pushback

    That's the one problem with the XP community. I go to fly the ZIBO 737 and I'm 5 versions behind. So I update that and get ready to go fly when I realize I need to update better pushback. Seriously though, I'm looking forward to try this when I return from my vacation.
  14. x-plane 123

    [XP11] BIKF to BIRK

    Nice shots! What source/ZL are you using for Iceland? I've been wanting to make some for there and yours look great.