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    Real-life flying experience -- never a pilot, but I spent many years as an aerial photographer in light planes and helicopters based out of Miami, FL, Central America, and South America. I know what it looks like up there, with the door off, even if I've never had the yoke in my hand.

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  1. B9 with Vulkan enabled is apparently having trouble with some 3rd party scenery. It loads into the cockpit fine if I start at default scenery. No blurry textures with default. But when starting at an airport in the Orbx TE Washingon scenery I get this error and very blurred ground textures: I'm going to assume Laminar knows about this, rather than clog the error reports.
  2. I just did a couple of FSEconomy flights in B6 with no problems. I've been running with no plugins other than FSE just to test, and few clouds. Getting pretty crazy frame rates like 60+ fps with the specs listed below. That's around 10-15 fps higher than I'm used to, but I'm flying these FSE assignments in an area (Philippine islands) with just default scenery not orthos or Orbx TE. I expect those frame rates to drop when I enable ActiveSky or any other weather addon that injects multiple cloud layers, but so far it's looking very stable here.
  3. I've always thought that the slightly overdone haze effect in XP11 was due to Austin's living and flying (mostly) out of South Carolina, where the weather is humid for much of the year, and there can be Summer smog floating down from the Ohio valley. I used to notice that when I had a vacation place in the Tennessee mountains. Very hazy in Summer. It's very different out here in the coastal Pacific Northwest where I live now. On most sunny days with clear skies, you can see a long distance and it's very sharp and clear. In general though, I think a certain amount of haze is realistic. I used to do a lot of real-world aerial photography in light planes and helicopters with the door off. Mostly in South Florida, the Caribbean, Central and South America. XP11 looks fairly realistic to me from that experience. The only time I've seen perfectly clean and clear air when flying at lower altitudes was in some of the desert areas. The degree of haze in XP11 can be adjusted with plugins and Lua scripting, and it's also adjusted in most weather add-ons. I hope XP12 includes a slider for the amount of haze in the default user settings. This really should be easily adjustable without needing an add-on.
  4. I use Little NavMap as flight planner before the flight and as a moving map during flight, just tabbing back and forth as needed. I don't find that too immersion-breaking, because I also do other things like check email and forums during a long cruise. I can understand wanting something like that "inside" X-Plane itself, but I doubt that will show up as a standard feature except in an embedded window in VR, maybe? Austin is pretty strict about not throwing extra windows around. We were lucky to get a pop-up for the GPS. One alternative would be to get a cheap or reconditioned iPad, or spare laptop computer and run a flight planner on that, underneath your main monitor. It would be more like what real world pilots do with accessory iPads. I think this could be done with Little NavMap running in the background on the main PC, and using the program's internal web server to show the UI on an iPad or laptop across a network or WiFi, although I haven't tried it.
  5. I don't think it violates the NDA to say that no, it doesn't have a requirement for huge amounts of VRAM. That's just common sense. No current "game" platform can get away with requiring 8+ GB of VRAM for even a basic level of performance, although of course you might get more eye candy if you do have higher amounts.
  6. ActiveSky works fine here too, but that's to be expected since it doesn't use its own cloud rendering graphics. I sure hope JustSid at Laminar can fix the blurry ground texture problem. I have a GPU with 6 GB of VRAM. It's always nice if you can afford more, but no flight sim should require more than 6 GB for at least minimal ground texture effects, which was the case before the Vulcan/Metal transition. Especially with XP in competition now with another upcoming sim that doesn't have such high VRAM requirements. With ground texture this blurry, it's very hard to judge touchdown distance when landing away from airports in a helicopter or bush plane.
  7. I'm getting blurry ground textures with TE Washington here too. Early days yet, I'll check back later. Everything else seemed fine.
  8. The Pilatus PC-12 is great as a fast-cruise STOL aircraft, with an undercarriage rated for rough field use. We don't have a study-level model, but the Carenado version isn't bad. Very sexy aircraft. Some videos of the real thing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_XLHloFmm0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZP-9mWqFh3c
  9. Yes, but the issue is that not all of us care about PMDG modern airliners. We're not all tubeliner fanatics. Me, I'm a simulator helicopter pilot for half of my flying. And I like vintage bush planes like Beavers and Pilatus Porters. That's going to take a while to show up in the "other" sim, and we still don't know if the "other sim" flight model is as good as that in XP.
  10. The "competition" will take a while to build out a fleet of great aircraft models comparable to what we can fly right now in XP. For the next year or two at least, it's going to be a decision about how much you care about what the world looks like outside the cockpit, vs. having exactly the type of aircraft you like to fly.
  11. It should be noted that there are many invasive or wrongly-planted trees in the Miami area, like Australian Pine and Melaleuca, both of which very common within the urban area and can grow very tall. That will be a challenge for AI recognition if it's only based on native plant species.
  12. You could borrow an idea from how they stop real aircraft from moving, and chock your wheels with a wedge-shaped rubber doorstop. Dirt cheap if it works, although it might not if your chair wheels are the swiveling kind. Another option would be something heavy enough behind the chair legs, maybe a couple of concrete blocks on a rubber mat to protect the floor?
  13. Many gamers may have both, I don't know if there are any definitive surveys about that. It depends on your interests, obviously, and also your comfort level with tweaking a PC for best performance. Which isn't as mandatory as it used to be. The PC offers a clear advantage in partial upgrades to keep up with new games, like the new GPU I installed recently. PC's are also favored for competitive FPS games where mouse aiming beats a gamepad for accuracy. I've never owned a console, unless I count the Colecovision we had years ago for our kid. I'm mostly a strategy gamer, when I'm not flying, and most of the good strategy titles are PC only. I dabble once in a while with action RPGs where a gamepad might actually be better, but I just can't bring myself to buy a gamepad for use on a PC. Doesn't seem proper. 😉
  14. That's normal for many AAA games, especially ones that are sequels to a successful previous version, or from a developer known to release high quality games. We've been seeing teaser videos for CDPR's "Cyberpunk 2077" (the successor to their Witcher 3 game) for a year and a half now. "Mass Effect Andromeda," was teased with preview videos for at least a year, maybe more. A year of promotion before release just isn't that unusual for a highly anticipated AAA game. If you're asking for a relatively brief video with sexy eye candy, that's already being produced by MS/ASOBO. If you're looking for an extended 15 minute video from takeoff to landing by a more experienced pilot, it would be reasonable to assume that the sim isn't in a state yet where that can be done without issues that people would pick apart. Or else MS/ASOBO would already be showing that kind of thing.
  15. We don't know that yet. The Seriex X is basically a PC stripped of extraneous fluff with a CPU and GPU equivalent to a higher-end PC. There is nothing special in that console that a sim developed for the PC can't take advantage of it. If anything, it may be somewhat limited in available RAM compared to a PC.
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